What Is An 18V Cordless Screwdriver?

A cordless screwdriver 18V convinces, on the one hand, the newcomers who are just buying the first tools for their household, on the other hand, the experienced handyman. The device helps to drill the screws for the wall shelf or picture into the wall and can also be used when assembling furniture. In both cases, the 18V cordless screwdriver delivers a significantly faster result than the conventional screwdriver. The battery does not require a socket, but the tool has enough power to drill into wood, plasterboard, and other materials.


What is an 18V cordless screwdriver?

The cordless screwdriver with 18V is a tool for screwing, but it can also be used for drilling. The drill receives the energy from the battery. The device is constructed similar to a drill, but you do not need a power cable for the various tasks. Therefore, the cordless screwdriver 18V from the test is also suitable for mobile work where there is no power source nearby. Accordingly, these cordless screwdrivers are in demand among hobbyists and professional craftsmen.

The cordless screwdrivers in this category are typically equipped with a slip clutch. This decouples the connection between the drive motor and the spindle if the torque becomes too high. With the cordless screwdriver 18V test winners, it is possible to set a maximum here. When the value is reached, the spindle turns. In this way, the slip clutch helps to drill or screw evenly. It protects the material and the screws because only a limited force acts on the components. Some 18V cordless screwdrivers also have a depth stop that can be adjusted. This makes it easier to bring countersunk screws to the same level as the surface.

With the optimized gear ratio of the modern 18V cordless screwdriver, it is possible to screw effectively even at low speeds. This is due to the relatively high torque. A lithium-ion battery is used in the new drill drivers. This offers decent performance and proves to be very durable and reliable.


How does an 18V cordless screwdriver work?

The 18V cordless screwdrivers can be compared in terms of their function to a drilling machine, even if the speed is lower. They have a coupling that allows the work spindle to be uncoupled and also offers more flexibility when adjusting the torque than is the case with simple cordless drill drivers. This prevents the screws from over-tightening when working.

When using the cordless screwdriver, you access the appropriate inserts that are required for drilling or screwing. These bits are attached to the device head, i.e., to the drill chuck or to the bit holder. The drill and screw attachments are available in numerous sizes and degrees of hardness. Some also differ in their shape. This shows which building materials the bits can be used. Some of them were developed for stronger materials such as walls, some for wood or other soft building materials.

When the bits are inserted, you start drilling or screwing. The classic cordless screwdrivers 18V from the Test 2020 turn clockwise in their standard-setting and also offer the left direction, with which the screws can be loosened. The direction of rotation to the right is used for drilling. To change direction, you usually only need to move one lever.

The cordless screwdriver is activated using the control currents. These are transferred to the control electronics after the device is switched on. This central electronics determines the direction of rotation, the strength of the torque, and the motor power. The energy for this comes from the battery cells.

The cordless screwdriver requires a little more power for certain building materials. The test winners of the 18V cordless screwdriver are, therefore, often equipped with two gears. This allows you to work with high torque even at a lower speed. This is particularly useful for screwdriving. If there are bores, you can switch to a higher speed via the gear shift in second gear.

The high-class 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test comparison can often be adapted to special projects. This can be done, for example, using the torque pre-selection located on the front of the tool head. The speed control is also variably adjustable on many devices. All you have to do is press the appropriate switch to accelerate the speed of the screwdriver.

The battery in the drill is responsible for the energy supply. So that the 18V cordless screwdriver does not weaken, its battery must be charged regularly. To do this, remove the battery and insert it in the charger. Smaller cordless tools can also be charged without removing the battery. However, the classic 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test are designed so that the battery must be removed.

When it has been charged, you put it back in the device, and work can begin.


Advantages & application areas

The 18V cordless screwdriver can be used to carry out a wide variety of trades. They are suitable for small tasks such as attaching screws, images, or other wall decorations hang, but also for the assembly of furniture. Larger repairs or renovation projects are reliably supported by the cordless screwdriver. Hangers in the bathroom and in the kitchen is part of the standard work. The cordless tool is irreplaceable for the handyman, even if you only want to repair something yourself every now and then.

By simply exchanging the bits and drills, the 18V cordless screwdriver can be prepared for different projects in no time at all. This change of operations often takes place directly during work. It only takes seconds to replace the fine drill bit with a bit for the screw. You can drill a hole with the tool, insert the dowel immediately afterward and then tighten the screw with the cordless screwdriver. This saves you the use of two tools, and you can finish your work in a short time.

Compared to larger drills, the cordless screwdrivers with 18 volts are quite lightweight and are therefore also suitable for long-term DIY work. The arms ddon’tget tired so quickly because you only have to keep a lightweight. Another advantage is that you are independent of the power grid. The battery provides the necessary energy and saves you having to search for an outlet.

In addition, there is no cable in the way when handling the cordless screwdriver, which increases safety. Whether you use the device outdoors in the garden or when working in the garage, you are completely independent of the battery. This makes the 18V cordless screwdriver suitable as a tool in the car. For transport, the cordless screwdriver is placed in the tool case, which is part of the scope of delivery for many devices. This case often also contains a storage system for the drill bits and bits. This ensures a good basis for the order, which should also be used so that nothing gets mixed up or lost.

“”o you like Swedish furniture stores and love to assemble your furniture yourself? Then you need a cordless screwdriver!””If you choose the test winner of the 18V cordless screwdriver and also the bits and drills, you can count on optimum material strength. This ensures that the inserts do not wear out even if you use them very often. The screws used for assembly and construction projects should also be of good quality so that their heads do not round out. If the shape is preserved, it is no problem to turn it in and out repeatedly. On the other hand, rounding cannot be avoided for screws of inferior strength, so that an exchange is more necessary here.

The 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test are considered all-rounders, but they cannot do all the tasks. At 18 volts, they have good performance, but more power is required in certain areas.

Then you have to switch from the cordless drill to the impact drill or to another powerful device.


What types of cordless screwdriver 18V are there?

