What Is Impact Drill?

Impact drills are based on rotation and shock to work. A single impact is very slight, but a discharge frequency of more than 40,000 per minute produces a continuous force. It can be used for concrete or natural stone. There are adjustment knobs on the drill chuck when the impact drill is working, and the standard hand drill and the impact drill can be adjusted. However, the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump against each other to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is much smaller than the electric hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.

The impact drill percussion mechanism has a dog-type ball and ball-type impact drill. The mobile disk consists of a fixed disk, a steel ball, and the like. The mobile disk is connected to the main shaft through a wire and has 12 steel balls; The fixed disk is fixed by a pin. In the housing, with four steel balls, under the action of thrust, 12 steel balls roll four steel balls, which makes the cemented carbide exercises produce rotary impact movement and can be used in fragile materials such as bricks, blocks, and concrete. of drilling. The nail is removed above so that the fixed disc rotates along with the disc, and no impact is generated and can be used for ordinary electric drilling.

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