Top 5 Best Table Saw For Furniture Making [ 2021 Edition ]

The market for circular table saws, also called bench saws or circular bench saws, continues to grow.

 Among so many models and brands, it is often difficult for us to know which one to choose. 

To make your job easier and with the backing, track record and prestige of the Bosch, Einhell, Scheppach and Proxxon brands, we present you the 5 best circular table saws that you can find this year 2020.

A circular saw is a power tool that makes precise cuts in a specific material.

 Thanks to the energy generated by the motor, a disk rotates at high speed and cuts the surface on which it works .

 There are portable circular saws and others anchored to a bench or table.

 The products that we present to you in this article are based on the latter type: cutting machines fixed to a table towards which the operator must bring the material to be cut.


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Key Features


  • Delivers 4,800 RPM

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor

  • Adjustable dual side guards 

  • Bosch 4100 09 10 inch table saw

  •  1 year warranty

  • efficient power with 3,650 no load RPM motor

  • Blade Height Adjustment and Various Material Cutting Capacity

  • Solid steel unibody frame 

  • 795 Motor Driving

  • Heavy Duty 13 Amp Motor 

  • 5,000 rpm motor

  • Perfect for heavy duty jobs

  • Rapid blade

  • Magnetic switch

  • Soft start feature reduces motor noise and vibration 

Top 5 Best Table Saw For Furniture Making - Reviews 2021

With the information that you will know below, you will have enough support to make the right decision when making a circular table saw, a practically indispensable tool in a workshop, both for professionals and amateurs of repair and manufacturing.

 In this article we want to answer the typical questions of “What table saw do you recommend?” or “What bench saw do you recommend?”

We invite you to read carefully the details of this top of circular table saws that we have prepared for you.

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Rank # 1: DEWALT (DWE7491RS

TheDEWALT (DWE7491RScould not be missing in our top of the best table circular saws , a cutting machine with a rotation speed of 2,950 revolutions per minute and a compact design that makes it possible to use it on any workbench.

Technical characteristics of theDEWALT (DWE7491RSsaw
• Adjustable blade angle to the left.
• Parallel stop with 2 heights for clean cuts.
• Scale on the table that allows quick adjustment for parallel cuts.
• Cable rewinder for convenient storage.
• Powerful, low-maintenance asynchronous motor
• Plastic base to absorb vibrations and improve stability.

DEWALT (DWE7491RS – Cutting table, saw blade 200 x 16 mm, 2950 rpm, 800 W, 230 V, red color …
Customers who have purchased this table circular saw are overflowing with words of satisfaction towards the purchase.

 They recommend it for DIY jobs and highlight that its size makes it ideal for storing in small spaces. Comments made include:
• Comfortable handling.
• Great precision.
• Great value for the price.
• Easy transport.

As points against the

DEWALT (DWE7491RStable circular saw , users point out that the anchoring system of the guide detracts from the tool. Also, they miss that the driving guide does not come in Spanish.DEWALT (DWE7491RS – Cutting table, 200 x 16 mm sawfeatures
• Possibility of using on any workbench thanks to its compact design
• Design for mobile use
• The angle of the blade can be adjusted to the left
• Parallel stop with 2 heights for clean cuts
• Scale on table allowing quick adjustment for parallel cuts

Rank # 2: SKILSAW -Table Saw

This circular table saw is one of the best tools made by SKILSAW -Table Saw it has a bench width of 64.2 centimeters.

 The capacity of its 240 W motor and its no-load speed of 5,000 revolutions per minute lead us to place it among the best quoted in current offers.

Specifications of SKILSAW -Table SawHS100S Circular Table Saw
• Weight of 19.4 kilograms.
• Maximum depth of cut of 85 millimeters.
• 250mm TCT blade. diameter.
• Carbide tipped blade.
• Double height and bevel adjustment control knob.
• 2000.0 W electrical power.

SKILSAW -Table SawHS100S Table Saw 2000W – Circular Saw (5000 RPM, 8.5 cm, Table Saw, 2000 …

Among the advantages highlighted by users are its ease of use and excellent value for money .

 They recommend it both for professional use and for repairs and construction at home.

 Without a doubt, it is an optimal tool for saw work with wood.

 Among the advantages discussed, the following stand out:
• Solid construction.
• Simple assembly.
• Precise cuts.
• Great power

On the downside, buyers of the SKILSAW -Table SawHS100S saw that the fence opens as the wood is pushed in for cutting, thereby not cutting at 45 degrees.SKILSAW -Table SawHS100S Table Saw 2000W
• 2000 watt motor
• Maximum depth of cut – 85 mm
• Blade specification: TCT blade 250 mm (10 ″) diameter
• Includes carbide tipped blade
• Dual bevel and height adjustment control knob
3. Bosch PTS 10 table circular saw
Due to its stability, precision and solidity, this saw from the renowned Bosch brand opens the podium of our top circular table saws. It has a solid aluminum base, 77 centimeters deep and 60 centimeters wide, which guarantees a cutting height of 75 mm. This could perfectly be a professional table saw.
Technical characteristics of the table saw Bosch PTS 10
• Assembled saw blade.
• Table extension.
• Suction hose.
• Hex key.
• 1,400 W motor.
• Self-adjusting parallel stop and angle stop.
• Protective cover.
• Wedge splitting.
• Push bar.
• Elongation element.
• Guide.


