[ 2021 Edition ] 5 Best Welding Masks

When you do welding work and do it in a professional way, so that you are permanently exposed, it is necessary to invest in a welding mask that protects your head and vision.

 One of the best on the market is the 3M SpeedGlas 751120 model, which is in our top due to the fact that it can be used for all types of welding that you practice in a car workshop, and moreover, it has an automatic darkening filter, so that you are always protected, but also to maintain good visibility on the metal surfaces you weld.

 It can fix several levels of light with varying degrees of darkness, it also protects you from UV and IR radiation, and the fixing band can be adjusted so that it fits you perfectly.

 If you want to consider an alternative, before you decide, we suggest the Optrel NEO P550 model .

Recommended models in 2020

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Rank # 1: 3M SpeedGlas 751120

If you own a car workshop where you often perform welding work, you definitely need a welding mask for the head, which can cope with an intense work regime, so you need one from the professional category, such as the 3M SpeedGlas model. 

751120. You can rely on it, whether you are welding in MMA, MIG / MAG, TIG or plasma mode, and besides the protection offered, it is made to ensure your comfort.

Due to the 100V speedglass technology, it will darken automatically, depending on the brightness to which it is exposed and the type of welding performed.

 It has 3 brightness modes and 5 dark levels, and moreover, you are also protected in terms of UV and IR radiation (standard EN 157).

It has a head support band, which is fixed depending on the circumference.

 It also has a delay function, through which you can set the opening time from dark to light.

Mask for professional welding works, with automatic darkening filter.

It has various levels of light and dark, so you can still work safely without compromising visibility on the work.

Complies with the safety standard EN 157, against harmful radiation.

It attaches to the head so that it is comfortable to wear.

It is delivered free of charge.

Unfortunately, the warranty period is only one year.

Rank # 2: Optrel NEO P550

True Color View technology places this protective mask for welding in the series of professional ones, as it ensures the realism of color perception during the analysis of the molten metal bath. 

The included self-darkening (IR / UV) filter, LCD type, ensures a reaction time of 0.

1 ms, so that the product complies with safety regulations when priming the electric arc.

 In addition, the dark levels start at 4 and reach up to DIN 9 and 13, with continuous adjustment, so that the wearer can approach without restrictions MMA, MIG / MAG, TIG / WIG and plasma welding (including plasma cutting).

The eyes remain protected even after the electric arc will be turned off, because the return to light has a delay function (0.05 s – 1.0 s), very useful in quickly adapting to new light conditions.

 We quickly recall the size of the viewfinder, 50 x 100 mm, large enough to provide a field of view that allows prompt and accurate observations.

The energy efficiency of the included batteries is another advantage that is also discussed on foreign sites, because the built-in Super Sleep Mode technology promises up to 3000 hours of welding, without the need to replace the batteries (CR2032).

 Compared to other professional models in the same price range, we also note that this version weighs only 495 g, promising increased comfort even after many hours of wearing.


The self-darkening LCD filter effectively protects against UV and IR radiation, ensuring eye comfort, without the need for adjustments during electric arc priming.

Suitable for plasma welding and cutting processes (various), based on available dark levels 4, 9-13.

Diversified color spectrum: ensures the visualization of details, based on True Color View technology.

Professional and reliable, receiving CE, EAC, ANSI, etc.


It weighs only 495 g, which ensures more comfort for the wearer when using for hours.

Super Sleep Mode technology ensures energy savings and up to 3000 working hours, without replacing the batteries.


The price will be one according to the performances offered.

The warranty, valid for 2 years, does not apply to batterie

Rank # 3: Esab Warrior Tech

Esab products are sought after on the Romanian market, because (according to the public) they are part of the range of professional protection accessories, which can also be chosen by users who prefer to use them as a hobby.

 Protects against sparks, splashes, heat, IR and UV radiation, incorporating state-of-the-art ADF (self-darkening filter) technology.

 The photosensitive cassette incorporates 4 sensors and includes multiple levels of darkness, starting with 4DIN, which represents the setting in the off state, and rising up to 9 – 13 DIN, for MMA, TIG, MIG activity.

When the electric arc is primed, the filter reacts quickly, having a time of 0.1 ms. 

