10 Best Plastering Machines [ 2021 Edition ]

In construction, one of the basic operations is plastering, and if you want to have a good efficiency, a plastering machine is something necessary. Ekxon Technology MT-05is a model at a good price, a cost that pays off in the first days, with a yield of 60 sqm per hour, made of stainless steel, which will make your work much easier. In addition, it helps you work clean, without splashing adjacent surfaces. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The product is made in Romania and you have all the necessary documentation to work in proper conditions. Another model is the Deetoolz MFE-DZ-C202 , a pneumatic plastering machine.


Opinions about the best plastering machines

You have, below, a list of several models chosen according to several criteria, so you can easily find a model according to your needs. By shopping online, you will be able to benefit from several advantages and you will be able to read opinions about the best plastering machines of other users, for a better information on the desired product.


Rank # 1: Ekxon Technology MT-05

 In case you need a plastering machine at a good price, you can confidently go for this model that will be of real use to you during the execution of certain works in the field of construction.

You can use the machine for both indoor and outdoor work, for spray application, with a good efficiency of 60 sqm per hour, so you will greatly shorten the time required for these operations. It is made of very good quality materials, being made of stainless steel, which determines an easy maintenance of the plastering machine, and giving it resistance in time. Besides a good efficiency, this plastering machine also offers you the advantage of a uniform application of the mortar layer, without the need for further repair works.

You will work clean, without losing material by spraying or flowing. The capacity of the tank is 4.5 l, and the nozzle has a diameter of 22 mm. It must be coupled to an air compressor, which is purchased separately, which must be equipped with a cylinder that provides a pressure of 8 bar and is 50 l. The air consumption is 190l / minute. It is easy to use, weighing only 2kg. It is made in Romania, and the manufacturer offers you a 24-month warranty for individuals, as well as complete documentation to use it properly.


Rank # 2: Little Farmer DZ-C202

 For a good landlord or a small craftsman, this plastering machine will be a good purchase, at a decent price. It is made of quality materials, with a tub where the stainless steel mortar is mixed, as well as other components and plastic elements. This is a time-resistant model that can be easily cleaned after use.

The tank is provided with 4 nozzles through which the mortar is released, these having a diameter of 18 mm. They can be used all or less as you need, for spraying before applying the mortar only one nozzle is enough, for the application of the base layer, coarser, you can use 2 – 4 nozzles. When not in use, the nozzles can be covered with the lids provided.

It has several improvements that determine a maintenance and a good use of the plastering machine, such as: the handle placed in a vertical position, which ensures a better weight distribution, without tiring the arm; the angle of inclination of the loading bucket of 120 degrees to facilitate the loading process; continuous flow valve for easy flushing. It has a good efficiency, being able to cover an area of maximum 60sqm in one hour. It is coupled to a compressor that has a working pressure of 8 – 9 bar.


Rank # 3: Visoli VS22

In case you need a plastering machine, cheap and good, for different types of mortar, you can buy this model. It has a yield of up to 60 square meters per hour, being an easy to handle and maintain device, which will help you have good plaster productivity. Also, having the handle placed in an upright position will not tire your arm during use.

The tank has a capacity of 4 l and is made of stainless steel, being durable and easy to clean. It is equipped with 4 nozzles with lids, which have a diameter of 18 mm. All four can be used to put the coarse layer of mortar, or 2-3 when you are finishing or in the corners. For the pre-plastering phase, a single nozzle is sufficient for spraying. The continuous flow valve with which the machine is equipped helps you to easily wash the device after use.

It is easy to load, with a tin bucket with an inclination of 120 degrees. For use you need a compressor, which you will purchase separately, which must have a working pressure of 8-9 bar.


Rank # 4: Deetoolz MFE-DZ-C202

 For those who want a pneumatic plastering machine, this model can be a good choice, being a variant from 2020 with multiple improvements compared to the previous ones. It has a good yield, being able to cover up to 60 sqm per hour.

It is equipped with 4 nozzles with a diameter of 18 mm each, equipped with a lid, and it is recommended to use a single hole for applying splashes, and between 2 – 4 holes for applying mortar. It has a good resistance in time, being made of quality materials such as: stainless steel for tank and arm, polyurethane materials for the pneumatic gallery and handle made of a resistant material. To eliminate corrosion, the outlets have metal inserts. It can be easily washed, with a pneumatic valve in addition to the manual horizontal trigger and a valve with continuous flow.

In order not to feel in time the fatigue given by the weight of the device (weighs 4 kg), the support handle has been moved to a vertical position. It loads easily, with the tank tilted at an angle of 120 degrees. In terms of dimensions, it has a length of 72.5 cm, a width of 21 cm and a height of 21 cm. It can be used together with an air compressor (8 – 10 bar) or external pump. It is a plastering machine, at a good price, which will help you in the execution of quality works and has a 24-month guarantee for individuals.


Rank # 5: Grone SmartSpray 21 Professional

 If you are a professional in the field of construction and you need a quality painting machine that will provide you with real help during work, you can opt for this model and you will not be disappointed.

Built with care and in accordance with the user’s needs, the painting machine stands out for its simplicity, which determines a short preparation and cleaning time, as well as for the presence of precision mechanical elements, which lead to a good operation of the device. To provide continuous and long-lasting operation of the pump without losing pressure, it is built with an innovative SimpleSetTM system. It is equipped with a screen on the side, with good visibility for the user, on which errors are written as well as other monitoring elements.

It is high power, 1000W, and is powered by electricity, having a safety system to protect the pump in case of variations. The nozzle has a fine diameter of 0.021 mm. The device weighs 29.5 kg, being equipped with large wheels and metal frame so you can easily transport it to places where you need it. The maximum length of the hose is 22.5 m, so you can easily move around the car without having to move it.


