Top Tools You Need For Renovations

No matter how large or small the changes you want to make in your home, there are some tools you need to be able to complete them successfully. These include roulette, hammer, saw, pliers and a few other essential tools described in this article.


Do you want to renovate your house without using a team of craftsmen and you don’t know exactly what tools might prove useful or even essential during the project? We tell you below, in short, what are the basic tools that everyone in the household needs in order to be able to solve simpler or more complicated tasks of maintenance, repairs or interior design.



You certainly didn’t expect him to be first on the list. The truth is that without good measuring instruments, no project to renovate or arrange an interior or exterior space will work well. From the height at which you have to fix a shelf to the size of the new bed or kitchen furniture, everything must be measured properly.


Smooth out

We are not leaving the measuring instruments area yet because you still have an important tool to check: the level, essential to determine if a wall, a shelf, a painting, a window frame or any other element is straight. It is one of the most affordable tools, in terms of price, easy to use, durable, unpretentious to environmental conditions, easy to use in spaces limited in size.


hammer drill

Considering that most renovation projects involve making holes in the walls and screwing in screws, a drill is very important. You can use it for the installation of disassembled purchased furniture, changing the galleries for the curtains and other operations necessary for the smooth running of the arrangement.



Why do you need a hammer if you have a drill? Because some projects are easier to solve with the help of nails. For example, thin wooden or chipboard boards can be damaged by threading a screw, but at the same time they can be easily and quickly fixed with a few thin nails. Hammers are available in different sizes, from which you can choose depending on your physical strength and the types of nails you work with.



If you have seriously considered renovating your apartment or house and want to demolish a wall to create an open-space area or connect the living room with the balcony, you will need a picamer to remove the masonry.

They are powerful and quite expensive tools, so if you do not consider that you will use it several times, maybe it is better to try to borrow one from a friend or rent such a device for a day. It is worth the cost, being much more efficient than a large hammer and saving the neighbors from prolonging the period of noise disturbance.


Sanding machine

For those who prefer to recondition old furniture themselves, to change its appearance, a suitable tool that allows the correct finishing of wooden surfaces is a must-have. You can choose to use a classic sheet of galspapir, with which to manually remove unevenness or old paint from the wood surface, or you can opt for an electric alternative that works much faster, but is also a little more expensive.



Few renovations exclude the corrections made at the level of the walls, the covering of the cracks that appeared over the years or the correction of some segments in which the structure was intervened. Whatever the reason you need to apply some mortar or plaster correctly and effectively, you need a suitable trowel to achieve this as a professional and get a smooth and straight surface.



From tightening loose handles on kitchen furniture or pan tails that have begun to move, to changing sockets or mounting shelves, an electric or classic screwdriver is a tool you need in the home, whether you’re in the world or not. remember renovation projects or not.

You can choose an automatic variant, together with a set with several heads, which allows adaptation to the shape of the screws or you can stick to the classic variants, buying a standard package, which usually includes the most commonly used types of screwdrivers.



In addition to nailing and screwing or unscrewing screws, you will also encounter cases in which you will work with nuts or fittings for the fixing of which you need the right keys. So don’t forget to go through the list of tools needed for the household and such a set. And in this case you can easily find the most popular sizes in stores.



Do you have to cut a board in two? Do you want to cut in a chipboard a suitable space to pass the heat trays or cables from the Internet? For any cutting operation you need, you can use an electric hand saw . These products are available at quite affordable prices, in easy to handle formats and in several variants, among which it is good to know how to choose. Pendulum options are, for example, more suitable for detail sections, while circular models are better suited for cuts that follow long distances.


Glue gun

You would be amazed at how many times a silicone soldering gun can save you from complicated operations. You can glue a variety of materials, from cardboard, paper, plastic and textiles to wood, metal, porcelain and glass. The molten thermoplastic adhesive ensures long-lasting fixation and is resistant to weight, so you can use it often instead of nails or screws.



A good pliers will help you in many situations, but it is especially effective when you have to remove nails nailed well to wood or chipboard or when you have to cut wires or cables. It is part of the tool kit of any craftsman and the list of tools that it is good to keep in the house, because you never know when you need them.


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