What You Can Do With A Welding Inverter At Home

Are you thinking of buying a welding inverter, but you don’t know if it’s worth investing in just one repair? There is no need. These compact and easy to use devices can help you solve a lot of problems in the household and make various practical or ornamental objects yourself.

Welding devices are generally used to join two metal or thermoplastic objects by creating an electric arc, which generates a very high temperature in the place where it is formed by effectively melting the material. The inverter versions represent an innovation in the field and differ from the classic models by the compact and light format and the low energy consumption, which makes it possible to use it by connecting to the home network, of 220 – 230V.

In addition, stable current operation also allows welding of 1mm thin sheet metal, and recommends them for projects involving aluminum or cast iron. If you are wondering what you can do with such a device in the home, apart from gluing broken or cracked pipes, we give you some ideas that will help you understand how useful such a product can be in the household.


Wrought iron interior furniture

If you already think that you are not a furniture designer, we can tell you that there are a series of very simple products that can be easily made, according to existing tutorials on the Internet. All you need is metal and an inverter welding machine. For example, you can make a simple table with two U-shaped legs and a countertop with a metal frame and wide strips of tin.

For those who live at home and have long wanted to include a fireplace in the living room, we offer a support for logs and one for the tools needed to clean the ash and embers and manage coal and wood, once put on fire. You can also easily make a protection frame that delimits the area in the immediate vicinity of the fire, very useful if there are children or pets in the house.

You can also create a bench for the vestibule, which you can complete with a sponge cushion for comfort, a hanger customized for the family’s needs, support for shoes, etc.


Practical and decorative elements for the garden

Have you planted hanging species in the yard of the house and the wooden stairs do not fit the design, or do you want a more resistant alternative to environmental and weight factors? With the help of an inverter you can weld a model that fits perfectly in terms of width, height and distance between the horizontal support sections.

For those who live in areas where access roads are not completely paved, an efficient grater in front of the house is essential. If you have a welding machine in your household, you can create your own version, exactly with the right format for the location.

Areas with layers of flowers can be delimited with wrought iron fence, simple or with decorations, depending on how much you want to complicate yourself, and if you are willing to work on larger dimensions, you can even make a metal gate that to provide strength and safety. Is the terrace full of pots and do you feel the need to organize things a little? By using simple, round, aluminum pipes, you can easily create a variety of plant supports that allow easy exposure to light and save space.


Small ornamental objects

In addition to large and medium-sized objects, using a hobby inverter for welding you can also make small ornamental elements. For example, using a wider rectangular pipe and a simple, straight sheet for the base, you can create an industrially designed holder for pencils and pens.

Does your wife like the ornamental supports designed for the orderly hanging of earrings, bracelets, chains and, in general, jewelry? It is not at all difficult to make your own version, with a simple, tree-like format, which will look very good and give you the space you need to keep your favorite ornaments.

You can just as easily make an ornamental or even functional watch, if you integrate a simple version bought from the store in a wall frame, made by you from aluminum or cast iron.


Organization systems in the kitchen

Do you like the way pans, glasses and utensils hang in the kitchen, but you are not very willing to invest in the necessary support systems? It’s nothing, you can make them yourself, exactly according to the dimensions of the available space and the type of vessels or instruments you want to keep in view in order to have easier access to them.

Are you tired of the plastic dish drainer, but can’t find a suitable metal version for your furniture or for the amount of pots and pans that are washed every day? Look for some thin aluminum pipes and build your own version.


Garage shelves

Because you keep a lot of tools in the garage and of different sizes and weights, you will definitely need custom shelves, which will allow you to organize everything as easily as possible, without taking up much space. Carefully group the tools you need to store, make measurements, buy sheet metal and pipes as needed and make the perfect storage system for your work style.


Barbecue for the garden

Depending on the space available near the house, you can make a barbecue yourself for the moments when you want to cook vegetables, fish, chicken, neck or mitite outdoors. You have the freedom to size the grill according to the size of the family or the number of people who usually come to visit on weekends, holidays or birthdays.

Choose the right height, which will allow you to prepare food in a comfortable position and add a shelf to keep the wood or charcoal you will use, to have at hand.

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