The 18V cordless screwdriver combines the screw function with a drilling function. That is why they are also known as cordless drills or cordless drills. The cordless screwdrivers are compared to drilling machines. However smaller and therefore, easier to handle. The differences in cordless screwdrivers with 18 volts are rather small, so it is not possible to correctly split them into several types. In the newer devices, a lamp is often integrated, which functions as a headlight and illuminates dark areas. This is useful if you work in a corner and want to have a better look at your own markings or at the screw heads already in place.

The main difference in cordless screwdrivers can be seen in the battery types. The 18V cordless screwdrivers from Test 2020 are typically equipped with the modern Li-ion batteries. These are characterized by their low weight and first-class performance characteristics. The Ni-Cd batteries, as well as the NiMH batteries, are therefore being used less and less by manufacturers because their energy density is lower than that of the Li-ion batteries. Another important advantage of Li-Ion batteries is that they only minimally discharge themselves, take little time to charge, and have no memory effect.

The following advantages of the tested 18V cordless screwdriver were determined in relation to comparable tool types:

  • Electricity-independent working possible
  • lightweight,
  • handy size and ergonomic shape,
  • suitable for mobile work,
  • easy to use,
  • low to medium speeds adjustable,
  • good value for money.

The disadvantages of the 18V cordless screwdriver:

  • Charging the battery is necessary
  • limited uses due to fixed voltage.

This is how the 18V cordless screwdrivers are tested.

The focus of the 18V cordless screwdriver test was on various areas. On the one hand, handling is an important criterion for prospective buyers. This applies both to those who only use the tool sporadically and to hobbyists and experienced DIY.

“”iy need the cordless screwdriver to loosen or screw in screws in wood or plasterboard.””Depending on the work for which the cordless screwdriver is required, it should be as robust as possible or should be adjustable for particularly precise fine work. Among other things, the capacity of the battery is important, because this power dispenser is indispensable for longer drilling and screwing. There are also other quality features on bbuyers’wish lists.

The flexibility of the 18V cordless screwdriver is already ensured by its design and basic function. But you should still check other product data and parameters before making your decision for a device. Below are other relevant aspects that should be considered. The layperson does not always think of all the important details, which is why this test of the 18V cordless screwdriver should serve as a useful buying guide.

The electrical voltage is already specified in the 18V cordless screwdriver category. The 18 volts in the standard devices of this type are in the upper range.

Device power – watts

The power depends on the voltage and the wattage. The higher the device performance, the easier the 18V cordless screwdriver penetrates into somewhat firmer building materials. Typically, the performance data is between 500 and 1,500 watts, whereby an average value of 700 or 800 watts is sufficient for the standard work.

However, if you not only work with wood and plaster but also drill into harder building materials, you should use a more powerful device.

The force of the torque

A look at the torque provides information about the actual power of the cordless drill. The higher the torque, the more powerful the tool works. The torque is measured in Newton-meters (Nm). The Newton-meters indicate the speed of rotation of the screw spindle.

With a very high torque, holes can also be drilled in hard materials or screws screwed into difficult materials. Difficulties arise with lower torque. For this reason, the torque and idling speed are among the essential features of the 18V cordless screwdriver.

Is the torque adjustable?

Most of the cordless screwdrivers 18V test winners offer users an adjustment of the torque. This enables the power transmission to be decoupled so that the drilling spindle “”lips””at a predefined point.

This setting makes it easy to turn several screws of the same type into the same surface or to perform other tasks that are repeated. By presenting, you get a regular result without having to check every single screw.

With the inferior cordless drill/driver, you often have to do without this setting function. But especially when it comes to relatively powerful cordless screwdrivers 18V, the torque setting should be available so that the screw heads do not round out. In addition, the preset torque, with its typical slipping, helps with the safe handling of the cordless screwdriver.

The change in the direction of rotation

With the 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test comparison, the direction of rotation can be changed with a small handle. The corresponding switch is often attached in such a way that it cannot be operated accidentally but is nevertheless easily accessible. By changing the direction of rotation, you can easily screw in the screws and just as easily turn them out to the left.

If the cordless screwdriver is used for drilling, turning the opposite direction helps to loosen the cant.

The level of idle speed

The idle speed shows how fast the screw spindle rotates. The simple models of cordless screwdrivers manage around 600 revolutions per minute. The idle speed of the test winners of the 18V cordless screwdriver is between 1,000 and 1,300 rpm.

When working with soft material, it may make sense to set a lower speed to avoid splintering or fraying.

One course or two courses?

A cordless screwdriver with only one gear is primarily suitable for tightening and loosening screws. Most 18 V cordless screwdrivers from the comparison test have two gears. With the faster second gear, you can also drill holes. In addition, the second gear offers more power when screwing, which can also be helpful in some cases.

The drill chuck

The drill chuck serves as a fixation for the drill. It is located on the front of the cordless drill and can either be loosened and fastened using the key provided or using a modern quick-release system. SDS drill chucks are particularly popular and can be completely replaced if necessary. With the quick-action chuck, you do not need a key, because here the entire attachment is turned in order to insert the drills safely and to easily remove them after work.

The small cordless screwdrivers can also only have a simple bit holder. Here the drill bits are typically secured by a magnetic holder. So you ddon’tlose the bits and, at the same time, secure the metal screws better.

The accumulator

The battery plays a major role in the tool because it is responsible for the performance and trouble-free work. TToday’smodels mostly work with a lithium-ion battery. A Li-ion battery proves to be extremely reliable, regardless of the intervals when charging.

In contrast, the nickel-cadmium batteries, which are no longer current, can be damaged by the charging intervals. Compared to the NiCD batteries and also in comparison to the NiMH batteries, the Li-ion batteries have a better capacity, which can be found in the corresponding product information.

You measure the battery capacity in ampere-hours (Ah). With a cordless screwdriver with 18 V and 3.6 Ah, the performance is guaranteed for twice as long as with a cordless screwdriver 18V with 1.8 Ah.

A higher capacity battery weighs more than a model that offers less capacity. Here you should consider whether the use of a stronger battery is worthwhile or whether you prefer to use a device with a slightly lower weight. If the cordless screwdriver is needed for longer work, you should not compromise on capacity.

