What Are The Points To Use The Hammer?

The correct use of the electric hammer can extend the life of the electric hammer and improve the experience of the electric shock. Today we will briefly present how to use the electric hammer correctly.

  1. The electric shock belongs to the intermittent operating tool and must continue to operate. It cannot work continuously for a long time. Not to damage the tool
  2. Add high-temperature grease when using the hammer; otherwise, it is easy to let oil escape
  3. Use electric sticks to move hard objects such as bricks, which can easily damage the tool.
  4. In the winter in the north, the weather is cold and should remain inactive for a few minutes before using it outdoors. Otherwise, the hammer may not affect it.
  5. To improve the working efficiency of the hammer and reduce the resistance of the entire machine, the drill bit used must be sharpened. Use a dust cover when drilling holes in concrete, rocks, and tiles.
  6. When drilling is completed, the power switch should not be turned off immediately. Instead, remove the drill hole from the hole and turn off the power switch while the drill keeps turning. Otherwise, the drill bit may get stuck in the hole and cannot be removed. The drill is stuck in the hole. Do not press the power switch again to start the hammer. Otherwise, it can cause serious injuries (tool rotation, injuries). At this time, the drill should be disengaged from the hammer, and then the drill should be removed by other methods.
  7. When the power tool is in operation, it is forbidden to turn the handle of the function and perform the conversion of the hammer, drill, and percussion drill function.
  8. When installing the drill bit, the hammer should clean the drill stem and apply a small amount of lubrication. The multifaceted hand presses the spring sleeve back, inserts the drill rod, and rotates the drill bit so that the cylindrical part of the drill bit enters the rubber of the front cover—inner ring. Solely in place, if the drill bit is not in place, it will not cause any impact and cannot drill.
  9. When the hammer is drilled with a reinforced concrete wall, it is necessary to select the hammer with a safety clutch; otherwise, it is easy to get stuck, so that staff cannot control the hammer and cause personal injury.

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