Top Of The Most Dangerous Tools And Implements

In the following section, we present a list of tools with the highest risk of injury, based on statistics made in developed countries. The purpose of the list is not to scare readers, but to urge them to take all precautions and safety when using any motorized tool for construction, repair, landscaping and maintenance:


Some of our readers may want to know which is the most dangerous motor tool. We did not compile the list below just for them, but for everyone. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of safety measures. 

Whether you are a professional or an amateur user of power or combustion engine tools, the information and statistics presented will sound the alarm on the essential nature of prioritizing safety while working:


Circular saw

Such a tool works with a high-power, fixed blade that cuts boards and wood with precision. In the United States, about 30,000 people go to the emergency room each year, using such saws. The most common wounds are finger cuts, when the wooden boards to be cut are manually pushed towards the blade. As these tools are rare, they will occupy the 10th position in our place.


Rotary hammer / drill

Even if these mobile tools seem quite safe, at first sight, we can say that there is a noticeable risk of injury, especially when it comes to touching the drills, but also twisting the arms due to non-compliance with the instructions for use. Fortunately, compared to other devices on the list, the injuries caused are not so serious. In any case, we do not recommend neglecting safety measures with them.


Mobile saw with disc

A saw of this kind is more dangerous than a fixed one, because its blade is not held by a support. However, these devices have disk guards that protect the user’s fingers quite well. In any case, statistics show that, annually, at least 20,000 emergency referrals are reported as a result of injuries with these saws in the US and Europe combined.


Nail gun

The pneumatic nail gun uses high pressure air to catapult a wooden nail at high speed. In short, in a split second, the pistol provides the equivalent energy of a few powerful hammer blows. It is therefore easy to realize the injury potential of these tools. About 8,000 injuries occur annually in the United States due to their misuse.


Lawn mower

Here, we are not referring to the classic lawn mower, which you push like a pram, following it on the entire surface of the lawn, but to those with a seat, which you drive like a go-kart. These are surprisingly dangerous, despite the apparent safety they offer. 

For example, about 35,000 people end up in hospital because of them in the United States, where these models are very popular. Dozens of fatalities occur in the same period, due to them. The situations in which incidents were recorded range from fires, hitting trees and touching blades. 


Angle grinder

If you use an angle grinder , then it means that you realize the main risk involved: touching the blades with your fingers. The statistics are not very accurate on how many injuries occur annually, but it is estimated about 10,000 injuries in a territory the size of Europe. 

We especially recommend handling these motorized tools with work gloves, and we also urge you to wear goggles, a nose and mouth mask, as well as ear plugs or earphones. 


The air compressor

By air compressors, we do not mean small, mobile models for inflating car wheels, but large ones with a compressed gas storage tank. About 2,500 injuries occur each year with these installations, most often due to situations in which hoses and valves fly uncontrollably due to pressure. 


The wood chipper

Wood shredders are not responsible for many accidents. In the United States and Canada (a country where lumber processing is a very important industry), about three fatalities occur annually, on average, due to these facilities. 

But, given their very high power, the presence of wood shredding blades and the need to stuff logs inside, sometimes manually, they deserve to be mentioned on this list. However, such installations are not widespread, they are found only in the mountains, in wood processing stations. Therefore, they will occupy an early place in our list, based on the danger from a statistical point of view. 


Snow removal devices

We must admit that, in Romania, quite a few people have an automatic snow removal machine in their household. In our country, people prefer the classic shovel, possibly with a pickaxe to break the ice. In the West, however, these machines are considered very dangerous, with about 5,000 accidents occurring annually in the United States, for example. 

The most common injuries are finger amputations, as the snow cutting and evacuation installation includes a series of blades, placed on a front hub, which rotates at several hundred cycles per minute.



And so, we came to what is almost unanimously considered to be the most dangerous motorized tool you can have in your household: the chain saw. Here we include both electric models and those with internal combustion engines. 

The fast-rotating cutting chain, combined with the mobility of the entire tool, translates into a very high level of risk. In the United States, about 35,000 people go to the emergency room each year because of power saws. In Europe, about 25,000 such cases are registered annually. 

Not only the blade is a source of accidents, when it comes to handling these tools, but also trees or cut branches, which sometimes fall on those who work around them. For these reasons, it is very important not only to wear protective equipment, but also to have experience with saws and to take measures to remove other people from the area where you work. 

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