Technical Characteristics And Peculiarities Of The Electric Tunnels

Everything you need to know about this particular type of power tool, from features to applications, and how to choose the right model for your needs.

Unlike the classic fretwork bow, which is an extremely simple manual tool, the oscillating fretwork is a real bench-top stationary machine of compact dimensions, powered by an electric motor and designed for cutting different materials.

Some specimens, in fact, are designed exclusively for cutting wood, while others are also able to act on plastics, including those reinforced with fiberglass, and non-ferrous metal alloys, such as aluminum for example.

It goes without saying that the models capable of cutting different materials are decidedly more expensive, and usually intended for a group of professional users made up of craftsmen and mechanics specialized in precision work.

The best sellers (here are the best models ), on the other hand, are precisely those designed for the amateur user group, made up of hobbyists, regardless of their level of experience, and lovers of DIY and DIY, which represent the largest market segment. But let’s try to examine in more detail what are the main features of these power tools.


8 Best Folding Electric Bike Under 1000- Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Electric bicycles represent the last shout in this sector, thanks to the fact that they work with a small motor and a battery.

 It is enough to pedal softly so that the bicycle begins to ride, without requiring much effort.

 It is a great option to get around the city with the advantages of a conventional bicycle, but without losing your breath.

 For example, ANCHEER Folding Electric Ebike is the best folding electric bike under 1000 that has 250 W of power, which is enough to reach 25-50 km/h.

 In addition, it has a 36 V and 8 Ah batteries that gives it an autonomy of 70 kilometers of travel.

 In addition to this, we present the Rich Bit RT-730 bike, which incorporates a 250 W brushless motor, being able to reach a speed of 35 km / h.

 Also, we can highlight that its 8 Ah battery reaches for a distance of 45 to 50 km.

The Best Folding Electric Bicycles Under 1000- Reviews In 2020

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Rank # 1: Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

This model weighs 33  pounds and has dimensions of 29.5 ‘’ x29’’ x 19 ‘’, while folded these measures are reduced to 80 x 60 x 30 cm.

 It is a fairly light bike with good characteristics, such as its power of 250 watts, speed of 25 km / h and autonomy of 50 km, after just 4 hours of charging.

It is equipped with a lithium battery of 36 volts and 9 Ah.

 Made of aluminum and black, it has a brown leather saddle and handlebars of this color. 

Thus, another of its great qualities is its beautiful design.

It includes a practical LCD display that provides information on the battery level and allows switching between different speed modes.

 It also incorporates useful LED lights to improve visibility.

If you are looking for the best brand of folding electric bicycles, be sure to rate this model, which includes interesting features.



The motor of this bicycle has a power of 250 watts, which translates into a speed of up to 25 km / h.


This model incorporates a useful LCD display that indicates the battery level and also allows you to select between three different levels.


With only 17 kg of weight, it is a bicycle that can be moved from one place to another comfortably once folded.


The battery is lithium and, as a novelty, is integrated into the bicycle frame. This makes it more protected.



It is one of the most expensive models in the list of recommendations, so it is not suitable, perhaps, for any pocket.


Rank # 2: ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike Ebike

If you are looking for an electric scooter type bike, this could be the right one, since it has a compact design and, in addition, it is foldable, so when you move it or store it you will not have any inconvenience.

 In addition, it has a weight of 50lbs , which is less than other bicycles in the same category.

This model has been manufactured with iron, a robust and durable material, so you can enjoy the bike for a long time.

 The size of the wheel is 12 inches and the vehicle in general supports a weight of 300lbs, so people of various sizes can use it.

As if that were not enough, this bike has a powerful 350 W motor, which is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 25-50 km/h .

 It also has a battery of 36 V and 8 Ah; providing an autonomy between 15 and 27 km, depending on the terrain and the weight of the user.

To buy best folding electric bike under 1000 , you must know its most important aspects, including its disadvantages, so this time we will show you the main pros and cons of the ANCHEER brand model.