If necessary, you can opt for a smaller battery and have a spare battery ready. So you ddon’thave to take a long break but have the second battery immediately at hand if the first battery wears off. While you continue to work with the second battery, the first one charges at the same time: This guarantees uninterrupted work.

On the other hand, if you use the 18V cordless screwdriver primarily for mobile purposes and cannot recharge it, you should choose a longer battery life and definitely take the spare battery with you.

When charging, the advantage of the Li-ion batteries is again shown, which has a much shorter charging time than the other types of batteries.

With or without LED lighting

Many 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test have an LED light. This turns on automatically in some cases, with other devices you can activate it as required. The lamp shines on the area to be processed, i.e., on the planned drill hole or on the screw.

So you hit the right point even when the surroundings are poorly lit.

The deadweight of the cordless screwdriver

Most 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test comparison have a weight of at least 1000 grams and a maximum of 1800 grams. If you also work overhead, you should choose a lighter tool, because the higher you have to take your arms, the more each gram weighs. For the professionals, the somewhat heavier devices are shortlisted, because performance counts more than weight.

The ergonomic design

The ergonomics of the 18V cordless screwdriver affect safe and fatigue-free handling. The functional and easy-to-use shape can also increase the attractiveness of the tool. But for most homes and craftsmen, the most important thing is the grip. The T-handle, which is easy to grip and mostly has a non-slip coating, was able to assert itself in modern cordless drills. The classic screwdrivers with pistol grip also impress with their favorable shape and are reminiscent of the typical shape of the drill. Smaller cordless tools are also available in pen form and can, therefore, be used particularly well for light work such as furniture assembly.

Those who like to present themselves with a practical and handy cordless screwdriver opt for the slightly lighter and anatomically adapted devices. Women also tend to use the narrow cordless screwdrivers because they counteract the signs of fatigue.

For the male handyman, it can be heavy 18V cordless screwdrivers, where the ergonomic handle shape provides the ideal grip and reduces the risk of accidents.

The security features

Good security must be guaranteed for the 18V cordless screwdrivers. The users should be protected from injuries, and the building materials should be protected from damage. In addition to ergonomics, the stability of the materials used counts here.

The coating of the cordless screwdriver must not suffer from the stresses, and the housing must also be durable. When working with the cordless screwdriver, the safety equipment shows its advantages.

In any case, there should be a safety coupling that locks when the drill is tilted and thus avoids an accident. This coupling stops the transmission of power from the motor to the drilling spindle, which is very important so that you do not get injured, and the construction project is not endangered.

The fasteners

Some of the cordless screwdrivers have a bit holder. This offers users the option of hooking the bits directly onto the tool. So you are perfectly prepared for the upcoming screwing and drilling work. There is also a fastener for the cordless screwdriver itself.

This is generally a belt clip that is firmly attached to the housing.

If you hook the clip in your belt, you can climb the ladder without having to hold the cordless screwdriver. With some cordless drill drivers, this belt clip can be moved so that it can also be fixed on the other side. This is useful when the tool is loaned from a right-handed person to a left-handed person.

The tool case

A large tool case is not required for storing and transporting the 18V cordless screwdriver. However, the device is often delivered with a small, suitable device case.

This has a recess that is precisely tailored to the cordless screwdriver. If you put it in here, it wwon’tslide around in the case. There are often other cutouts for the charger, drill bits, and extra accessories in the special case. So the elements can be neatly accommodated.

The transport case should be made of solid material so that it is not damaged during transport or on the construction site. It is used to protect the cordless drill and must, therefore, protect it from impacts and other external influences. However, it should not weigh too much so that it can be carried easily. The contents are optimally protected with a sturdy case handle and a secure closure. Some manufacturers rely on standardized dimensions for their tool cases so that the containers can be stacked easily. This means that you need less space for the various tools and storage systems in your workshop.

The scope of delivery

In the meantime, many cordless drills, including accessories, are available. In addition to the transport case, the most important bits are often included as standard. Some devices also have a spare battery and, ideally, even the charger.

If you choose a single device, you should check whether the existing workshop equipment is compatible with the cordless screwdriver.

If you have a battery of the same manufacturer in the right size, you ddon’thave to buy a new battery.


What should I pay attention to when buying 18V cordless screwdrivers?

The 18V cordless screwdrivers from the 2020 test are ideal for a wide range of DIY and professional jobs. In order for them to perform their task without malfunctions, it is important to select them to suit their respective projects. The mini screwdrivers are often not sufficient, but with the 18-volt tools, you have a relatively powerful tool in your hand that also drills and screws in somewhat more difficult building materials. The range of cordless screwdrivers with 18 V , however, includes various device classes, from the standard screwdrivers to the somewhat more powerful models.

Among other things, it is about finding the right battery type and the right battery capacity. With the tailor-made battery, you are very flexible and can use the 18V cordless screwdriver even where there is no power connection. If mobile applications are often planned, the tool case should also offer the necessary stability and, in addition to the space for the cordless screwdriver, also have storage options for the charging station and the drills.

“”hen buying a cordless screwdriver, I pay attention to the battery life, the maximum torque, and the weight.””If you use the cordless drill mainly for fine work, for example, to screw furniture parts or to hang wall decorations, the device should not have too much weight. The heavy models are often preferred by strong men, while women prefer the lightweight cordless screwdrivers. In general, however, the ergonomic shape and non-slip grip are more important than the weight. The physical strength can also be reduced by a design that meets the anatomical requirements. Of course, the quality of workmanship and materials must also be right. Only then will the cordless screwdriver hold 18V the demands were not subject to early wear and tear.

When making a purchase decision for an 18V cordless screwdriver from the comparison test, there are some other questions. Among other things, you should consider which tasks should mainly be done with it: screwing or drilling. To screw, you need a device that is as precise as possible, and that enables a correspondingly precise presetting. However, when it comes to drilling, performance is more important.

The product features such as torque and speed indicate the tasks for which the selected 18V cordless screwdriver has qualified. Normally, stronger device performance is an advantage, but in certain areas, for example, when mounting the wheels on the car, you should not screw too hard, but must take into account the recommended torque.