The delay can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences when returning from darkness to light.

 The official Esab page also talks about adjusting the sensitivity as an adaptable feature if it is welded using a low amperage.

The viewfinder offers a somewhat limited field of view, compared to other models mentioned in this list, with dimensions of 98 x 48 mm, but being large enough to allow viewing the molten metal bath without noticeable difficulties.

The adjustable grip and the weight of 500 g promise a comfortable wear, no matter how long the user spends working.

 The power supply is based on solar cells, so you don’t have to worry about the energy efficiency of the accessory.


Professional product, available at a relatively affordable price and for those who prefer semi-professional use and hobby.

Suitable for TIG, MMA and MIG, based on the dark steps it works with.

The ADF filter effectively protects from IR and UV radiation and does not require adjustments along the way.

The 4 sensors of the photosensitive cassette ensure a short reaction time – 0.1 ms at dark in the presence of the electric arc.

It weighs 500 g, so it should be easy to carry and handle.


No valid safety rules and standards are specified for this product.

A few millimeters less than the size of the viewfinder, if we look at other professional masks.

Rank # 4: Stanley 90371

Here is a professional welding mask, the purchase of which you can’t get to regret.

 The product is offered by Stanley and falls into the category of parts equipped with liquid crystal technology.

 In this way, you know that you benefit from the latest technology and you also have efficient protection, according to the works you perform.

The piece is recommended for multiple welding processes, MIG-MAG, TIG or MMA. 

Therefore, the fact that it allows you a lot of freedom in working with various methods and materials can only be a great advantage.

 When the welding arc is formed, the filter is activated automatically and recalibrated after it disappears.

 You will not need to lift the mask from your face to check what sutures you have obtained, and you will always have your hands free.

The viewfinder is powered by solar batteries, and their charging will be done even by the force of infrared and UV radiation from the electric arc.

 Do not bother to change the batteries and use an economical power supply method. 

The adjustment of the filter sensitivity is possible in the range DIN 9 – 11, values guaranteed to ensure protection in almost all situations, including for TIG welding starting with the values of 20A.

 The viewfinder is protected with specific foil during the period when the mask is not in use, and you can buy spare parts separately.

 If you buy it, you also benefit from a 12-month warranty.


It is a professional offer, including a cheap welding mask.

Ensures automatic opacity adjustability, with liquid crystal visor.

It allows working with multiple welding methods: TIG, MMA or MIG-MAG, because it has adjustable sensitivity (9 – 11).

It has extended energy autonomy, because it is powered by solar batteries.


Storage visor protections must be purchased separately.

Rank # 5: Iweld Fantom 4

The automatic mask with LCD technology from Iweld can be the solution you choose when you want to spend a moderate amount on semi-professional protective equipment.

 It is distinguished by the use of 2 different levels of sensitivity, which allow the prompt detection of electric arc.

 Recommended for TIG and MMA or protection during grinding operations, this piece offers conventional darkening levels used in these procedures: 5 -8 DIN and 9 – 13 DIN.

In addition to the 4 control sensors, which ensure low reaction time (0.1 ms) and the generous viewfinder, 100 x 53 mm (you can easily see exactly what you are working on, without having reduced your field of vision), the product offers degree adjustment shutdown and delay time, and can also be powered from 2 sources: batteries and solar.
As EN ISO 175 and EN ISO 379 are mentioned (regulates the requirements for automatic filters that allow continuous visualization of the welding process), the model is certified as reliable for the European market, including the heat and spark protection segment (made of polycarbonate).

 It weighs 525 g, which means that the wearer also has the chance to use it comfortably.


Made according to European standards: EN ISO 379 and EN ISO 175 – certified reliability.

Useful for polishing and welding protection, with adequate dark levels, easy to adjust.

The LCD viewfinder reacts quickly in the presence of electric arc – 0.1 ms, having a good enough size to guarantee optimal viewing.

It can be powered by either batteries or solar.

Lightweight compared to other models – so comfortable to use – weighs 525 g.


Adherents of well-known companies in the field will criticize this name, considering it irrelevant, despite the fact that the Hungarian brand produces a lot of equipment for the Eastern European market.