It has a 8 Ah battery and 350W motor, so the power it offers will be enough to drive comfortably around the city.


It comes with a disc brake on the rear wheel, which you can use from the left handlebar grip, to make driving more prudent and safer.


When folded, the bicycle measures 94 x 27 x 72 cm, so it will not take up much space in the place you have to store it.



Do not climb all kinds of slopes, so you should take this aspect into account if you want to use this electric bicycle in mountainous places.


Rank # 3: KESPOR Venture Folding Bike

If you want to drive around the city without getting too tired and enjoy the route, this bike may be the best option, as it develops up to 25km / h with good autonomy.


Main Features Explained



This is a very important quality when choosing an electric bicycle, the power because its versatility depends largely on it. In this sense, the NCM Paris has a 250 W motor, useful for driving on flat terrain and slopes, reaching an assisted speed of 25 km / h maximum.

In the same order of ideas, we mentioned that the motor runs smoothly, thanks to the 36 V and 19 Ah battery, so it is capable of traveling 40 or 120 km through assisted pedaling. Of course, the autonomy will depend on the conditions of the terrain, the weather, weight of the cyclist, level of assistance, etc.

Similarly, it should be noted that the battery can be recharged and has a USB port to charge iPhone, Android tablets, MP3 player, GPS, or other devices.


The bicycle frame is made with 6061 aluminum alloy, a tough and durable material. In addition, the bike has hydraulic disc brakes model Tektro HD-E350, so it will stop accurately when using the Artek levers, which are next to the handles.

On the other hand, this model of folding electric bicycle has a Zoom CH190 suspension fork, to cushion the weight and irregularities of the terrain, reducing vehicle vibration.

As for the saddle, you will enjoy the Selle Royal, which brings GEL, to provide comfort. Also, we mention the Shimano shift system, which has 8 speeds, which you can use depending on the need of the moment or the terrain on which you are driving.

Other important parts are the Selle Royal handles. These are made of brown synthetic leather.



The bicycle has a compact and foldable design, so you can store it in any corner of the home or transport it in the car with ease.

In addition to this, the size of the wheels is 20 inches and in total it weighs 25 kg, so it is light despite being a motorized bicycle. Even when folding it you will not have to use tools, so it is possible to perform this task in a few seconds.

Another aspect of the design that we can highlight on this occasion is its capacity since it supports up to 120 kg of weight so that this electric bicycle can be used by people of different sizes or ages. Therefore, if you want a practical and functional bike, we recommend this model.



Its battery is 36 V and 19 Ah, being useful to travel 70 km of assisted pedaling or 150 km activating the ECO mode, that is, a function to save energy. In addition, the battery has a USB port for charging phones, GPS or other devices.


The rear and front lights are not powered by the battery, but by batteries, which could be a nuisance for some buyers, but this does not affect the operation of the bicycle.



Rank # 4: Rich Bit 20″ Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

The present bicycle is composed of a 48 V motor and 250 W of power.

 Through this engine it manages to reach up to 35 km / h.

 Similarly, thanks to its 8 Ah rechargeable battery it can reach 40 km away and, if you want to use assisted pedaling, it reaches 50 km.

 The package includes a smart battery charger and the full charge is carried out for 4 or 6 hours.

On the other hand, this bike brings an LED headlight on the front and horn.

 In addition, it has 20-inch Kenda tires, which offer stability on the ground, either asphalt or dirt. 

In another order of ideas, most of its parts are made of sturdy aluminum, saddle tube, handlebars, fork and pedals.

 Also, the frame has 6061 aluminum alloy, which supports unexpected shocks or falls. 

This is best folding electric bike under 1000 with features that have left many users satisfied, so we present in the next section its main pros and cons.



With the 8 Ah battery and its 250 W of power it reaches an acceptable speed of 35 Km / h, so that the driving becomes much more entertaining.


It brings front and rear disc brakes, ensuring safer and more accurate braking, as well as levers next to the handles, to brake quickly and with greater comfort.


