URCERI 900W 5-inch Side Disc Grinder Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about URCERI 900W 5-inch Side Disc Grinder Reviews of 2020

Main Advantage:

This cordless grinder of the Powerplus brand has a compact and especially lightweight design, weighing just under two kilograms; It is for this reason that you can load it without having to make an effort too broad, nor will you feel tired when using it for a considerable period of time.

Main Disadvantage:

Some of the users of this company pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the battery of the equipment in order to allow more work since for those who require a greater demand it is possible that their voltage level is not sufficient.

Verdict: 9.4 / 10

Not only the lightweight of this equipment will allow you to manipulate it with more comfort when doing all your DIY work, but also the alternative handle that you can adjust to hold it with a higher level of precision so that you can achieve better results in your projects.

Main Features Explained


When complying with DIY projects, it is necessary to have tools that can be easily manipulated, not only at the level of its operation but also in terms of loading, because in this way you will be able to handle it without the inconvenience and hold it for as long as require until you finish your functions.

This model offers users comfort because it has a design that allows it to be lightweight compared to other similar equipment, which is why you can probably charge it for extended periods of time without getting too tired.

This machine weighs only 1.9 kilograms, being one of the lightest. This feature will allow you to sustain it without inconvenience to fulfill all the grinding work that you have pending to carry out and even load it towards those areas that are difficult to access and where you must perform various tasks.


If you are looking for a device that has an affordable price and works efficiently when fulfilling the different jobs that you have proposed to run, this model may be of your interest, since apart from being, among the recommended devices, one of the most economical has the ability to function properly

These cordless grinders are capable of making up to 7000 revolutions per minute, for this reason, they turn out to be the right equipment to perform roughing work on different types of materials.

In addition to this, with this machine, it is also possible to remove rust and rust. And it can be used to fulfill the work of cutting and crushing on different surfaces. The equipment must be fitted with discs that have a maximum diameter of 115 mm, and the thread sanding to be used with it must be M14.


Perhaps the design is one of the most outstanding features of this team because it is a light and compact model. In addition, it has certain qualities that allow you to use it in a comfortable way, so you will not have any problems when using it.

One of them is that it only produces 90 decibels of noise, that is, it is a silent product, which will not cause you discomfort or disturb the people around you while you are working.

It has been equipped with an 18V lithium battery and has a fast-charging system, for that reason in just one hour it will be fully charged and you will have enough energy to execute all the work you have pending. The machine also integrates an alternative frame that will allow you to handle it comfortably and perform your work with more precision.

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