The Right Saw Blade For The Respective Material

Success or failure depends not only on the machine, but also on the right saw blade. Which saw blade can cut which materials?

Universal saw blades

This saw blade is made of hard metal and separates almost everything. The blade can be used to cut plastics, aluminum, brass, hard and soft wood, flat and angle iron, wood with screws, nails or fittings, thermofibre boards as well as chipboard veneered or wood with a plastic coating.

Special sheet with negative alternating tooth

The negative alternating tooth prevents the special sheet from being pulled into the material without outside help. Better verification and security is provided during the cutting process. This saw blade is perfect for cross sections in soft and hard woods as well as panel materials in veneered or coated condition.

Thin-cutting saw blades

With a thin cut you get a very minimal loss of the cut. Very thin cuts can be achieved with this saw blade. These saw blades have a minimal cutting pressure and are easy to run. A thin-cutting saw blade is definitely designed for machines that are a little lighter and less powerful. The saw blade is particularly suitable for thin wooden and plastic parts, e.g. precious woods or in the area of model making.

Disposable saw blades for the construction site

A disposable saw blade is available for the quick cutting of almost all possible materials . The mostly inexpensive saw blades are known for their versatile use.

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