The majority of the bicycle was made with high-quality aluminum, so it will support continuous use, offering a long service life.


The package includes two sets of keys, so if you miss one of them, you will not be unable to start the bicycle.



It would be good if the package brought a pair of spare tires.


Rank # 5: Speedrid Electric Bike

This electric bicycle brings a 36V and 8 Ah batteries, which makes its 250W motor work properly.

 Thanks to this, it reaches a speed of 15-30 mph with a single load. Of course, this varies according to the type of surface, weather, weight or skill of the driver, etc.

Its wheels are 20’v inches and bring Chaoyang tires.

 In addition to this, this product brings disc brakes on both wheels and an LCD display with 5 functions.

 Also, it should be noted that it has Shimano shifter with 6 speeds, so you choose between them the one you want.

Another important quality to present with respect to this model of folding electric bicycle is its saddle, as this is padded with GEL, to provide comfort when sitting on it.

When buying an electric bicycle many doubts arise, which can be clarified knowing the qualities of several models.

 Therefore, in this section we present the positive and negative aspects of a Speedrid Bikes brand bicycle.



It has a 250 W brushless motor, through which the bicycle is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15-30 mph.


The frame of this bicycle is made with 7005 aluminum alloy, that is, a sturdy material that supports the user’s weight and even unexpected shocks.


Depending on the use you are going to give it, the lithium battery has a range of approximately 25 to 80 km, which is enough to take a long walk through the city.



Its price is a bit high, so some people may not have the budget to acquire it.


Rank # 6: Speedrid Electric Mountain folding Bike

The quality of its manufacturing materials that are highly resistant because they are mostly aluminum, brake efficiency due to its double disc and its speeds to give you great speed, make this model one of the best among the mountain bikes on the market .      

Main Features Explained         


Speeds are one of the main features that you have to take into account in a mountain bike, this is because they help you to make you’re pedaling much better and less forced on terrains that are irregular.

 Each bicycle model has different numbers of sprockets and its plate, the number of changes you will get depends on the masters.

In this model you can count on 21 speeds, which is ideal for those who are professionals of this sport because they give greater efficiency in the ascent to irregular surfaces, greater displacement and control on slopes.

 They will also allow you to be more consistent in the rhythm that you are going to take while doing this sport.

The selection of these speeds can be made from its shifter “Shimano ST-EF51” and its convenient system of changes that will help you have better control while driving.

Clothing materials  

One of the main clothing materials that you should consider before making your choice is that of the frame, the keyspace of the bicycle where it must have greater resistance when you are practicing or developing the sport.

The Speedrid Electric Mountain folding Bike has its aluminum frame, very common in this type of bicycle for its resistance to use.

 This type of material is also used in its double-wall of tires, which gives it greater durability and reliability in less regular terrain.        

Also in its handlebar you can find a smooth texture so that you do not have a problem when using it for a long time, since you will not be disturbed by the friction or force you make in your hands to manipulate it.

Size and design  

The size of this mountain bike is standard with respect to other models.

 Its approximate dimensions in centimeters are 160 by 80 and 20, while its weight is only 23 Kg, so you will not have to make much effort to mobilize it.

It has 29-inch wheels, quite wide measure for greater control when traveling the mountains and also, better displacement. 

This model was created for people who have a height between 1.75 and 1.84 meters.  

This model has an elegant and modern design, for its primary color that is black and brings a 2-year warranty that covers any factory damage.


The main advantage of using this mountain bike is that it has 21 speeds so you can face different terrain and surfaces, whether ascending or descending, with total ease and without much effort. 


Although the brakes that the mountain bike brings are highly resistant, some users consider that they do not brake with the same efficiency as other brands, so they recommend changing them, but this will depend on the experience of use you have.


Rank # 7: SOHOO Folding Fat Tire Electric E-Bike

The SOHOO represents one of the best mountain bikes currently on the market.