Most often, the purchase decision is also based on the price of the 18V cordless screwdriver. In this context, one should not only look at the purchase price of the individual device but also check the compatibility with other tool parts. Sometimes it makes sense to select an original device from an existing brand that can use the batteries that you already have. Of course, the battery voltage must be the same, i.e. at 18 volts. The other devices in your own workshop can also be used with the appropriate battery if necessary.

However, you have to be aware that the more devices you have from your favorite brand, the more difficult it is to switch to a different brand.


Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

The 18V cordless screwdrivers mostly come from traditional and internationally known brands. Some of the cordless drills are also available as a private label of the hardware stores. To make sure that you can get the necessary spare parts and the appropriate drill bits in an emergency, you should, as a precaution, resort to the big brands.

The renowned companies for electrical and cordless tools present a comprehensive range of products for commercial and private tradesmen. This makes it easy for users to focus on a single brand. So it may be possible to use the batteries in several devices if the size and performance fit.

The following manufacturers are among the top brands for cordless screwdrivers and have various other tools and accessories ready.


The history of the traditional company Bosch goes back to the 1880s. Since then, the Baden-Württemberg company has grown into a large group. Bosch not only presents itself as a consumer-oriented company but also has great success as a supplier to the automotive industry. As one of the wworld’sleading brands in the technology sector, Bosch offers a wide range of tools and household appliances. The range extends to innovative systems for home technology. This is where the future-oriented company philosophy becomes clear.


Makita, also a renowned company for cordless tools, was founded in Japan in 1915. Especially the hand-held devices for home improvement and hobby gardeners can keep up on the international market. Makita has had a sales office in Germany since the 1970s, which has significantly increased its presence. Sales of functional cordless drills and other electrical devices are correspondingly high. In addition to the product quality, the Makita experts also deal with environmental protection and therefore rely on environmentally friendly processes.


After the company was founded in the 1920s, the Festool company first dealt with professional conversion and repair measures on machines for woodworking. The company did not change its offer until the next few decades. Festool is now one of the big brands in the field of functional and high-class tools. In order to present the most powerful devices to customers, they are asked for feedback. On this basis, Festool would like to optimize its products. The constant improvements can be seen, among other things, in the patent applications and the ccompany’sawards. Of course, the sales figures and customer satisfaction also provide information about the tool quality from Festool.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker comes from the USA and was founded in 1900. The cordless screwdrivers and other tools from Black & Decker have long been considered to be particularly powerful. The brand has also belonged to the US company Stanley Works since 2009. In addition to the traditional tool range, Black & Decker now also presents smaller household helpers, products for vehicles, and garden tools.


MMetabo’scompany history begins in 1924 when the company was founded in Nürtingen in Baden-Württemberg. The traditional company has retained its specialist knowledge of products for metal processing, but Metabo also has tools for construction workers. In addition to the traditional company headquarters in Nürtingen, the company also produces in Shanghai.


High-quality cordless tools from various categories come from the Einhell company. After the company was founded in 1964, electrical engineering products were initially manufactured as part of the contract manufacturing. However, the company soon started using tools and garden tools. Einhell presents devices for commercial use on the one hand, and products for hobby craftsmen on the other. In the early years, classic products primarily included chargers, welding machines, and grills. In the 1970s, subsidiaries were founded outside of Germany. Einhell also started production in Spain.

The group was restructured in the 1980s. Einhell became a public limited company and has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 1987. The company also increasingly relied on production in Asia. The brand is now known under the company name Einhell Germany AG.


At Hitachi is a Japanese large enterprise. The Group controls its international activities from Tokyo. The focus is on the products that are used in the electrical engineering and mechanical engineering sectors. Hitachi was founded in 1910 and was initially a workshop for electrical engineering products. The company later had great success with the series production of electronic motors. Industrial systems and household appliances have been added to the range over the years. Hitachi now also has fine electronic systems for communication, information, and multimedia.


Internet vs. Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my 18V cordless screwdriver?

If you want to buy an 18V cordless screwdriver, you will sometimes find what you are looking for in a supermarket or discounter. Here, however, it can be difficult to find spare parts and accessories that are compatible with the cordless drill. Therefore, this guide points out that it is better to use branded devices than cheap products. In contrast to the no-name devices, the drill drivers of the well-known manufacturers have better chances of finding repair parts and additional small parts.

The 18V cordless screwdrivers from renowned manufacturers can usually be found in hardware stores and electronics stores. If you are lucky, you can get sound advice from these stores. It is even easier to search for and order the cordless drill online. Here you have immediate access to the important product data and can get information about the device performance, the torque, and other specific features. If you have questions about suitability and details that cannot be recognized at first glance, call the service center, or start an online chat. Some internet retailers also respond to customer questions by email.

The online search saves long journeys and laborious comparisons. Which cordless screwdriver 18V from the test is the cheapest in which store? This question can be answered quickly with a few clicks on the laptop or tablet. To get a good overview of the online offer, you can also use the filters and the available sorting. The suitable cordless screwdriver 18V can be determined in no time at all. The filters are used to narrow down the product selection. Weight, power, idle speed, and other data help to convert the long list of possible cordless screwdrivers into a shortlist. Another click sorts the selected devices by the purchase price, novelty, or rating.

The reviews of other customers are a particularly popular tool when ordering online. Based on the reviews, potential buyers can find out whether the 18V cordless screwdriver leaves nothing to be desired or whether it works perfectly. The tool is partly ideal for working with wood but leaves something to be desired for other materials. Other devices impress with their top performance but are significantly heavier than other models. Here it is important to weigh yourself what is important to you. In addition, the opinions help other customers to rethink the selection. Among other things, you can also find information about the behaviour of the dealer in these ratings or recommendations. If you are in a hurry, for example, the delivery time should not take too long.

Many do-it-yourselfers are very knowledgeable when it comes to practical work, but feel overwhelmed by the abundance of the Internet offer and the not always clear websites of the online shops. With the right tricks, you can still benefit from the advantages of ordering online. Among other things, one should check the seriousness. The rretailer’sseals of approval provide information about the security of providing personal data and payment. If you are still unsure, you can choose to pay on account with many providers. You do not need to enter your account number or credit card number here. Along with the delivery you get the bill. With this subsequent payment, nothing can go wrong. However, experienced internet shoppers often use the convenient credit card payment method or opt for other standard payment methods.