Rank # 3: SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw

The power of this cutting tool makes it ideal for parquet floors, large boards or wooden slats for roof and interior construction.

 The soft start of the motor of the Bosch PTS 10 table circular saw considerably reduces the vibrations characteristic of this type of machine.

 Among the positive comments from users are:
• Great value for the price.
• Robust, resistant and well finished assembly.
• Easy to assemble, use and disassemble.
• Table size higher than other models of the same type.
• High quality and precise saw.

For consideration of improving the Bosch PTS 10 table saw, users only recommend increasing its extension and improving its clamping and sawdust extraction systems.

Bosch PTS 10 Table Circular Saw in cardboard box
• Includes: PTS 10, mounted saw blade, table extension, suction hose, hexagonal socket wrench, parallel stop and angle stop, protective cover, splitting wedge, push bar
• PTS 10 table circular saw: cutting power and precision
• Suitable for parquet floors, large boards or wooden slats for roof and interior construction
• Precise sawing of wide workpieces thanks to the integrated slide carriage with angle stop
• Reduction of vibrations thanks to the soft start of the motor (Softstart)
2. Sierra Proxxon 27070 – Fet cutting table
With a sawing depth of up to 25 millimeters and an aluminum table with two parallel “T” grooves, the Proxxon 27070 Circular Saw – Fet Cutting Table ranks second in the top of the best table saws you can buy in the current market.

Technical characteristics of the Proxxon 27070 table circular saw
• Disc height and tilt adjustment screw.
• 7,000 revolutions per minute.
• Saw blade diameter max. 85 mm.
• Dimensions 35 x 24 x 37.5 cm.
• 230W voltage.
• Power of 0.272 horses.

SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw

Rank # 4: Shop Fox Table Saw

Just take a look at the buyers’ feedback to determine the quality of the machine.

 In addition to ensuring that there is an optimal relationship between quality and price , users highlighted the following points in favor:
• Perfect for cutting small parts and making fine adjustments.
• Good finish.
• Powerful motor.
• Versatile for its variety of cuts.
• Its weight and size make it easy to store.
• Good performance.

Proxxon 27070 – Fet cutting table
• Aluminum table with 2 parallel “T” slots
• Disc height and tilt adjustment screw
• Revolutions: 7000 rpm
• Saw blade diameter max: 85 mm
• Sawing depth max: 25 mm

Shop Fox Table Saw

Rank # 5: Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

The Einhell TC-TS 2025 U table circular saw has risen to the top of the list of the 5 best table circular saws of 2018 for being a powerful equipment that allows exact longitudinal and angle cuts in solid wood, panels of fibers and other materials with an inclination of up to 45 °.

 Plus, it ‘s the best-selling tabletop circular saw on Amazon.

Technical characteristics of the Einhell TC-TS 2025 U table saw
• 2-in-1 saw blade adjustment.
• Table for wide workpieces.
• 1,800 watt electrical power.
• Parallel stop with eccentric tightening.
• Overload switch.
• Housing with chip suction connection for a clean workplace.
• Lower frame for stable support.
• Device for winding the power cable.
• Saw blade guard with chip suction.
• Holder for the supplied tool.

Einhell TC-TS 2025 U – Cutting table, 640 x 487 mm, adjustable saw blade, 5000 rpm, 2000 W, …

The precision of the saw blade of this machine is guaranteed thanks to its teeth made of carbide that can be individually adjusted.

 In the description of this circular table saw, the manufacturers point out that the extension of their powder-coated table and the stop rail allow trouble-free machining of work pieces.

 Users highlighted qualities such as the following:
• Powerful and stable machine.
• Easy assembly and use.
• Clean cuts.
• Good value for money
• Anodized table top with sliding properties that allow a smooth feed for smooth and accurate sawing.
• Pusher for safety at work always within easy reach in a specifically designed grip.
• Simple adjustment of squares by means of adjustment screws of the machine.

The cons highlighted by buyers of the Einhell TC-TS 2025 U table circular saw include that the tool is somewhat noisy. 

The guide is of small slack and the saw does not allow to place more than one disc at a time, so to make assembly joints you must be careful and patient.

 On the other hand, they recommend it 100% for DIY jobs.

Einhell TC-TS 2025 U – Cutting table, 640 x 487 mm, adjustable saw blade, 5000 rpm, 2000 W, 220-240 V, 2 in 1 saw blade adjustment (height, inclination 0º – 45º)
• Table width for wide workpieces
• Parallel stop with eccentric clamping
• Housing with chip suction connection for a clean workplace
• Saw blade guard with chip suction
We conclude this article wishing we had helped you choose a quality machine among the 5 best circular table saws of this 2020 . Do not wait any longer to make a satisfactory purchase and continue visiting our store to stay informed of the innovations in circular saw models that are offered in the market.

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

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