 This is due to the high quality of its wheels and other elements that compose it, in addition to the possibility that it offers you to buy a specific bicycle for the height of the person and the large number of speeds it contains, thus allowing a versatile use of the bike.

Main Features Explained


Users have highlighted the wheels on other components that this mountain bike has, because its size and resistance have been widely valued. 

The wheels of the SOHOO are 29 inches, one of the largest sizes that currently exist in the market.

 These tires are made of aluminum, with a sturdy double wall formation.

In addition, its buyers also glimpse the quality of the SOHOO brand in them.

 Due to its composition, the wheels are a suitable mechanism to be transported both in flat flat areas, of urban or rural character and in mountain areas, with steep ascents or descents.

 This versatility means that potential buyers end up deciding on this mountain bike.


When a person acquires a mountain bike, he usually wants it to have a large number of speeds.

 Users recommend that there is a great option in the frame of the speeds, because the mountains are irregular terrain and therefore it is necessary to vary in the speed that is acquired at a certain moment.

Speaking specifically of the SOHOO Folding Fat Tire Electric mountain bike, this product has the possibility of changing 25 speeds.

 In addition, users highly value this fact because it allows to acquire high speeds when traveling on flat surfaces, especially thinking of cities.

With the SOHOO Bikes , you can travel with the same efficiency in an urban land than in a steep terrain.


Every human being is different. Among its differentiating characteristics, there is the issue of height.

 In many cases, bicycles are a major problem if they are not designed and adapted to the size of a person, and can be harmful when used in the long term.

For this reason, the SOHOO Bikes offers its buyers three sizes, covering a certain height range.

 The smallest size is the M, which covers cyclists that measure from 1.60 to 1.74 meters high, followed by size L that serves cyclists from 5’2″ – 6’4″ and, finally, the largest, a size XL that is for cyclists measuring between 1.85 and 2 meters.


For users, what stands out most about this mountain bike is the adaptability it provides to shoppers, regardless of their height.

 The bicycle has three different sizes, which adapt to the physical size of the cyclists.


Some of its buyers have described the fork that has this mountain bike as bad, which prevents speed changes can be made very easily.

 This can also damage the product’s brakes.


Rank # 8: NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

The NAKTO Bikes stands out amongthe electric bicycles that we find in the market, both for the quality of its components and for the design of its frame that allows to have a product designed to be able to roll without problems anywhere.

Main Features Explained

Frame design

As we have mentioned, this product has a walk box design, although duly updated according to the new times.

 In fact, the frame incorporates an inclined bar in the lower area, which allows to reduce the length of the bicycle to make it much more compact and therefore be able to store it wherever you want in a simple way.

This frame has been made of aluminum, which allows reducing the weight of the bicycle to only about 20 kilos.

 Something that allows us to roll better and also reduce weight when rolling, improving the life of your battery.

 This is a sturdy product with a pleasant finish, which helps maintain its good image for a longer time.

Motor characteristics

As it corresponds to a first-level brand, the engine has a remarkable quality when it comes to driving.

 Specifically, the model has a 250-watt brushless motor included, which allows it to be able to circulate for longer while having less wear.

 This engine has a 36 volt supply and a 16 amp battery, one of the largest in the market.

Thanks to these parameters, the engine allows you to ride at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour, counting on an assisted pedaling system with up to 5 different speed levels.

 Regarding autonomy, the included battery system allows us to enjoy up to 80 kilometers per hour, depending on the use we give the product and the characteristics of the driver.

Additional items and accessories

So you don’t miss anything, this product has a wide range of accessories and accessories that improve your feelings.

 Among these elements we have a leather armchair, comfortable and very pleasant during the route.

 It also consists of hydraulic suspension to reduce discomfort on the road, as well as disc brakes, which allow you to brake comfortably and without risks.

On the side of the accessories, the bike includes high visibility front and rear LED lighting for added security.

 The same security offered by the rear transport basket in which to place everything you need safely.

  You can see the speed, battery status, and other parameters of your route.