Many internet retailers have the option of registering. This often involves signing up for the newsletter. This regularly informs registered regular customers about special promotions or offers. This reduces the price of the next purchase by a few percents or gives you the chance of free delivery. Registration also saves you having to re-enter your personal data, which can speed up subsequent orders.

Customers who want to shorten their waiting time until the delivery date can order express delivery, which, however, often costs an extra charge. For this reason, many buyers tend to choose standard shipping. Again, it often only takes two to four days for the delivery to arrive. The exact information about the delivery time and also about the parcel service can be found in the FAQ, which can be clicked in most online shops in the menu line or in the footer. The answers to the most common questions often help buyers, so that you can do without calling the service.

Compared to shopping in hardware stores or in electronics stores, you can not only save time when buying online, but you can also save money. The online shops like to work with campaign discounts or vouchers to keep their customers on the go. Some of the special offers also come directly from the manufacturers. The dealers and manufacturers are fairly accommodating to Internet customers and react quickly to complaints.

If something is wrong with the 18V cordless screwdriver, an exchange or a complete return may be possible.


Interesting facts & advice

In the test of the 18V cordless screwdriver, it is difficult to determine which device is actually the best. This is because different factors are important for different projects. In addition, individual customer evaluation depends on your own priorities. The focus is always on the best possible interplay of a powerful engine, ergonomics, adjustment options for torque, and idling speed. The size of the cordless screwdriver with 18 volts should be tailored to the respective wishes, but this is not easy if the device is used by several people and for various projects.

In addition to the handling of the battery, the tool should be familiar with the basic preparatory work and know what security measures are necessary. This includes testing the drilling site. After all, you dont want to encounter a power line or other lines and pipes when drilling. A test device can be used to determine whether such a hazard exists or whether the cordless drill can be used without hesitation.

It is also important to precisely measure the points at which you want to drill the holes and then set the screws. Ruler, spirit level, and craftsman’spencil help with this. Then you have to choose the right drill. The dowel has to fit into the drill hole, so the drill should have a slightly smaller diameter. If the dowel does not fit into the hole after drilling, a second drilling pass with a slightly larger drill is required. The depth of the borehole gives you a little more leeway: in case of doubt, the hole may be a little deeper than the dowel is long.

When drilling, you have the best effect when the cordless screwdriver is held at chest height. Ideally, you stand with both feet firmly on the floor and maintain a 90-degree angle to the wall. The 18V cordless screwdriver is gripped with one hand and, if necessary, supported or adjusted with the second hand. This makes it easy to shift from first to second gear or to change the direction of rotation. The first gear of the device is used to make large drill holes or tighten screws. For small and medium-sized drilling operations, you work in second gear.

Regardless of what work you do with the 18V cordless screwdriver, you should make sure that the device does not overheat. You can do this by gently pulling the cordless drill occasionally back. By withdrawing the drill from the borehole, a certain proportion of the drilling dust is removed, whereupon the thread receives a kind of cooling. Pulling back is easier if the drill continues to turn because without the rotation, it tends to tilt.

For safety when drilling and screwing, it is important to pay close attention to the rotation and the immediate vicinity of the cordless screwdriver. However, one should not ignore the wider area. Children should, by chance, be kept at a distance because there is always a certain risk of accidents. Furthermore, you should find a stable position, whether you work at an easily accessible height, on the stairs, or further up on the wall. A stable ladder, sturdy footwear, and possible protective measures are very useful in many situations. When falling with the cordless screwdriver There may be bad injuries in your hand, and you should always be aware of this.

Therefore, this guide not only focuses on the product features of the 18V cordless screwdriver but also contains information on the correct operation and the preparatory work. In the following chapter, however, the historical development of the devices should first be in focus.


The history of the 18V cordless screwdriver

Even the first people featured tools ago, but the early drilling tools from prehistoric times are hard with ttoday’scordless screwdrivers to compare. It was a construction of branched branches and a piece of wood as a fastening for a drill, which was also made of wood or horn. A chord was placed around this drill part, which only had to be pulled alternately in both directions in order to generate the rotation. The drill itself, together with damp quartz sand, produced an increased frictional force so that a hole could be drilled in the workpiece.

Drilling was relatively rare, so these early drills were not used very often. It was not until around the 11th century that metal processing became more important that new drills were developed. The important inventions of the time included roller drills, drilling girdles, and racing spindles.

The basic structure of the roller drills changed little. Unlike the previous drill, however, it was a tool that was pressed by hand onto the workpiece to be machined . The somewhat modified design was later expanded with a flat or hollowed-out element so that the hand did not show any traces.

The typical racing spindle from the Middle Ages was a device with two legs, between which a belt ran. The belt was also used to control the drill. With a push on the racing spindle, the two legs were tightened, causing the belt to tighten and the drill to rotate. A flywheel mounted on the drill shaft ensured the correct winding of the belt. This type of racing spindle was also called Dreule and was used for a long time, for example in the construction of musical instruments.

Later came to the drills with belt or Fidel also fully mechanized tools for drilling used. The drill bit was one of the favorites of these devices. It contained a chuck that mimicked a screw thread. A handle was attached to this thread. The drill chuck was made to rotate by the up and down movements of the handle. The top of the shaft consisted of a wooden plate that was pressed down with one hand to increase the drilling force. Thanks to their simple operation, these functional drill bits were very popular hand tools. Sometimes they can still be seen in some workshops today.

The drilling lyre, also known as the chest lyre, was angled twice. This made it possible to push these devices forward when machining a workpiece. The double angle worked as a crank when the drill turned into the wood or other work material. The Bohrleier was very popular in the 15th century, but when the electric drilling tools were invented, there was hardly any need for the hand tools. Only a few traditional craftsmen still trust the tried and tested principle of operation, but the breast lyre from recent times is much more precise.