Rank # 6: Telwin Tribe 802837

For semi-professional welders and even for amateurs or beginners we recommend this model located among the most popular welding masks at affordable prices.

 At the beginning of the product presentation we cannot fail to mention its biggest advantage, namely the lens with automatic activation and LCD technology. 

The piece will offer you optimal protection for ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and this without confusing you with high-precision work, because the viewfinder darkens depending on the intensity of the electric arc it detects.

The manufacturer, Telwin, is one of the most famous in the field of welding machines and it was only natural to offer a device with advanced capabilities.

 It is recommended to use with confidence for coated electrode welding, for MMA, MIG-MAG and TIG (for TIG at current values above 22A), demonstrating versatility from this point of view.

The maximum level of opacity is DIN 11, demonstrating an efficient combination of optical precision with top electronic technologies.

 In addition, the fact that it does not require replacement batteries can only make you happy, because the power supply is based on solar cells. 

A delay adjuster allows you to determine how quickly the screen opacity decreases, so you can work at higher amperages, when incandescent sutures still emit dangerous amounts of radiation for a long time after the electric arc stops.

 The piece measures 330 x 230 x 225mm and weighs about 900g, which can be a bit much for those unfamiliar with a heavier mask.

 For 12 months you also have a guarantee of conformity.


Semi-professional model, suitable for amateurs, craftsmen and beginners.

Provides quality protection and automatic adjustment, thanks to the LCD lens.

Guarantees multiple welding methods, correctly protecting the user for MMA, TIG, MIG-MAG etc.

It allows the processing of as many materials as possible, advancing with opacity up to the value 11.

It can be bought for a fairly affordable cost.


It weighs around 900g, which could be a bit tiring and uncomfortable for beginners.

Rank # 7: SZ-MSTS2 9-13 BLUE

Another suggestion for an efficient welding mask that we propose to you is the product SZ-MSTS2 9-13 BLUE.

 It is a product with dual power supply with solar energy and battery, which has a start filter with 4 DIN protection.

 Thus, you do not have to worry about the energy conditions, because in almost any circumstance you will be able to use the accessory.

The maximum value of the UV / IR protection offered is 16 DIN, which makes it compatible with a large number of welding types: MIG-MAG, TIG, MMA.

Some of the parameters are adjustable, for example, the efficiency of the filter can vary between 9 and 13. 

The delay function is adjustable between 0.2 and 0.8 seconds, according to the preferences of each user.

The low battery indicator is meant to give you useful information on the spot.

 The external adjustment allows you to adapt the part in terms of filter opacity and grinding function.

 It is protected by a special reflective paint and can be used successfully at working temperatures between -5 and 55 degrees Celsius.


The piece has double power supply, for a prolonged use.

Compatible with a large number of welding types, due to the high value of protection offered.

Equipped with external filter opacity adjustment – easy to manage more from the perspective of experienced users.

Usable successfully at quite variable working temperatures.


It weighs about 1 kg, which makes it quite difficult to bear for long periods.

Rank # 8: TooLit-GYS TECHNO 11

An interesting product from the professional range is the TooLit GYS TECHNO 11 model.

 It is a part equipped with photovoltaic cells, which does not require the use of any energy source such as batteries and does not need to be turned on, it activates automatically in the moment of detection of the welding flame.

In transparent mode, it has an opacity of 3DIN, which rises to a maximum value of 11 DIN at the time of use. 

The dark time is 0.0006 seconds, so there is no danger to your eyes.

 The clarity of the panel is automatically regained when the electric arc is interrupted.

It can be used for MMA, TIG, MIG-MAG welds, offering protection against UV and against IR radiation.

 The low weight, of only 400g, makes it comfortable to wear, and in the package you will receive an additional exterior protection window of 110 x 90 mm and an interior protection window of 102 x 40 mm.


Welding mask with liquid crystal display – with automatic darkening.

Returns to the initial brightness quickly after closing the electric arc.

Provides protection against UV and IR radiation.

It has a low weight, which makes it easy to wear even for a long time.


The 98 × 35 mm viewfinder will be considered small in size by some users.

Rank # 9: Velt VT-01

The piece we propose to you is powered by solar cells or sealed lithium batteries.