Frequent questions

How does a plastering machine with compressor work?

By coupling to a compressor, it applies pressure to the material loaded in the plastering machine, thus blowing it on the wall. Due to this process, the material is applied evenly and with a much higher yield than manual application. It can be used on both traditional and prefabricated mortar.




Is there a traditional mortar plastering machine?

There are models of manual plastering machine, but also mechanized, which offer the possibility to use both traditional and premixed mortar, as you want to use.


What does a mechanized plastering machine mean?

The mechanized plastering machine is a device that helps you make the mortar, either traditionally or using a premixed mixture and apply it evenly on a certain surface. If before you only had the opportunity to make the mortar yourself, needing experience to achieve a good mixture, now this device helps you, even if you are a beginner, to have good results in a short time.




Precautions in use for plastering machines


You have already bought one of the best plastering machines, you are going to start working, but first take care of some safety measures, so as not to expose yourself to unpleasant accidents, some of which can even have serious consequences. So, first of all, it is important the safety of the user, then the protection of the car, in order to be able to enjoy as much as possible the investment made.




  1. An important first step before starting work is to check the car, to see if all the safety elements are in order, if there are no certain deficiencies or damage, especially if several operators are working. Whether it is a pneumatic plastering machine or a painting machine, the safety elements they are equipped with must be in good condition.


  1. When the mixing vessel is in operation, it is forbidden to insert parts of the body, such as the hand, or other utensils into it to make various checks. Stop the car and then you can try the consistency of the plaster or do other checks.


  1. Another aspect to keep in mind is the careful handling of the bags so as not to cause dust, and if this is not possible, then it is necessary to wear a protective mask for the mouth and nose, so as not to inhale various components with the air.




  1. If you choose cheap and good plastering machines that are not equipped with lighting – most of the models do not benefit from this function – the place where you use the device must be well lit, in order to have a good visibility.


  1. Most models have a grounded socket and are protected from splashes, but make sure that the power supply complies with the rules in force and does not use improvised electrical circuits.

Buying guide

In case you work in the construction field or you just want to do your own renovation in the apartment, you can rely on plastering machines at good prices, which will help you execute the works quickly and at a superior quality. Whether you opt for a manual or mechanized plastering machine, you will have a better yield than traditional methods. Before, read this guide, to be able to see what are the criteria for separating such devices, to make a purchase according to your needs.




Typology :

depending on the material used, you can opt for:

Plastering machine with traditional mortar:

many craftsmen prefer to use the traditional mortar they prepare according to their own recipes, adding fine sand and lime in different proportions depending on the experience of each and the desired consistency. In general, two parts of sand and one of lime are used, in which various other raw materials (animal hair, chopped straw, etc.) or oxide pigments can be inserted. It is used more in rural areas or to keep a more traditional look of a house.

The materials used are placed in the tank and mixed mechanically to obtain a homogeneous paste which is then applied with pressure on the desired surface, having a better adhesion compared to the application with the trowel.

The plastering machine, with prefabricated mortar , can be purchased ready-made in the form of paste and shortens the process of preparing the material. It already has a good consistency and can be applied without trying to determine the right recipe. It is recommended for those who do not have much experience and perform such work occasionally.

You can also choose models that allow the use of both types of mortar, useful for professionals that adapt to the client’s desire or the surface on which the material must be applied.



it is an important criterion and you will surely want the best plastering machine for you that corresponds to your needs. In case the device will be used on a construction site where it is necessary to have a high efficiency, having generous surfaces and limited time, you will choose professional models with an effective efficiency of 80-100 sqm per hour or even more.

For smaller works at home at the client, you can opt for semi-professional models with a coverage of up to 50 – 60 sqm per hour. There are also hobby models that have a lower coverage, up to 30 square meters per hour.

This criterion also gives you information about the amortization of the investment, knowing the price per labor and the yield. Some models can be easily depreciated in just a few days of actual work (1 – 3 days).


Number of nozzles:

The simpler models have a single nozzle that is used for all operations. The more efficient the model, the higher the number of nozzles offered (4 – 6) and it is used as you need, depending on the surface to be covered.

They are generally equipped with a lid, so that you can easily cover those that are not used. As a rule, a single nozzle is sufficient for the spraying operation prior to the application of the mortar.



For hobby or occasional works, choose models of small, light dimensions (2-3 kg), which will help you to handle them easily.

The ones in the semi-professional range are larger in size, weigh over 4-6 kg and are equipped with a handle. For ease of movement, choose models with ergonomic handles, possibly positioned vertically on the surface of the tub, so as not to feel fatigue in the shoulders.

Those in the professional range have a high weight (20-30 kg or more) and must go on models with wheels and metal frame, which will ensure easy transport and stability during use. The longer the hose they are equipped with (over 20 m), the better time you will be able to have, without interrupting yourself to move the car closer to the work surface.



depending on this criterion, the purchase price also varies, so see exactly what you need, so as not to spend more than necessary.


some models from the professional and semi-professional range are already equipped with a compressor or pump, so that they can be used immediately after purchase and without any additional costs.

Self-diagnosis system: which has several sensors located in different positions that ensure monitoring throughout use and diagnosis in case of problems in operation.





it can be located in the sides under the tank, where it offers a good visibility for the operator, and the monitored data are displayed, as well as the errors that appear, thus having the possibility to fix them quickly.

Pump protection system: this is very useful when working on a construction site and there can be multiple voltage variations on the circuit where the plastering machine is supplied. This system has the role of protecting the pump, this being an important part of the car, at a slightly higher cost in case of failure.

Material flow adjustment system:

it is useful for professionals and helps you to establish a suitable material flow.


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