7 Unique Uses Of Hot Air Blowers

From lengthening a belt that is too short and cleaning hardened wax stains to caramelizing sugar and loosening rust-blocked screws, a hot air blower can be more useful than you think. Find out in this article some ways to use that you probably would never have thought of.


The most well-known function of hot air blowers is the gluing or joining of plastic objects and many people never use this device for other purposes, even if they have it at home. If you are among those who once considered it useful to buy such a device, we present some unique ways in which you can use it.


Loosening screws blocked by rust

Corrosion can do a lot of damage to metal objects, and can sometimes go to the extreme if they are kept in the wrong conditions. We feel this effect the most when we still need those products. If you end up trying to clean and repair a rust-affected device, the blower could help you quite a bit.

By heating the screws or bolts you make them expand, and when they return to their original dimensions, leave a small space around them, but enough to loosen the grip and give you the starting point you need to undo them.


Repair the bends in the car body

Did you wake up, it is not known how, or after an incident that you remember too well, with an ugly depression in the car body, but too small to consider that it is necessary to go to the service? You can try to solve the problem yourself using a hot air blower and a compressed air spray.

Heat the bent area evenly, covering a few centimeters outside it, all around. If you do not already know that too high a temperature can affect the car’s paint, we now tell you that it is important to continuously move the hot air jet on the surface so as not to concentrate at one point and not to hold the blower too close.

After heating the area, expose it to compressed air from the spray. It has a much lower temperature, which is why the metal will go through contraction and then expansion, suddenly stretching back, just as it was.


Plastic foil packaging

If you are used to using thin plastic wrap to wrap vegetables and fruits or store various items, it may be helpful to know that the hot air blower helps you fix the foil much better. Place the clear plastic, as usual, over the products you are preparing for storage and then pass the hot air over it easily. The foil will shrink on the contour of the contents, increasing the quality of the waterproof coating.


Removal of tiles

You may have already heard that these hot air devices can be used to soften, literally and figuratively, the adhesive, being a very simple solution for cleaning the marks left by labels, stickers and wallpapers. But you may not know that you can use a blower to remove old tiles and tiles, without much effort.

Exposure to heat weakens the adhesive used for gluing ceramic pieces, which can be easily taken, and even reused, because in this way it is not necessary to walk too much with chisels or hammers and the elements generally remain intact.


Blowing in the kitchen

Do you like the crunchy texture of bird skin or fried fish? Or may you be more attracted to the idea of a caramelized sugar cake on top? You can bring these dishes and many others to perfection, with the help of the same hot air blower that you use for so many other things. All you have to do is expose the ingredients to the hot air they emit.


Replace the wallpaper

Have you ever craved wallpaper and covered the whole room, or worse, the whole house with it, hoping that you can still easily take it down when you want to replace it, in a few years? If the time for change has come, you have probably already realized that the whole process of removing the wallpaper layer is not going exactly as you hoped and that it will take hours or days to take it down.

Do not despair. Under the discolored layer there is only one adhesive, it is true that it is very dry and with a special formula, which ensures the resistance of the wallpaper on the wall, but in the end also an adhesive. You can easily dissolve it by exposing it to the hot air generated by a blower. 

Because you probably won’t want to reuse what you take off, you can use a slightly higher temperature to get results faster. But be careful, if you exaggerate, the wallpaper can catch fire. So start at the lowest level and slightly increase the intensity by carefully following the reaction of the material.


Melt the wax

Do you use wax for epilation and for some time you have not been able to remove the hardened pieces that have accidentally leaked on the stove? No problem. Set aside the Cif and the wire sponge and use the hot air blower to melt it. Wipe with a piece of paper that will quickly absorb liquid wax, taking care not to burn yourself.

Be careful what temperature you use if the wax is on furniture, parquet or any other heat-sensitive material or object.


Lengthen the belt of the pants

It doesn’t matter if you put on a few extra pounds or simply bought by mistake or received a slightly too small belt as a gift. The important thing is that you can solve the situation if you use one of the models of hot air blowers available in stores.

Apply heat evenly, along the entire length of the strap, being careful not to use too high a temperature, and gently pull on it. The number of millimeters or centimeters gained depends on the material and how much you need them. Do not pull too hard so as not to visibly deform the belt.


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