 The degree of protection it offers without welding arc is 4DIN, and in the presence of the arc it is 9 – 13 DIN.

 The sensitivity can be adjusted in such a way that the operator works in the best conditions, according to preferences.

The time in which the mask filter returns from closed to open mode can be set by the operator to the most convenient value. 

The response speed from light to dark is 0.5ms, an extremely good margin in this product category.

With a weight of only 500 g and a very high tolerance to both storage temperature (-20 – +70 degrees C) and working temperature (-10 – 55 degrees C), the product is one that copes very well including requests to which a professional user will submit.


Welding mask powered both solar and battery – adaptability.

Allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the protective screen – according to your preferences and the welding method approached.

Allows you to adjust the response time – depending on what the user wants.

Automatic response speed of 0.5 ms when starting the electric arc – optimal protection.


It is forbidden to use in oxyacetylene flame welding or in plasma / laser welding.

Rank # 10: Evotools 645175

Among the lightest welding helmets equipped with LCD screen is this piece, remarkable for its filtering capabilities, compared to a decent enough price.

 You will use it without complications in various applications such as TIG, SMAW, MIG / MAG etc.

 The device provides IR / UV protection through a viewfinder with a fairly wide field of view (92 x 42mm) and opacity adjustable in sensitivity between the values 9 – 14.

 In this way, you can approach high value amperage welding and you will benefit then of the most effective type of protection.

The accessory does not impose complex power problems, as it incorporates solar cells that provide the necessary energy.

 It also allows you to set the return time to the initial opacity, after the disappearance of the electric arc, and this with the help of a simple button, which you can easily reach from the side of the headset.

The piece is made of hard nylon, slightly brittle, but strong enough to protect you from sparks and chips.

 You will be pleasantly surprised by the low weight of this object, as it weighs only 460g.

 Even the warranty is longer than in the case of other commercial models, being valid for 2 years.


Demonstrates an advantageous price / quality ratio.

Provides protection for multiple processes and applications, with high value filter, up to 14 DIN.

Allows automatic opacity adjustment, with liquid crystal lens.

The filter control setting allows you to set the delay yourself.

It is light and ergonomic, weighing only 460g.


The fact that it is made of brittle nylon makes it easily damaged in case of impact or fall.

Rank # 11: 3M Speedglas 9100

The type of integrated filter, 3M ™ Speedglas ™, allows automatic darkening and is one of the main arguments of professional welders when choosing this solution for protection.

 Based on the safety norms EN 175, the European standards are respected, which not only involve protection, but also ergonomics, minimizing the risks of irradiation (IR and UV) and burns (sparks, heat).

 Based on the various levels of darkness, the mask offers protection during the practice of welding procedures (TIG, MMA, MIG-MAG – steps 9-13, 8, 5) or sanding (step 3).

The 3 sensors offer a darkening speed of 0.1 ms, and the return from darkness to light can be adjusted by means of a delay option, which saves the eye.

 At the same time and preferentially, the molten metal bath can be inspected promptly (40 ms).

 With dimensions of 72 x 107 mm, the viewfinder ensures adequate visibility, without uncomfortably restricting the user’s field of vision.

Breathing is directed externally, through 3 channels, which prevent the accumulation of heat inside and thus avoid misting the viewfinder.

 In terms of ergonomics, the precision of the fit on the wearer’s face is noticeable, an aspect encouraged by the swivel support with ratchet.

 It is powered by Cr2030 lithium-based batteries (3V), which require periodic replacement (estimated after 2000 hours of use).

 Among the easily criticized parts of this product are both the price (which may be more than a user would like to invest in hobby use, as shown by reviews on international sites) and the weight of about 950 gg, which makes it difficult to wear for several hours.


Product suitable for professional use, incorporating a 3M ™ Speedglas autom automatic dimming filter, which stands out on the profile market through the realism of the images perceived through the viewfinder.

Provides important protection against IR, UV and anti-burn radiation, respecting the safety standard EN 175.

It is used for various specific processes in welding and grinding, working with distinct and specific levels of darkening.

Good darkening speed of 0.1 ms.

The return to light can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences, between 40 ms and 250 ms.

