8 Tips For Safe Working With The Miter Saw

Cutting injuries during sawing work are quite common. Most often the arms, hands and fingers are affected. From minor cuts to the loss of a finger are reported 3-4 times a day in Germany. To prevent this and to protect yourself at work, you should follow some basic rules when using a miter saw.


1. Read the instructions carefully

Before the device is put into operation, you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the elements to be operated. Improper handling of the device can quickly lead to injuries.

2. Wear tight-fitting clothing

Long clothing can quickly get caught in rotating parts. Therefore you should wear tight-fitting clothes.

3. do not wear gloves

When working with a miter saw, cross-cut or circular saw, it is very dangerous to wear gloves. The glove can get caught together with the hand in the saw blade, this happens especially quickly with very coarse-toothed saw blades.

4. Safety glasses

Chips and dirt can quickly get into the eye with electric miter saws. That’s why it’s best to protect yourself with safety glasses

5. Use extraction

Wood dust can have a negative impact on health, which is why you should always use and use the extraction system on the device in question.

6. no conversions

Anyone who remodels their miter saw risks being injured more quickly, and the device’s warranty is also void. Most electrical devices have a double-locked switch-on lock to protect the user. One should not bridge these.

7. Protect your ears

When working with electric circular and miter saws, noise levels of up to 105 (db) A arise. To avoid hearing damage, proper hearing protection should therefore be worn.

8. Warning: cleaning the saw blade

If the saw blade is to be cleaned, be sure to pull out the power supply plug before removing the saw blade!



With electric miter saws, the high speeds in combination with a sharp saw blade are particularly dangerous. Therefore, under no circumstances should the protective cap or other safety precautions be remounted or even removed completely. Many accidents are due to carelessness and circumvention of the safety devices. Frantic movements should also be avoided and one should not be alarmed when switching on a miter saw. Many devices do not have a starting current, which means they start up abruptly and you could flinch. If you observe the above points, you are always on the safe side when working with an electric miter saw.


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