Where Is The Chop Saw Used?

Due to their practical application, there are very diverse areas of application for cross-cut saws.
A chop saw rounds off the range of tools in every workshop for a professional or hobbyist . Cross-cut and miter saws are an indispensable partner when it comes to making clean and precise angular cuts .

Perfect for different uses

A chop saw with pull function , ready for professional use, is a perfect tool for the exact cutting and cutting of all types of wood. With the help of the chop saw, planks can be cut for wooden floors, parquet, laminate and firewood . The devices are indispensable when covering floors and walls with wooden strips or in model making .
By adjusting the saw blade angle and swiveling the saw head, the chop saw can also be used to make precise cuts and miter cuts, such as those that occur with precisely adapted baseboards.

Crosscut saws for stones

Cross-cut saws or miter saws are offered for wood and metal processing as well as for stone cutting. Chop saws for stone cutting are usually provided with water cooling . The cross-cut saw requires a special coolant device to separate metallic objects. The cross-cut saw cannot be used to cut wood. Nevertheless, precise miter cuts can be made. This type of saw is very interesting for interior work.

Metal cross-cut saws

Classic cross-cut saws are mostly fixed to the wood cut and, depending on the model, hardly or not at all suitable for working with metals . Metal cross-cut saws were especially designed for metalworking. With the predetermined cut and a corresponding saw blade, very precise and precise cuts can be achieved.
Stainless steel cannot be cut with wooden cross-cut saws. So-called dry cutters or metal cross-cut saws with coolant and slow running are available for this.
Miter and cross-cut saws are generally suitable for cutting wood, plastic and other materials. However, you should only use the special saw blades for the respective work . For the precise cutting of any material, the selection of the suitable saw blade is essential. With a powerful engine, you can cut hard materials and different metals.

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