The generous surface viewfinder provides a wide field of view.


If you go shopping with the idea that you spend at most 100 euros on a welding mask, you will have to supplement your budget.

It weighs over 900g, which decreases considerably from wearing comfort.

Rank # 12: Stayer 1.1024

If you can only afford a welding mask at a very low price, one of the best solutions we can recommend is this model offered by Stayer.

 The model is a classic one, with a lens whose opacity is standardized from the factory and set at 11DIN.

 Of course, the first thing you will think about will be the sore throats you have to endure, but an interesting feature of this product will help you avoid them.

The mask is configured in one piece and has only the movable viewfinder part, allowing you to raise and lower it easily.

 However, one hand will be busy in this way, so it is better to choose this alternative, if you are not at your first welding attempts.

 Other useful parameters according to which you can orient yourself to intuit the degree of protection are a UV and IR filter with a value of 13 DIN and a clear one with DIN 11.

 Therefore, you can dare to approach multiple welding methods at a conventional level and respecting external conditions for the working temperature carried out in a fairly large range, between -5 and +55 degrees Celsius.

Although there is a lack of delayed control and sensitivity control, the product’s capabilities are only good for semi-professional work.

 The filter has dimensions of 108x50mm and the total weight of the headset is 450g, a low weight that allows ergonomic wear. 

Accordingly, a one-year warranty is provided.


It is one of the cheapest commercially available welding masks.

Provides adequate protection for multiple processes, with UV / IR filter 13 and shadow filter 11.

It weighs a little, being very ergonomic.

It is reliable, activating without problems in optimal temperature conditions (-5 with +55 degrees C).


The mobile viewfinder must be operated manually.

How to use a welding mask

A welding mask is an indispensable protective equipment, but you must know how to use it correctly, in order to be safe when working.

 Here’s what you need to do to ensure that your mask is safe.

Test the product before using it

Especially if you do not have experience in using welding equipment, it is advisable to know how to attach your mask and use it correctly.

Read the instruction manual and test it before you start working to make sure it fits snugly and doesn’t bother you in any way.

It is preferable to hold it for a few minutes to see how you feel about it on your head.

 Also, make sure you know what each control button is used for, so you don’t hit something wrong while welding, which can lead to accidents.

Make sure the mask is powered

No matter what kind of mask you have, it is necessary to make sure that it has enough energy to remain functional during work, so as not to endanger yourself.

Thus, always keep the appropriate batteries around and keep the solar recharging panel clean, ensuring its integrity before each work session.

Take care of the welding masK

Even if it is her duty to protect you during welding, the protective mask must also be maintained. 

While working, small pieces of metal can hit the outside and damage it.

Before any welding session you should check carefully if the lens is not dirty, if there are no cracks or scratches on its surface and if the filter sensors are not covered with dirt, which can lead to their malfunction.

It is best to clean the mask after each use, with a soft cloth, not to use sharp objects to get rid of impurities and if you notice any defects, to have it repaired or changed.

Do not repair the mask on your own
Of course, if your mask needs to be replaced or repaired, it should only be done by an authorized service center.

 If you do it on your own, you risk losing the warranty and having to bear the costs out of your own pocket, and some of these repairs can be expensive.

In addition, even if you perform a simple operation on the product, such as changing the tightening strap, it is possible that, not being an expert, it will not be well done and you will be exposed to risks.

Don’t just rely on it, no matter how good it is
A welding mask provides complete protection for your face and head, but cannot provide protection for the rest of your body.

 Therefore, you must wear complete equipment during handling, consisting of: protective suit created especially for welding operations, slippers and a pair of gloves.

 Only in this way can you be relaxed and execute quality and safe welds.

Popular brands:

If your projects require the use of a welding machine, don’t forget that safety is more important than anything else. 

That is why we recommend you to choose a quality, solid and efficient welding mask. 

If you don’t know which brand to opt for, here are the most well-known manufacturers.

Stanley Hand Tools is a division of Stanley Black & Decker, which was formed after the merger of The Stanley Works and Black & Decker in 2010.

 The Stanley Works was founded in 1843 by Frederick T.

 Stanley. a small Connecticut screw and yale manufacturer.

