Tool Kit – What Any Householder Should Have In The House

In order to be able to repair any defect in the house yourself, you need some tools found in specialty stores, a whole kit is always helpful, if at hand. Starting from the basic elements and ending with those specifically designed for certain activities, there is a collection of tools for each. 


If you were wondering what should not be missing from your personal repair kit, and not only, from the following lines you will find out which are the elements that you will probably use the most. Thus, you will know what to have in the closet for the moments when a pipe breaks, a light bulb breaks or you need to install or work something in the yard or in the bathroom. A complete kit is not necessarily made up of hundreds of pieces, but of the products you will use and which can fulfill several roles. 


Why you need a tool kit at home

Even if you hope you don’t need all kinds of hammers, screwdrivers or wrenches, you don’t even know when it’s time to use them. It is possible to break a pipe in the bathroom, kitchen or heating circuit at any time, an electrical appliance may be damaged or adjustments may be needed to a chair or a table or other piece of furniture, in which case you may not immediately seek the help of a specialist. 

Many faults can be easily repaired by yourself, without waiting until the craftsman arrives and spending alms money, when all you need is an adjustable wrench, for example. When you invest a little in a universal tool kit, it will be much easier for you to take care of small problems, just take it out of the closet or the place where you stored it. 


And, as it often happens that you need screwdrivers, a tension check pencil, patent, hammer or rosette (small wrenches that allow you to screw and unscrew the tap) can be put more handy, in a drawer or on the shelf of a cupboard. . 



It is a tool that is very often found in the homes of Romanians, having a universal need, being always helpful. And if it is a carpentry one, with a curved tip and claw, it will be even easier for you to apply it to remove nails from walls or wood, for example. It will be used for adjustments or usual repairs, from the leg of a chair to the hanging of a painting. And an artifice that can help you is to choose a model with a steel or fiberglass handle, more practical and more durable. 


Key kits

Fixed or adjustable, the keys are also used in inspections, repairs or installations. When you know that in the house there are multiple opportunities to use items of different sizes, you can invest in such a collection. Alternatively, you can use a single adjustable universal wrench. 



In most cases, if you want to make a change or have to repair an object or an installation, roulette is necessary because it will allow you to establish the dimensions of the space and the materials in which the activity will take place. It has a truly universal use, because with it you can determine how long the pipe bought for replacement should be or how big the closet, bedside table or table you want to buy can be. 

The self-locking variants are the best for a beginner, because they contribute to obtaining correct and stable values, being even easier to use. 


Screwdriver kit

For a personal kit, a collection of Yato tools  in the form of screwdrivers of different sizes, is essential. It helps with repairs and constructions, both in the case of electronics and electrical, as well as in furniture or in other situations (sanitary installation, heating, etc.). 

Indispensable should be the cross and straight version, which you need in most cases, but there are many options that offer other types of tips for specialized screws. 



The patent and the classic pliers are just two examples to which any householder goes, these being used for removing nails, cutting wires or bending them or stripping thicker or thinner cables. There are universal or isolated options, useful for specialists or ordinary users, at affordable prices for anyone. 


Tension test pencil

The voltage tester shows its usefulness especially when there are problems in the electrical circuit, being the simplest and fastest way to see if the electricity supplier is to blame or you have a technical problem in the house. And it doesn’t have a high price, being accessible to anyone who needs a little help. 


The cutter

It is a tool that you can rely on in different circumstances, even in manual work or artistic activities, the cutter being helpful when you need to cut threads or other materials in different shapes or ways. 


Spirit level

It is that tool that is used to check if a certain piece, an installation, a machine or a wall is completely horizontal or not. It will be useful for you to check the condition of the parquet, for the place where you place a piece of furniture or other similar activities. 


Hand saw

It is a basic tool in any household, especially in the case of those with a garden, being able to adjust furniture elements, toilet trees or carpentry, the hand model being more suitable for uncomplicated works, not very frequent. 



Whether it is a classic model or a front one, the flashlight is useful not only for short works in not very favorable conditions, but also to obtain better visibility in case of more careful repairs and projects. And when you don’t have electricity for various reasons, it becomes an imperative product necessary to maintain your peace, helping you to see in the dark. 


Utensils for whitewashing and / or painting

If you want to be ready for repairs to the wall or ceiling at any time, when you know that problems can occur with mold, for example, a set of brushes and a roller with paint tray are useful, so that you are always ready to to refresh the wall and to remove or hide its aesthetic defects. 

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