The invention of the gun drilling machine was presented in the 16th century and had a certain share in its history the later drill driver. In the beginning, it was about making the gun barrels as precise as possible. For this purpose, a pipe blank was inserted into the machine construction. The blank was pressed down by a pulley so that its own weight also supported the work. Without a strong rotation, however, it was not possible to use horses, because human muscle strength was hardly enough to get the drilling system going. The early design of the gun drilling machine was improved by John Wilkinson in the second half of the 18th century, which also optimized the result.

The first column drilling machine and the alternative design of the column drilling machine were developed around 1830. They were mainly used in the industrial sector and in the building trade. It was a stable scaffold and a drill that was operated with a crank or a pedal in the drill press. The harder you cranked or stepped in, the faster the drill rotated.

The multi-spindle drilling machine was developed in 1890 as a special pillar drilling machine. This construction variant was soon in demand because of its ability to be combined with transmissions. The transmissions were often driven shafts that could be adjusted to different conditions via the fixation. With pulleys on these shafts, the rotation could be transferred to the corresponding drilling machines. Hydropower was initially used as the drive, but later electric motors were used.

The increased use of electrical energy caused many changes. The electric drill was introduced in 1891. As an interesting exhibit, the radial drilling machine in the Deutsches Museum in Munich points to these beginnings of power tools. Pioneers like Wilhelm Fein were responsible for further development in the field of electric drills. Fein introduced a device in 1895 that showed the way into the future of electric drills. It was the SZ3 hand drill, which worked with electricity. This drill operated with a voltage of 110 volts and an output of 50 watts.

This was followed by further power tools, which were developed, among others, by the company C & E Fein. These included, for example, a drilling machine that had an electro-pneumatic drive, and tin snips with an electric motor. The entrepreneur Siemens Schuckert presented a hand drill with an 80-watt electric motor, which, thanks to its light metal housing, weighed less than the Fein machine,

At the same time, as the success of electric drills, mechanical hand drills also developed further. The mechanics were started here via a drilling shaft and the internal tool gear. An important innovation in these hand drills was the quick-action drill chuck. Otherwise, these drilling rigs worked with a plate-like element on which the necessary pressure could be exerted by hand and the crank mounted on the side. This caused the gear to rotate and set the drilling shaft in motion. With this practical hand tool, it was possible to turn in both directions.

During the 20th century, the drilling machines were continuously improved and refined. For example, an electric drill from Fein worked in the 1930s with 370 watts and a total of four gears. It reached speeds of up to 6,700 revolutions per minute and was able to drill in steel.

The 1940s and 1950s brought further changes and optimizations. When Germany was divided, the companies Bosch, Siemens, and AEG established themselves in the industry in the west. These experts refined their drills and presented battery tools with increasing frequency. Compared to the earlier power tools, the newer devices became handier and handier. The cordless drills, in particular, met with great demand.

Even in the former GDR, there were clear favourites for drilling machines, for example, the BM10. After the reunification, interest in do- it- yourself work ensured that, on the one hand, the sales figures for the drill drivers increased and, on the other hand, more product categories were offered. In the private sector, people were more and more involved. Furniture was increasingly assembled by consumers: This made the lightweight 18V cordless screwdriver more important than ever.

Compared to the traditional, strong drilling machines, there was a parallel development, because precisely for certain fine work, it was necessary to use precisely working drill drivers. Even the layman in the home improvement area soon knew how the typical 18V cordless screwdrivers work and which settings are important for these devices. Unlike impact drills and powerful drills with an electric motor, the cordless tools are easier to adjust so that the screws do not round out and nothing overturns when assembling furniture.

The great interest in DIY has continued to this day. However, a look at the range of 18V cordless screwdrivers shows that not every model is suitable for all projects. Therefore, many hobbyists do have not only the standard cordless screwdriver but also additional tools for various jobs.

Compared to previous decades, the demands on the ergonomics and flexibility of the tools increased further in the 2010s. In addition to the safety during use and the functional features, the question of the battery type also counts. For several years, the manufacturers of the 18V cordless screwdrivers mainly relied on NiCd batteries until the NiMH batteries also found more and more friends. The current cordless tools work with the newer Li-ion battery technology. These batteries have been around since the 1970s, but it took some time for their benefits to be recognized. In the meantime, the Li-Ion battery has become standard for the 18V cordless screwdrivers from the 2020 test.

With its excellent properties – high capacity, no memory effect, quick charging – the Li-Ion battery provides several advantages over the battery types that were common until then.


Numbers, data, facts about the cordless screwdriver 18V

For the cordless screwdrivers from the test, the Li-ion battery plays a role that should not be underestimated. The battery scores not only with its capacity and good charging properties but also with its sophisticated design. So it can be removed with one hand to charge it and then reinsert it safely. Compared to the electric drill, you are completely independent when using the cordless screwdriver and can work with it for several hours without a break. A power source does not have to be nearby. If the battery gradually weakens due to the discharge during work, a second battery is helpful. The replacement battery is then simply exchanged so that the 18V cordless screwdriver can continue to be used while the first battery is refuelling in the charging station. If you want to get by with just one battery, it should perform well. The standard quality cordless screwdrivers mostly have a 3 Ah battery, but there are also models with more ampere-hours.

Various special features have to be considered in the product data. Among other things, one should check the torque. The maximum torque provides important information on the performance of the tool and is measured in Nm. It is also worth checking other product features such as the speed control and checking whether the cordless screwdriver 18V has two gears. The first gear is used for the powerful screwdriver, while the second is used for rapid drilling.

By adjusting the torque, you can determine how much the screws should be tightened. Many devices, two options are available to the cordless screwdriver on a soft screwdriving prepare or hard screwdriving. Wood is one of the typical soft screwdriving cases. If the torque is set too high, the screw is sunk deeper than necessary in the wood, so that the screw head does not fit flush with the wood surface. So the force is too high. If the torque is too low, the screw head protrudes still out. A hard screwing case is, for example, metal. Here the screw can break off if the torque is too high. When working with gypsum concrete, caution is also required, because excessive torque can possibly lead to cracks forming in the gypsum concrete.


Use the 18V cordless screwdriver correctly in 5 steps.