The brand was well known even before the merger, when it had already produced millions of saws, roulette wheels, screwdrivers, pliers and many other household and industrial tools.

 Since its launch, the company has followed a steady upward trend, with operations soon taking place in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Currently, the merger with Black & Decker has been a step forward for both companies, which have formed a strong and stable unit, the market leader in the supply of tools, commercial security systems and storage solutions.

 The growth platform is unique and the profitability indisputable.

The goal of the brand is to meet 100% of buyers’ expectations and full satisfaction of customer needs.

 Every day is a new challenge for teams of specialists who are in a continuous effort to surpass themselves, innovating and inventing for the full satisfaction of users.

For more than 50 years, Telwin has been a world leader in welding equipment and protection systems, cutters, rectifiers and chargers for batteries and starters. 

The brand is spread over 5 continents and can be identified in over 120 markets, with a wide range of products.

What distinguishes this manufacturer from any other is the fact that the manufactured parts are adapted to each field of activity, from the construction sector to the flea markets and from the most specialized teams of professionals to home users passionate about self-directed projects.

Telwin offers users top solutions, full of innovation and technologically advanced. 

Thus, beyond the ease of use, we talk about changing the overall vision: increasing productivity, optimizing the times of each intervention, minimizing the costs of each operation in Part and excellent performance regardless of the conditions in which each operation takes place.

The company’s strategy consists of innovation, advanced research and sustainable development policy.

 All these together managed to gain the trust and loyalty of customers, who appreciated both the quality of the products offered and the promptness of each intervention, adequate assistance and qualified training available.

The Stayer group currently consists of Stayer Iberica, Inaport, Abrasivos Grinding and Oscar Diamant, to which Stayer Italia was added in 2007.

 It is an international brand that has existed on the market since the 70’s and has had a constant evolution over time.

It currently expands to 58 countries where it operates successfully. 

The company’s commitment is clear and predictable: in the future the expansion will continue from a geographical point of view. 

Although currently the closest market, the European one, is the best developed, the figures and management plans indicate that new markets are needed.

In Europe, Stayer is available in Italy – where it was founded – but also in Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Greece, France, Romania and Turkey.

 Immediate future plans envisage the Middle East, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.

 Cultural affinities also indicate the likelihood of close collaboration with South America.

The product portfolio includes abrasive disc welding machines, drills, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, saws, metalworking machines, painting machines and so on.

 Customers, whether professionals or amateurs, are unanimously satisfied with the purchases made and the work performance, their opinion representing the best business card of the brand.

How to choose a good welding mask

Buyer’s guide

After you have bought a suitable welding machine, you also need the necessary protective equipment, especially if the offer you have chosen does not include the useful accessories for minimum safety.

 Therefore, given that eye protection is the most important aspect, it is vital to find out as quickly as possible where professional welders can find welding masks, at a good price.

The approach is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, because the choice of inappropriate equipment can lead to serious accidents, resulting in a medical condition called keratitis – acute inflammation of the cornea, manifested by irritation, intense pain, heavy tearing and photophobia. .

Because you are not playing with health, it is vital to make a list of criteria for selection, when you are preparing to choose a cheap and good welding mask.

 To save you hours of searching and documenting, here are these pre-purchase conditions mentioned:

Filter type: there are two main specific variants as configuration: conventional welding mask and electronic welding mask.

 The differences are mainly related to technology, ergonomics and costs.

For those who need a quick and cheap solution, we indicate the choice of classic variants, equipped with passive lenses. 

These are practically pieces of glass that have been treated with a special coating whose opacity is numbered by 10 for all models. 

The coating has the role of filtering UV and infrared radiation, and normally this is a window through which the welder can not distinguish the images, but only the electric arc when it is formed.

For this reason, the products are equipped with a visor that automatically falls in a sudden movement of the head, which the user must do once he has positioned the electrode correctly.

 If you are not an experienced welder or do not practice this process professionally, it is better to avoid parts with passive lenses, because fine sutures are difficult to achieve when you do not know how to properly appreciate the distances, and after a whole day of use you will wake up with pain in the neck muscles, after so many visor falls.

If you feel that you can make an investment in line with modern technologies, we recommend you buy an LCD welding mask.