The design of its frame allows maintaining the comfort of the ride models, duly adapted to the new times according to the design of the current electric bicycle.


The 26-inch wheels require users to have a height of at least 1.65 meters to be able to drive safely and comfortably reach the ground.


Technical characteristics and peculiarities of the electric tunnels

Like the manual bow, the electric tunnels are also equipped with an elbow arm at the ends of which the various compatible blades are fixed; this however, instead of being equipped with a handle, is fixed to a solid base and connected to a motor.

The motor is connected to a hinged section of the arm, and when it is put into operation it makes it swing up and down at very high speeds, thus allowing efficient cutting that requires no effort from the operator.

 Being an integral part of the machine, in fact, the cutting arm does not require direct control, the operator can, therefore, have both hands to move the pieces to be cut with maximum freedom.

The cut is done by placing the piece on a work surface and pushing it manually against the blade, following the lines provided by the design scheme on which you work.

 The worktop is placed immediately above the main base of the machine, and can usually be adjusted in an arc of 45 ° so as to allow the execution of inclined cuts.

Almost all the specimens of oscillating tunnel currently on the market are structured in this way, except for some specimens such as the Dremel tunnel, for example, which is designed so that it can be used both in stationary and freehand machine mode, such as a classic manual fretwork bow, simply by detaching the bow from the work surface.


The fretsaw blades and the fixing methods

The blades for the tunnel, whether manual or electric, follow a single standard of measurements. Their dimensions therefore, however variable, are approximately 125-130 millimeters in length, 1 millimeter in thickness, and approximately 3 millimeters in width, which is why they have high compatibility regardless of the manufacturer.

The only substantial differences, among the various specimens on the market, are given by the number of teeth, the type of end they are equipped with, and, of course, the quality of the metal with which they are manufactured. As for the type of indentation, this is indicated by a number followed by the abbreviation TPI, an acronym that indicates Tooth Per Inch, or the number of teeth per inch. A 10 TPI blade, therefore, has an average of 10 teeth per approximately 25 millimeters, and so on.

The lower the number of teeth and the coarser the blade, therefore more suitable for cutting wood and other soft materials; the finer blades, on the other hand, are characterized by a greater number of teeth and therefore are more suitable for cutting hard materials.

The ends of the blades can be of two types, completely smooth or equipped with small transverse pins; this detail is very important since some oscillating tunnels, especially those belonging to the cheaper range, are compatible only with the blades with smooth ends, while those of medium-high range can mount both types of blades.

Furthermore, the clamping system with small pins at the ends is especially typical of oscillating tracery intended for professional use, as this clamping system is not only more efficient but also makes the replacement operation easier and faster.


The various categories and price differences

As we mentioned in the paragraph relating to the technical characteristics, the specimens on the market follow a structural design common to almost all models. The substantial differences, therefore, lie mainly in the type of motor integrated in the machine, in the assembly of the same and in the level of performance offered.

Low-cost oscillating tunnels, for example, are equipped with brushless electric motors, therefore they tend to be noisier and consume more; their cost can vary from about 60 to 100 euros, but they are intended exclusively for occasional and non-intensive hobby use. Despite being built with reliable materials, in fact, they are characterized by a coarse assembly, like the finishes, so the level of performance offered is decidedly low, especially as regards precision.

The same can also be said of the mid-range oscillating tunnels, with the difference that they are slightly more detailed and, depending on the model, they can also be used for small, not too demanding crafts. The average price of the tunnels belonging to this range can range from around 100 to 200 euros.

Starting from 250 euros up, up to 500 and beyond, depending on the manufacturer, there are professional specimens; the latter are characterized by a high level of precision, robust and first choice materials, assembly performed by CNC machines and are usually driven by induction electric motors, therefore more efficient in yield and consumption, as well as less noisy.

Professional models are mainly used by craftsmen who produce wooden toys and objects, by model makers and precision mechanics, but they are also highly appreciated by the most experienced and demanding hobbyists, who don’t mind spending money in order to have the best tools.


