11 Essential Information From The User Manual Of A Bosch Drill

When you buy a new power tool, you will want to know how to better protect it to enjoy it for longer from now on. Among the most popular purchasing tools in our country are the drills, which do not lack the user guides that are useful to have at hand whenever you use the product. Here is some information you need to keep in mind when working. 

You have bought a new drill and you are ready to use it for your projects. But do you know how to protect her and how to defend yourself from the problems that may arise along the way? To make sure that the power tool works in normal parameters, you will test it first and make sure that you follow the steps as they are described in the instruction manual. Here is some information to consider. 

Works only in lighted spaces

Because accidents are the order of the day on construction sites, and even in the work at home, it is important to carry out your activity in a clean and tidy area, but also well lit, to see clearly where you will drill holes and what you put your hand on. 

Children and others should not be around if they are not helpful at the time of use. Bosch tools are easy to use, but, as in other cases, they can become dangerous when you are not careful, especially when someone jumps in front of you or you meet “gloves” on the wall you were just heading to make a hole. Distraction can cost a lot when working with tools, so be careful. 

Do not use the appliance in dangerous or humid areas, where there is a risk of fire

Because power tools can generate sparks, they become dangerous when used near flammable liquids, gases, or powders. And since you don’t need too much “straw on the fire”, sparks can ignite dust or gases in the air, so avoid using them in unsafe areas as much as possible. 

Avoid exposure to moisture and rain

As you probably expected, in the case of drills, it is not recommended to use it in the rain or in high humidity, because if water vapor enters the interior, the mechanisms will increase the risk of electric shock or rust or damage. 

Do not force or use defective plugs or jacks

It is not indicated or allowed to modify the plug in any way. Similarly, do not use grounded adapters for protection, so as not to increase the risk of accidents or electric shock during use. 

When the drill is used outdoors, appropriate extension cords will be used to significantly reduce the risk of electric shock or short circuit. 

Do not use the tool under the influence of alcohol, medication or fatigue

For the proper functioning of the device and to avoid any kind of accident, it is preferable not to work when you have consumed alcohol, drugs or medications, or when you are tired, because inattention can lead to all sorts of more or less serious accidents. , which can obviously be avoided. 

Don’t forget the protective equipment

Because you work in an environment where you will be exposed to dust, it is advisable to use at least goggles and a dust mask when performing routine work at home, or to have full equipment consisting of pants, jacket and protective shoes. at the top and non-slip sole, with helmet or ear plugs, in the case of a very noisy Bosch drill, to reduce the risk of injury. 

The equipment and the body will be kept away from the moving parts, protecting the hair and gloves, or even the clothing, from the top of the device. 

Do not overload the appliance

To maintain its lifespan, be sure to choose the Bosch drill that corresponds to the work you want to undertake, taking care not to overload it. If it smells burnt or gets too hot, turn it off and let it cool. 

If the switch is defective, avoid using the appliance, as accidents of various kinds can occur. 

Rules for changing accessories

When you want to change the accessories or batteries, depending on the model, you will turn off the device and unplug it, thus avoiding its accidental starting. You will make sure that the new accessory is fixed well, after which you will start it with a short check and then you can start drilling. 


To make sure that the tool is used as well and after a few months of use, check if the moving parts work in normal parameters, if they do not lock or if there are damaged or broken parts, in which case you will resort to repairs before put the product into operation. 

In order to maintain the safety of the device, but also to guarantee the work, the repair should be performed by specialized personnel. If the item is still under warranty, do not be afraid to turn to the company that deals with such repairs. 

Safety when using the Bosch rotary hammer

Ear protection will be used to avoid hearing loss or damage over time. 

If the tool has additional handles, you will use them to control your movements and not be as difficult to move the device. 

In order to avoid electric shock when the device accidentally hits various electrical conductors or its own power cord, it is recommended to keep it away from isolated attachment areas. 

Useful suggestions and advice

When using a drilling rig, you will take into account the type and thickness of the wall, because the adjustment of the tool is made according to the wall, choosing the appropriate drill. 

The working position should be as stable as possible, the hands should be on the handles, so that the tool does not shake. 

To avoid crooked drilling, you can first place the drill perpendicular to the surface you want to pierce, then turn on the appliance. 

Avoiding slipping the tip on difficult surfaces is done by covering with a short masking tape in the areas that will pierce. 

To avoid destroying the electrical or water circuit, you can use a metal detector that you point at the wall, analyzing the wall before going to work. 

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