Top 11 Indispensable Tools For Builders

Screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrenches, saw? What else are you missing from the essential tool kit for any craftsman? Find out from this article and complete the endowment of your small workshop with the necessary tools to deal with any DIY project that is invested.

Do you like to craft, repair and build things? To put your skill and creativity to work, you need the right tools and maybe it’s time to complete the set of tools with another indispensable component. Check what you are missing from the list below, and look for a model that is right for your budget.



Not just one, but a set with several types of screwdrivers that allow you to approach any project, from changing the hub on the door to assembling the crib for the little one or mounting a desk purchased disassembled. So you must have in the kit: the right screwdriver for the linear slotted screws, a cross model and a Torx (star shape in six corners), an XZN version (star with more than six corners) and a hexagonal model.

If your projects also involve working near power sources, it is good to have an insulated screwdriver at hand. For those less skilled with small objects, a version with a magnetic insert works wonders, preventing the fall of screws that are not yet fixed.


Simple and tubular keys

Do you work with nuts? Then you definitely need the right keys. The simplest is often to buy a set that includes the most used sizes. Don’t forget to orient yourself towards a variant with tubular keys if you know that you will work in narrow spaces, where it is more difficult to use a classic version.



Equipped with an elongated tip and often easier to insert in areas limited in space, the patent helps you tighten pulleys or screws, when or where the keys are not available or not suitable. Unlike wrenches that can only tighten the nuts on which the size folds, the patent is much more adaptable, being often a life-saving solution when you do not have a specialized tool at hand.



The easiest way to join two pieces of wood or to fix a painting on the wall, remains until the drill, the hammer and the nail. So make sure you have a hammer of the right size for you in the house, as well as nails of various sizes.



Even if you prefer to use mainly the drill and the mounting screws, the chances of not coming across an nail from time to time that you have to remove are very small. From the ones that fix the back of the cabinets and still bend, needing replacement, and to the rusty nails inserted in the slats that you want to reuse, the situations in which you will need a pair of pliers are enough to be listed as a must-have tool. The pliers also help you cut cables and strong pieces of wire.


Hand saw

Because so far we have only talked about tools that ensure the joining of elements, it is time to discuss the situations in which you have to cut or cut. In such a context, a hand saw is very helpful, which you can use to cut materials of small and medium thickness, with some effort on your part. Unlike electrical alternatives, it is a safer and cheaper solution.

If you are passionate about building furniture, wood joinery or in any case, you need to frequently cut large pieces of material, we still recommend that you focus on a suitable electric model.



The cutter is a knife with an ergonomic handle and a short, very sharp blade, designed for surface cuts. It is ideal for cutting adhesive or insulating tape, cutting rope, unfolding boxes and packages, cutting paper, cardboard or plastic according to a previously drawn line, etc.

It offers protection against cutting, accidentally, too deep, and a good control of the piercing direction due to the small distance from the place where you hold your hand, to the sharp tip of the blade.


Insulating and masking tape

Two types of strips are very helpful in any construction, renovation or repair project. The first is the insulating tape, much stronger than the adhesive, which you can use whenever you want to join two ends of cable or two OSB boards. Masking tape is an essential detail for the moments when you want to protect a surface, covering it temporarily, or to delimit a straight line or a certain contour, to paint or varnish.



This simple tool helps you to accurately and correctly measure materials and distances, greatly simplifying operations that you would otherwise do by guessing, changing several times to a good result. It is indispensable for everything that means estimating space for furniture, sectioning materials and joining joints, etc.


Smooth out

Also in the chapter of precision works and measuring instruments we also talk about the level. Despite appearances, you don’t need it only when you’re building a wall. Equally important is this tool when mounting a shelf or a painting. You can opt for a classic version, with an air bubble, if you are a fan of traditional instruments or you do not want to invest too much in such a device, or you can focus on the modern alternative, the laser level .



The best additional light source for a craftsman is a quality headlamp, which allows you to sneak into all corners of the house or work in areas where the light of the main bulb is blocked (eg under the sink). They are affordable products, powered by batteries, whose main advantage is to leave both hands free to fulfill your mission.

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