How to use a folding electric bicycle

Bicycles are among the most used healthy means of transport in the world since with their use, you can mobilize and at the same time perform physical activity beneficial to your body.

 Currently, there are many bicycle models on the market and one of the most popular is the electric folding type, which can move on its own and is easy to store.

 Continue reading to learn more about this new product.

Read the instruction manual

Like any electrical device, it is necessary that you carefully read each of the instructions contained in the manual, since they are the necessary indications for its proper assembly and maintenance.

 Remember to follow the images that illustrate the correct way to join each piece of the bicycle, using screws and other tools to achieve it.

Make sure it has safety standards

Being a product of much boom in the market, various international brands have chosen to manufacture their own version.

 However, many of them do not have the safety standards for their use.

 Therefore, we recommend you consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the corresponding certifications and safety measures.

Make battery connections

Being a product that works through electric current, an important aspect to consider is the total wiring connection.

 Carefully open the bottom support of the bicycle and slowly insert the portable battery.

 Then, close the compartment and connect the cables in place.

 Then, check that the monitor and buttons work correctly.

Adapt it to your measurements

This is An important aspect that you should take into consideration are your measurements so that the seat and size of the bicycle fit you.

 The importance of having a correct posture is that a better balance is obtained when traveling, in addition to preventing various ailments after the use of the bicycle.

 The simplest thing is that you get on the bike and check if the height of the seat and the handlebar provide the necessary comfort.

Wear the right attire

Whether you take a leisurely walk in the park, do an exercise routine, or simply move to your workplace, it is advisable to use appropriate clothing that makes the trip more pleasant.

 Remember to wear long pants that cover the inside of your legs while pedaling. 

Also, it is important to have resistant sole footwear, which allows the best support of the feet on the pedals.

Distribute tire pressure

Previously, manufacturers considered a standard pressure measurement for bicycle tires.

 However, with the passing of the decades, it was concluded that this pressure should vary according to the size of the tires, the weight of the structure and which it must support, the type of bicycle and terrain through which it will circulate , etc.

 Therefore, take into account all these aspects or consult with the seller about the level of air that these parts should have, to provide the expected operation.


The Most Popular Brands

When you talk about acquiring folding electric bicycles, you may want to know a little more about who is behind them to be sure that the product to be purchased can meet your expectations, so in this space we will mention some of the brands most prominent in the development of folding electric bicycles of this comparison.

Biwbik is an electronic company that specializes in the design, development, and distribution of electric bicycles and was founded in 2016.

 In addition, it has a logistics and technical service center in Murcia, Spain to solve any damage, incident, bad function. or change your products.

Additionally, Biwbik has several certifications by the European Union regarding the user’s safety parameters in the design and manufacture of electric bicycles, so the company follows each of the parameters and regulations to ensure the safety of the users and thus be able to produce products of a high quality standard and with guaranteed safety.

It should be noted that the success of the company originates from the high percentage of sales generated through the electronic commerce pages, maintaining a strong position in the market.

 In addition, it has a wide range of electric bicycles in different sizes and models, so to mention some of the most popular products, you can find the Biwbik Book 200.

 This model is capable of reaching 65 kilometers per hour and has a Lithium battery that allows you to have your autonomy for much longer.

This is a small company that has made itself known thanks to the good manufacturing materials and the finished product that makes a big difference with those of the competition.

 He has more than 15 years of experience in the market and has many users who keep Moma Bikes among their first purchase options.

Additionally, most Moma Bikes products have a stable quality – price ratio, so users can enjoy high quality at a low cost.

 In addition, it has a group of designers that specialize in developing bicycle models based on customer requirements and needs; being a company that focuses on developing high quality, practical and economical products.

 This detail is one of the advantages that Moma Bikes has and keeps it in a strong position against its competitors in the market.

It should be noted that among the products that the brand sells the most are: Trekking Pro W 28, Trekking Pro 28, GTT 27.5 and First Class 20.