When using the 18V cordless screwdriver from Test 2020, you should make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. All important information and recommendations can be found in the instructions for the devices. Only if you stick to it and, for example, only use the cordless screwdriver when the battery is fully charged, will there be premature malfunctions or signs of wear? Advice on correct operation also includes information on charging the battery. This should only remain connected to the charger until it has charged. The older battery types, in particular, have no overcharge protection. With a Li-ion battery, there is generally no need to worry, and no memory effect can occur with this type of battery.

When the battery is plugged in, select the correct screwdriver or drill bit and insert it in the drill chuck. The bit must be securely fixed here. Some experienced do-it-yourselfers switch the device to counterclockwise for a short moment to stabilize the attachment. At the same time, you have to hold the movable element by the drill chuck. Then the actual work begins with the 18V cordless screwdriver, as the five steps are shown here show.

Step 1: Choose the right setting for drilling or screwdriving

A cordless drill is suitable for two main purposes: drilling and screwing. If you want to drill with such a combination device, the appropriate position must be selected. There is a corresponding label on these tools so that it is no problem to switch to “rilling” In this setting, no screws can be screwed in because you need a different power level. If necessary, the corresponding position is switched back.

step 2: Screw-in and out screws

Experienced craftsmen place the screw insert on the screw at right angles and only then move it in the same line. Depending on the size and type of the screw, it can also be placed on the bit and then screwed in. In the beginning, you start at a slow pace so that the screw does not get out of control and stays straight in its track.

step 3: Increase strength

When the screw penetrates a soft material such as wood, you have to apply even pressure, while metalwork requires more force at the end. For a hard screwdriver, you have to increase your effort.

Step 4: The fine adjustment of the torque

The torque setting can be found on the front of the 18V cordless screwdriver. It ensures that the torque is correct. This prevents the screws from being screwed in too deeply and prevents damage to the screw heads. A slow, prudent approach can avoid such errors. If in doubt, the torque should be set lower, but it is also possible to work in a controlled manner at a higher torque level. For most 18V cordless screwdrivers, the torque settings are between 1 and 10 or between 1 and 20.

Step 5:

Depending on the work you do, you use the first or second course. A few cordless screwdrivers have even more gears, which are hardly needed by laypeople. With the second gear, faster but less powerful work is possible, while the first gear is slower and stronger at the same time.

The history of the traditional company Bosch goes back to the 1880s. Since then, the Baden-Württemberg company has grown into a large group. Bosch not only presents itself as a consumer-oriented company but also has great success as a supplier to the automotive industry. As one of the worlds leading brands in the technology sector, Bosch offers a wide range of tools and household appliances. The range extends to innovative systems for home technology. This is where the future-oriented company philosophy becomes clear.


Ten tips for care

So that the test winners of the 18V cordless screwdriver show no malfunctions in the long term and are always prepared for the next use, some maintenance and cleaning work is required. With the quality screwdrivers, there are hardly any signs of wear even after many years of regular use. If the devices still have some scratches, they do not necessarily have to restrict their use. The 18V cordless screwdrivers from the top brands are extremely durable and are sometimes used for generations. In order for the tools to work precisely, however, they must not be neglected. A certain amount of care and the important maintenance work ensure that the cordless screwdrivers continue to fulfil their purpose. The following notices are intended to help buyers clean your tools carefully and avoid mistakes. Of course, you can also find many of these tips in the product instructions for cordless drills.

Tip 1

A cordless drill screwdriver may not be used for all projects, but only for the purposes for which it is designed. The 18V cordless screwdrivers from the test are not suitable for every application and for all conceivable materials. It is therefore important to follow the instructions in the product description to avoid that the tool will no longer work precisely after just a few uses.

Tip 2

After a thorough cleaning, the 18V cordless screwdriver almost looks like new again. This cleaning uses fine brushes for tool cleaning, soft cleaning cloths, utensils for polishing, and, if necessary, a vacuum cleaner. These utensils can also be used to remove chip residues from drilling work.

Tip 3

There are usually no chips when screwing with the tool, but dust can accumulate. To remove this, dry, soft cloth is usually sufficient, which of course must not fluff. Regular wiping after use can prevent dust particles from landing in the cordless sscrewdriver’sgearbox. This could cause the engine to overheat, but removing the dust avoids such problems.

Tip 4

The cordless screwdriver is extremely sensitive at the location of the cooling slots because if the fine dust particles penetrate here, the interior of the device is at risk. The ventilation ducts must under no circumstances block because this would lead to worse damage. A vacuum cleaner helps to remove the foreign bodies and dust particles from the cooling slots. You shouldn’t work with compressed air here because it would blow the dirt deeper into the device.

Tip 5

Proper treatment of the batteries ensures that the durability of these energy resources does not deteriorate. TToday’scordless screwdrivers with 18 V usually use Li-ion batteries, which should only be charged when the charge level is sufficiently low. On the one hand, when charging, you should make sure that there is no deep discharge; on the other hand, the 100% charging capacity should not be used. It is important to check the minimum charge level immediately before using the tool. There are often product-specific recommendations from the manufacturer on these conditions. When planning the charging process, there is no need to worry about the memory effect, because here the Li-ion battery is insensitive, unlike the other types of batteries.

Tip 6

If the battery is not used for a long time, it does not need to be fully charged or completely discharged. It is better to make partial use of the charging capacity, which has a positive effect on the durability of the Li-ion batteries. When storing, you should take into account that the Li-ion batteries cannot withstand extreme heat. Otherwise, their performance will be lost. So they don’t belong in the garden shed or in the vehicle. Storage in the cool basement or in the home workshop, on the other hand, is not a problem.

Tip 7

The charger is sometimes part of the cordless screwdriver set and also requires some maintenance. Among other things, it should occasionally be wiped dry. If you give the charger a proper place, it won’t be dusty. For this reason, many tool cases that are available for cordless screwdrivers are equipped with a suitable recess for the battery.

Tip 8

Tool dealers have anti-corrosion agents that also protect the material of the 18V cordless screwdriver. With such a product, the surface of the drill driver can be freed from the first traces of rust.

Tip 9

The tool case for the 18V cordless screwdriver is precisely tailored to the tool and also often offers space for the drill and other accessories. By putting the utensils in the appropriate case, the parts do not get dirty, and you can find them again more quickly. The tool case protects on the one hand against loss, on the other hand, against damage by other people or weather influences.


