7 Uses Of The Air Compressor

Less known to those who do not work in the field of construction, car repair or carpentry, the air compressor is a device with extensive utility and a variety of applications from the most surprising. Here are just a few of them, which can prove useful even in the household.

The main role of a compressor is to generate and transmit compressed air, either to fill the tires or to support the operation of pneumatic tools used in various fields. It is definitely a useful device for both the household and professional projects, and in the following we present some of the most common applications that use its functions.


Household uses

Among the best ways to use a compressor is to inflate gym balls and bicycle wheels. You can of course opt for a manual pump, which will be enough for situations where you need to use it only occasionally. For those who frequently use the ball at the gym and ride a bike daily, the pump can be a real waste of time. The compressor is much faster and more efficient and, in addition, does not require physical effort on the part of the user. Which means it can be easily used by the elderly or by the young.

You can just as easily inflate those inflatable bed models, which, if we admit, are still a bit big to be filled with manual air. Also add to the list the beach mattresses or the ones you take with you when you go to the mountains, to sleep easily in a tent, the coil or the animals that keep the little ones afloat in the water and you already have enough reasons to ensures that you have a low or medium power compressor model in the house, suitable for operations of this type.

If you have ever considered removing the dried leaves and twigs that have fallen from trees since the first days of autumn using a blower, it is good to know that a compressor is also the basis of its operation. Among the applications it supports is therefore the sanitation part of green spaces.


Tires always at the optimum level

You can use a car compressor with a flow rate of up to 100 liters to make sure that you can always bring the air inside the motorcycle, car or even truck wheels to the desired pressure. We can also talk this time about versions for personal use, slightly lower in power or professional models for car workshops.


Paint applied quickly and evenly

Yes, you can also solve the problem of interior or exterior renovations with the help of a compressor, when it comes to painting or even whitewashing. Spray guns or painters, as they are also called, associated with a compressor, ensure much faster and better uniform color spreading, layer by layer. 

Whether it’s a wooden bench, fence posts, house or wall joinery and ceiling, pneumatic devices do the job in a fraction of how long you would need if you used a roller and brush. It will be much easier for you to start with that garden pavilion that you have long set out to repair or whitewash the rooms that need a new face.


Nails, staples and demolition

The compressor is often used in combination with pneumatic devices used in carpentry or construction, for fixing steps involving nails or staples. The generated force ensures the fast and precise penetration of these fastening elements, in the material, reducing in this case also the working time and the physical effort necessary for the manual approach of this type of tasks.

Do you want to demolish part of the wall to extend the living room to the balcony? Does one of the alleys confuse you and you decided to remove it from the garden structure? Any modification that involves the crushing of hard materials can be easily solved with the help of a pneumatic picamer with compressor. Available in hobby, semi-professional and professional models, these devices are useful in the household, and essential in certain fields such as building construction or roads.


Carpentry, wood for winter and furniture

The same system that is based on compressed air and the compressor, as a way of creating mechanical force is used for some of the pneumatic saws. So it is a tool that is important to have in your household if you use wood as a fuel for heating. It is one of the tools needed for those who work with wood, whether we are talking about making carpentry elements (window frames, doors, etc.) or furniture. It cuts quickly and efficiently, allowing good control of the sectioning direction and ensures high productivity in professional workshops.

Also for those who work with wood, the compressor is recommended for completing other pneumatic tools such as automatic sanding devices, which ensure the correct finishing of machined surfaces.


Fish crops

To grow well and healthy, farmed fish need clean, oxygen-rich water. Compressors are often used to set in motion filtration and oxygenation systems that aerate water from the bottom up, thus preventing the formation of harmful algae and ensuring good water quality.  

Water pumping and sanitation of production spaces

There are also water pumps that work together with an air compressor ensuring the extraction of water from ponds or lakes, for household use or for crop irrigation. These systems are based on the difference in weight between air and water, which forces the liquid to rise to the surface. It is an efficient alternative to electric models.

In the food industry, compressors are used to quickly and efficiently remove residues left in food processing and packaging spaces. The force with which the air is evacuated has the role of easily driving the waste to the evacuation points. You can also use such a compressor to clean the garage after completing various DIY projects.

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