 All these models have high sales rates in e-commerce pages and exceed a score higher than 4 stars.

Nilox was created by Esprinet Group in 2005 as a company that would be responsible for developing technological products for sport and outdoor life.

 In addition, it has the second position of total sales in Italy and is considered one of the most prominent brands in the manufacture of effective sports products with a high-quality standard.

The qualities that make Nilox stand out in the market are good processing materials and simple, elegant and practical designs, and it is also characterized by including the latest technology in its devices without affecting the total product cost.

 That is, they develop mid-range equipment – high at an affordable price for users. Maintaining a profit margin that results in win – win, both for the company and for the buyers.

On the other hand, among the products offered by Nilox you can find hoverboards, folding electric bicycles, and accessories for these, in addition there are also tricycles, scooters, and their storage covers.

 Additionally, among the featured products are digital cameras or better known as action cameras; The EVO 360+, EVO 4K30 and the EVO MM99 are very well received as complements in the sports market.


Buying Guide – What Is The Best Folding Electric Bike On The Market?

Electric bicycles are ideal items for those who want to reduce the effort involved in pedaling.

 The fact that they are foldable gives them an interesting plus, as it makes them light and easy to handle.

 Since the offer in the market is extensive, we suggest you consult our guide to buy the best folding electric bike under 1000. Consider the following considerations.

Power and autonomy

The suitability of a folding electric bicycle is defined, among other factors, by its power and autonomy.

 The operation of the engine and, therefore, the speed it can reach will depend on the power.

 Broadly speaking, we could say that most folding electric bicycles on the market have a power of about 250 watts. 

This would be more than enough to offer a maximum speed of between 25 and 30 km / h.

Another aspect to take into account is the type of battery it incorporates, an element closely related to the autonomy of the model.

 Remember that, with the passage of time, it is possible that the batteries will last less and less. 

The most durable are usually those that are made of lithium.

 At more volts, more energy will accumulate the battery and, therefore, less frequently should be recharged.

To know the autonomy of a bicycle, just make a very simple account: multiply the voltage by the amps and the maximum speed.

 The result will have to be divided by the power. In general, the autonomy of these items is usually around 30-35 km.

Weight and measurements

In a comparison of folding electric bicycles there can be a mention of the measures of these articles. 

These are generally very light products, although it will be based on the model in question.

There are aspects such as the type of battery, the manufacturing material of the bicycle or the size of the wheels that will significantly influence the weight.

 The lightest bicycles can range between 11-12 kg, while the heaviest ones could even reach 25 kg.

If you’re wondering how much a folding electric bike costs, you have to know that its price will depend on details such as equipment, battery class or materials.

Wheel size and type

Another fundamental point to assess in the selection of the appropriate model is the size and type of the wheels.

 As in the case of conventional bicycles, the wheels must be selected according to the user’s height. Their diameter is usually between 16 and 26 inches.

It should be noted that the type of wheel is related to a greater or lesser damping.

 If you plan to use the bicycle only on the road or in flat terrain, fine wheels will be more than adequate, while for steep terrain wider are recommended.

Folding system

We can not forget the folding system of the bicycle, a very important aspect, since the idea is that the user does not find any difficulty in this task.

 Thus, in addition to looking for a good and economical folding electric bicycle, it is vital that its folding is very simple.

This system will vary depending on the model. Normally, the whole set is folded: the pedals, the frame, the handlebars. 

There are models that allow, once folded, they can move while others do not. Hence the need to make sure that transportation is easy.

Brake classes

Brakes are an indispensable part of a bicycle. It is, in fact, convenient to ensure that these are appropriate for the use we want to give.

 Since these items are capable of taking great speed in a few seconds, it is advisable to look closely at this detail.

The brakes can be disc, drum or V-Brake type. 

The first are the most expensive, but also the safest and most powerful.

 In the case of drum brakes, the power is lower, although they are quite durable.

 Finally, V-Brake type brakes are very fast, but in uneven terrain their effectiveness could be compromised.


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