 Basically, its lens consists of a special filter ADF (auto darkening filter), with liquid crystals, whose darkening will be automatic, after the electric arc is formed.

The starting opacity is noted at a value of 3 or 4, so at the beginning even with the eyes protected by the mask you will be able to see details and how to properly position the electrode for welding.

 A set of sensors detects the light intensity recorded when the arc is activated and immediately changes the opacity of the screen to the appropriate level for the amount of radiation emitted.

It is about intelligent technology, which calculates exactly the level of opacity required for protection in a fraction of a second.

 In this way you get rid of sore throats, the eyes are optimally protected, and the accuracy of the sutures can be higher, allowing high fineness welding.

 Indeed, the purchase price is high, and the automatic welding mask is dependent on an energy source (batteries, solar charging) to directly activate the capacities for the LCD heliomat lens, but the piece is both perfect for beginners and amateurs or even professionals. .

Opacity: refers to the density of the lens filter and, as we have already seen, can be fixed or variable.

We have fixed opacity for classic masks, where the standard value is 10DIN, considered the one you need to weld most types of materials and especially conventional steel.

If you know that you usually use a moderate or low amperage for welding, it means that the light intensity of the electric arc is not extremely strong and does not require values higher than 10.

 For more safety, many manufacturers currently offer you standard lenses with opacity 11, which is preferable, because that’s how you can say you’ve taken all the necessary precautions.

The situation differs for a liquid crystal welding mask, where the opacity must be adjustable in the range 3 – 13.

 If you use an arc with an intensity of 60A (amperes), it is considered that the value 7 is the minimum protective for it.

 At values up to 160A, use the lens at opacity 8.

 Anything above this figure must be labeled 10 or higher.

Power supply: can be based on solar energy or batteries and is an aspect discussed in situations when you are looking for a welding mask with liquid crystals at a good price.

If you know that you never forget to replenish your battery supply, nothing stops you from choosing a suitable model.

 Energy consumption can be quite high in this case, so you will need to change the energy source relatively often.

 If you don’t want to always have this worry, opt for a variant with a mini solar panel and a Li-Ion battery included.

The only drawbacks to this technology are the higher cost and the risk of running out of power in the battery even when you need to weld, despite the fact that the mask is powered by the welding flame.

Dimensions: you are most interested in the weight of the product, because you will wear it and depending on this you will know how comfortable or uncomfortable the object can be for long use.

 If you analyze enough opinions about the best welding masks, you will reach the same conclusion as us: under 500g is the ideal weight for such a product.

For the more complex pieces you can also find a heavier weight, of 900 – 1000g. 

Everything that exceeds one kilogram already has a lower ergonomics and we recommend you to buy this type of model only if it guarantees you at least a good price offer.

Functions and features: in this case we will discuss more the possible settings for the best automatic welding mask, and these can be: sensitivity control (allows setting the minimum light intensity that triggers the sensor), delay filter control (adjust time in which the opacity of the visor returns to a low value after stopping the electric arc, very useful feature for high amperage welding), the number of sensors (accepted as 2 for semi-professional welding and 4 for industrial scale welding), the adjustability of the fastening straps ( which guarantees an efficient grip and more comfort for the wearer).

Reaction time is a less adjustable function, even for the best welding masks, but it is very useful to know this variable anyway.

 For beginners we recommend reaction time of 1 / 3600s, while for industrial level works it is good to have a model whose sensor changes the opacity in 1 / 20000s.

The size of the viewfinder cannot be adjusted, but each user will choose the ones that seem appropriate.

 We always recommend the largest possible ones, even if you are an amateur welder, because professionals use large lenses, with a wide field of view, an aspect that you should get used to from the start.

If this is your first time buying protective equipment, it is quite plausible that you have not yet found out where to find welding masks at good prices.

 Following surveys and verifications, we can say that many users agree that the prices for products sold online are lower than those conventionally available in stores.

 Based on this, we suggest you search for the right model on the internet.

Take into account the fact that you will receive the order directly at home, but also the brands and versions of accessories sold are more diversified options.

 We have made a brief selection for you and we present you the most advantageous offers in the following top:

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