5 Ways You Can Recondition Old Furniture

When the furniture gives way, grows old or you simply need furniture and you have to resort to used things, reconditioning is the first option to keep in mind. Because sometimes you wonder what to do, we answer you with some ideas about reconditioning and reuse. 


For almost any furniture there are variants of renewal or reuse. If the wood is good, you are willing to put together some materials, work and a tool kit, here are some solutions you can apply. See if you have the proposed materials at hand and you can start your projects.


Cabinet transformed into a bank

Many times, a massive chest of drawers or an outdated kitchen cabinet stand in your way. For this kind of project you need less material, because you are going to extract useless parts to get a new product. 

This type of furniture generally has a thick layer of varnish or paint. To succeed in turning it into a cheerful and colorful bench, the first step will be to remove the damaged layer. You can use a pickling solution, or abrasive paper. 

For a model that looks good, but is also practical, keep the shelves down. Remove the top plate and adjust it to fit in the space between the sides. Then mount it above the lower shelves. 

You can use primer and clear varnish for finishing, although most of the time the paints in pastel or solid colors are taught to create a strong impression. Wait for it to dry before putting the pillows.


An old door reused as a shelf

An old wooden door has great potential for reuse. Most often it acquires a decorative role or becomes a table top, under a glass plate that highlights its outdated appearance. You can also create a new storage space with it.

Often the space in the corner of the room or kitchen is unused and could host some shelves, but it seems to you that it would be too high a cost for a minimal benefit. You can use the obsolete door to fill this space in a useful way.

Make a measurement to find out how much space you have available on one side, starting from the masonry joint. Apply these dimensions on the old door, from the lock and hinges to the center, to cut out the middle segment that does not fit. Join the two parts thus obtained and join them with the help of 4-5 shelves cut at right angles. After applying a new coat of color you will get a shelf with an interesting design.


Planter in the dresser

An old chest of drawers, whose design no longer matches the modern interior can be recovered at any time for the balcony, terrace or garden. You can give up the large body of furniture to keep the drawers. They can be assembled in steps, using parts of the side plates for overlapping mounting. If the furniture body is not too stuffy or damaged, you can save the whole chest of drawers without removing it.

Use other wooden boards to make the bottom of the drawers more durable and drill them to drain excess water from the floor. If you do not want them to rot, you can try to find plastic plates or a removable drawer bottom so that they can be replaced. Fill the drawers of the dresser with earth and plant your favorite flowers in them. 


Coffee table in the closet

Hanging cabinets in the bathroom can deteriorate fairly quickly due to hot steam and condensation, but a quick way to recondition them can be found. 

Some of those who did not want to give up the hanging cabinet turned it into a coffee table. The trick is simple: first clean the cabinet well with peeled paint. Because you don’t want to miss a hidden place or spend too much time sanding by hand, try to find an instrument from the belt sanders offer . They do the job quickly and thoroughly. 

After cleaning the closet and giving it a new face using a suitable primer, mount 4 small wheels on the back. Turn it face up and place a glass plate on top of it. 


Nightstand in the drawer

When you find that you have a drawer left in an old closet that confuses you more, try to give it a new look and turn it into something useful, such as a nightstand. From a large drawer you will be able to make a roomy piece, on which you can place a few objects and in which you can store books and mobile devices.

First remove the finish from the exposed side of the drawer, then sand it with fine sandpaper and wipe it well. To make it look more elegant, you can add legs or support slats. After you have done this, you can choose the right color for your room and you will have new furniture.


Baby bedside desk

A crib can become quite uncomfortable after it is no longer needed. If you failed to give it to someone else or sell it, it probably got stuck for a long time and got old. Your child can enjoy it again if you recondition it. 

Children need a workspace to draw and color, shape and paste. If you do not have the right furniture, then try to make an office to fit your old bed. 

Remove one of the side plates and place the plate on which the mattress rests at a level appropriate to the child’s working height. From this you can cut a part, just enough to make room for the junior to sit comfortably in that entrance. On either side you can attach some shelves for books and boxes of pencils, brushes and watercolors. It is a mini-office option that the child will surely love.

Use vivid colors and sets inspired by cartoons or stories. Don’t forget that he will also need a chair that will fit under the top of the new desk.


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