What Is The Air Compressor And Who Invented It?

The first modern air compressor model, as we know it today, was manufactured in 1762 and managed to produce up to 14.5 pounds per square inch. However, it is an apparatus that starts from the innovation of another, as was the prototype of the water engine.


We all know that many of the tasks that we must do at home can become complicated or difficult, requiring a great effort in a sustained or continuous way during a certain period of time. However, when completing the activity, we end up very exhausted and with the task half done. To avoid this, it will be absolutely necessary to acquire a practical air compressor. But, before running to a store to acquire one, we recommend you learn a little more about these tools, knowing their operation and, above all, their origin.

In the next lines, we will explain what an air compressor is and how it works, in addition to knowing its inventor, as well as the evolution of the different models and types of compressors.


What are the air compressors?

Air compressors are practical tools, which facilitate many DIY tasks or, even, at the industrial level, helping us in many of the tasks that require a great physical effort and, much more, in which the effort must be maintained for a long period of time.

This tool has been created in order that, taking advantage of the ambient air, or gas, it can be stored and compressed in some type of tank, so that, subsequently, it can be used differently. Among the most common activities that can be done with an air compressor are: the filling of air from the tires of cars, motorcycles or bicycles, in addition to being a very useful tool for different cleaning or DIY tasks such as painting with a gun


How do they work?

In general, air compressors are manufactured by three main parts or parts, which have a different and necessary operation for the compressor to work. The compressor is basically a cylinder with a piston that works thanks to an engine, so that the system manages to extract an amount of air from the environment, so that, subsequently, it can be used accordingly. The boiler or tank, is the part of the compressor where the air that is received is stored and then compressed. And finally, the Control Equipment is the part of the compressor that aims to collect compressed air and through the use of a pressure switch, you can manage the pressure that the air will have when going out through the hose or hose.


The most common types of air compressors

As for air compressors, it is important to know that there are several models corresponding to the different needs, so you can find from compressor models for domestic use, as well as industrial and professional models.


Domestic compressors

This class of compressors is used to perform simple tasks at home, as well as for some DIY jobs. These models allow from inflating a tire to painting a wall. Because they are relatively simple devices, they can be used by both a professional and a beginner.


Industrial compressors

For the works of an industrial painting of varnishing, painting, refrigeration or elevation. These types of compressors have been developed to work with a type of clean energy and more economical than usual, which allows the company that uses this tool to save a significant amount of money and costs.


History of the first air compressor

Air compressors have great use within the industry, giving pressurized air in various industrial and home applications but, in reality, the first air compressor is actually the human lung. When the human being realized the ability we have to exhale, our ancestors took advantage of this to fan the fires. At that time, we were beginning to realize the usefulness of pressurized air, but a lot of time passed so we could enjoy the best air compressors of 2019.

The person who operated a vacuum pump for the first time, while experimenting with the air pressure to be applied on various means and for different functions, was a German physical engineer named Otto Von Guericke. Von Guericke was able to demonstrate how the air pump works thanks to combustion. Thanks to these studies, the use of air as a compressor was subsequently determined.


The first compressor model was created in the year 1762 and came to produce approximately 14.5 pounds per square inch. But, it was in 1829 that the first air compressor was patented and about 40 years later, manufacturers continued to update the compressors, adding a water jet system that helps lower the temperature of the cylinders.

Thanks to this, it was possible to increase the level of temperature and humidity in the air, which allowed us to achieve a higher level of efficiency than the tools of compressed air of the moment. The first industrial air compressor that was used in a construction carried out in 1857 in the Swiss mountains, working in the tunnel of Mont Cenis. For this construction, a pattern of pipes was achieved that distributes compressed air in significant quantities. The pipes were placed at the ends of the tunnel so that a hole of 23,000 feet of pipes was successfully opened.

In conclusion, air compressors have arrived to solve a large number of compressed air needs, providing solutions, both industrially and for DIY activities or household chores. It is a tool that you can take on your trips thanks to the fact that there are currently compact and portable models that will allow you to take it to the field and the mountain, so that it helps you in case you need to inflate, from a tire to mattresses and toys inflatable. Therefore, remember that to choose the best air compressor of the moment, you must take into account, mainly, what you need it for.


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