In addition to the tool case for the cordless screwdriver, other storage systems such as boxes are also available. Some of these boxes can be transported directly in the case. Others ensure order in the workshop or in the large tool system. Whether you have established your own organization system or rely on the classic sorting of the professionals: the better you equip your workshop and the surroundings, and the faster you find your way around, the faster you are at work. Last but not least, with the sorting systems and boxes, you avoid a tedious search for the drills and bits that you just need.


Useful accessories

There are a variety of accessories for the 18V cordless screwdriver. The bits and drill bits are indispensable. You need these to screw in and out different types of screws or to drill holes in various sizes. You can often find the right bits for your cordless screwdriver from the same manufacturer, but there are also universal inserts that are suitable for different devices. If you decide on a cordless screwdriver 18V set, there is often already a basic set of bits. In some cases, a spare battery, a charger, and a tool case are included in the scope of delivery.

If necessary, the battery can be replaced if it no longer works properly or if it has been damaged. Original batteries are available for this, with which the cordless screwdriver can be used again. It is also worthwhile for the hobby craftsman to procure a second battery. This should have the same data as the original battery.

Safety glasses can be useful for some jobs. It ensures that you don’tget any chips or dirt particles in your eyes. The special safety glasses for craftsmen are made of a resistant material and are provided with a gentle cushion that prevents pressure points on the head. Work gloves can also be worn on difficult construction projects or when used outdoors. These also protect against injuries and give you more security. However, the gloves that you wear when drilling and screwing must not be too rigid; otherwise, the small parts slip out of your hand.

If the transport case belongs to the 18V cordless screwdriver from the test comparison, it is just the right size and also has a suitable recess so that the tool holds securely. You can also buy the tool case individually. To prevent the cordless drill from slipping around inside the case, there are special inserts made of foam or polystyrene. These ensure the ideal shape and stabilize the cordless screwdriver. In some cases, there is a storage system for the bits in the tool case. If you need additional inserts, there should also be space for a box in which you can store the small utensils. This makes it easy to store all tool elements properly. Of course, you have to sort everything again after each use.

“or longer projects: Order a second battery or quick charger at the same time!”There are various versions of the drills, which differ in their shape, strength, and thus also their suitability for certain building materials. With a special tip or notches, the power transmission becomes even stronger, while other drill bits are used for rather soft materials. The experienced craftsmen know exactly what use they need for a plasterboard wall or for wood. The laypeople, on the other hand, need appropriate information. In the online and branch hardware stores you will find the relevant information on the drill bits so that you do not accidentally use a metal drill bit for wood: Such an error could lead to the drill hole becoming too large or fraying.

In addition to the accessories that are required directly for the use of the cordless screwdriver, there are many other utensils that a handyman cannot do without. For the preparatory work, you need a folding rule, a current tester, a spirit level, and a marker pen. There is also a selection of screws and the right screwdrivers because you can not always get to the point with the cordless drill. Then you have to change from the cordless tool to the hand screwdriver.

If you like carpentry or do other DIY work, there are many other tools available. Impact drill and circular saw are something for the advanced craftsmen, while the beginners first equip themselves with pliers, hammer, and jigsaw. Over the years, more and more devices accumulate so that you can set up a complete DIY room. Toolboxes, wall shelves, and other storage systems are used here.

Whether a large workbench is also required depends on the scope of work and future projects.


Alternatives to the 18V cordless screwdriver

In the test of the 18V cordless screwdriver, the battery power is specified. However, if you only need a tool for light work, a drill with 14.4 or even 12 volts is sufficient. But performance is limited here. This is particularly evident in drilling work when the material is a little harder. When screwing together furniture parts or attaching a wall shelf, however, a smaller cordless screwdriver is an alternative.

In contrast to the relatively lightweight cordless screwdrivers from the test comparison, a drill has significantly more weight and also performs better. It is difficult to carry out precise fine work with a drill: the 18V cordless screwdriver is the better option. The classic drill can also drill into stone. It also often has a keyless chuck. However, the fact that the electric drills have to be connected to the power grid means that you are not as flexible.

An electric drill, which offers the same performance as the cordless screwdriver 18V, is also not to use mobile. In general, the power tool is somewhat lighter, even if the modern batteries are light.

If necessary, a cordless mini screwdriver is suitable as an alternative, even if, like the devices with less than 18 volts, you have to make certain restrictions in terms of performance. Otherwise, you can also use a simple screwdriver for certain cases. This requires more work because the screwdriver can only be moved with muscle power, which is why the screw is particularly easy to reach. As a compromise, a ratchet is suitable: This is a device that can be operated with a little more traction since it has a rotating mechanism that can be locked in one direction. Some models of these screwdrivers with ratchet function are designed so that they can also work “round the corner.”

This makes it very easy to screw furniture and other components together.



Who invented the first cordless screwdriver?

The first cordless screwdriver of its kind comes from Baltimore in the US state of Maryland. It was here that Alonzo G. Decker founded the world-famous Decker Manufacturing Company together with S. Duncan Black in 1910. The first approaches for today’scordless drill were made in 1914. The use of compressed air came shortly afterwards.

How much torque should my cordless screwdriver have?

The more torque a cordless screwdriver has, the more power it has. For long screws that are quite large, you should use a cordless screwdriver at high speed. Screws that are only required for furniture assembly need only low torque.

The different types of professional cordless screwdrivers with 18

Even if the terms cordless screwdriver, cordless hammer drill, and cordless hammer drill are often used interchangeably, they are different devices. The cordless screwdriver is used only for screwing screws and otherwise has no other function. It looks different from the other devices.

Which are the most famous manufacturers of cordless screwdrivers

Some good brands have now proven themselves on the market. The best-known manufacturers in the field of cordless screwdrivers include Einhell, Bosch, and Makita.

What do today’scordless screwdrivers cost?

Cordless screwdrivers are available in various price categories from very inexpensive to expensive. The cheapest models are available for just under 20 euros. The expensive branded models can be bought in specialist stores and on the Internet from 50 euros.

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