Top 10 Manufacturers Of Welding Inverters

Do you want to buy an inverter welding machine and do not know exactly how to choose between several models? Carefully analyze the technical criteria, but do not neglect the name of the manufacturer. Find out in this article which are 10 of the best brands in the market for welding products.


For those who want to purchase an inverter welding machine, the list of evaluation criteria is quite complex and clearly technical. Beyond the operating parameters and specialized terminology, the manufacturer’s brand is also helpful in identifying a quality model. Here are 10 of the most well-known names associated with the realization of welding inverters, whose experience and concern for quality you can add to the list of advantages offered by such a product.


Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric was founded in 1895, so we are talking about a history of over 120 years, which began with the design and production of motors. The product range, meaning equipment and power sources, covers industries such as car construction and transportation, heavy industry, drilling rigs, shipbuilding, nuclear power plants, steel industry, etc.

In the category of welding equipment, the brand offers multi-process, multi-user and advanced process models for industries with special requirements, TIG and MIG variants, accessories and consumables. Unlike other manufacturers, under this brand you will also find robotic options and programmable systems that can be integrated into production processes.


Miller Electric

An American company based in Wisconsin, Miller Electric was founded in 1929 and is one of the market leaders in the production and distribution of welding equipment for small and medium-sized workshops or large factories, for local applications and offshore projects. The product range includes TIG, MIG, Stick and multi-process devices, multi-operator options and advanced systems. Among the most appreciated models of the year we mention Miller Electric 150STL Maxstar TIG and Miller Electric 907627180 TIG.



The ESAB brand dates back to 1904, and the company’s history begins with the development of manual welding machines in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first coated electrode was invented under the name ESAB, and today the brand is owned by Colfax Corporation and enjoys international recognition. 

Its production capacity means 23 factories on four continents, and the sales market covers over 80 countries worldwide. In the category of arc welding products, the ESAB brand includes MIG (CV), TIG (CC), CC, multiprocess (CV / CC) models, but also wire unwinders, welding generators, power supplies, accessories and consumables. 

Among the best ESAB welding inverters are the ESAB Rebel EMP 216ic models – a multi-process variant, and the ESAB EMP 215IC 1c – recommended for beginners


Hobart Welders

Less known on the Romanian market, the Herbert Welders brand dates back to 1917 and is among the names most involved in education in the field of development and use of welding equipment, by opening the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology since 1930. Hobart is also one of the few brands that still ensures production in the US, avoiding the outsourcing of this stage to other countries. 

Their offer includes TIG, MIG and electrode models, generators, plasma cutters and a wide range of welding accessories.



The Forney brand is one of the most popular names in the field of welding equipment in America, being one of the manufacturers who aim to ensure high-performance and affordable models, suitable for both small workshops and home projects, as well as for operations that require more the experience. 

The company was founded in 1932 and currently offers its customers over 5,000 products for metal processing that include tools for welding and abrasion operations, protective equipment and tools for car workshops.



For those who want to buy a quality welding inverter  , we have included in the list of names that it is good to pay attention to the Everlast brand. Founded in 2004 in California, the brand currently enjoys international distribution, including in Romania, and is appreciated for its orientation towards quality products at affordable prices. 

However, it is good to know that the range of welding machines provided by Everlast is mainly hobby and semi-professional and that some of the components included are generic elements, made by other brands. The offer includes TIG, MIG and stick models, and among the most appreciated versions of the year are Power MTS 251Si and PowerArc.



Launched in 1924, the Austrian company Fronius International Gmbh began producing battery chargers and expanded into the field of welding machines in 1950. It currently has offices in over 28 countries, and the business has been divided into three divisions: Perfect Charging, Perfect Welding and Solar Energy. 

Its products stand out through a warranty period that exceeds most competitors, the strongest models on the market and compliance with European standards. Although the offer of welding machines includes a variety of options, from those intended for domestic projects to industrial variants, the price is among the highest on the market.



Eastwood is a brand that has as its direct objective the automotive industry. Founded in 1978, the company has focused mainly on tools involved in metal processing, and currently has a portfolio of over 5,000 products, including the most important welding devices. 

This time we are talking about a brand destined for hobby or semi-professional projects, with an affordable price and basic functionalities, less suitable for the requirements of professionals. In addition, the manufacturer’s network of sites includes enough forums and blogs designed to help beginners use the purchased devices correctly and efficiently.



AHP is a Chinese company that has gained popularity in recent years in the field of welding equipment, mainly through the combination of power, durability and a price about half that of the competition. It is one of the brands that entered the top in the USA, but being less present on the European market.



Founded in 1980, Vulcan is an Indian company specializing in the production of welding equipment. The products are designed to cope with difficult operating conditions, meaning voltage variations, high and medium temperatures with dust being intended for operations in cement plants, petrochemicals, mining, steelmaking, construction of railway lines, agricultural equipment and shipping.

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