6 Rules To Weld Correctly

Use the right protective equipment, secure the work area, be careful of water and moisture – these are just some of the rules you need to keep in mind when working with a welding machine. Find out in this article what basic instructions you must follow if you use such a device.   The welding machine … Read more

8 Best Inverter Welder For The Money [ 2021 Edition ]

Best Welder For Welding Shop

Are you about to buy a welding system equipped with IGBT inverter technology but you still don’t know which model to choose? Do not worry, in our guide you will find more information on this type of equipment and on welding methods in general. You will also find the review of the most popular models of the best inverter welder for the money among all those currently on the market, both for hobby use and for professional use.

Welding: What Are The Potential Health Risks

Welding What Are The Potential Health Risks

Welding technologies are becoming more and more advanced and efficient, but unfortunately the health risks of operators have also increased.

The profession of welder exposes the operator to a series of problems and risks, connected in particular with the specific activity carried out. In Italy alone, it has been calculated that around one million people manufacture metal products, equipment or machines, and have to deal with welding processes every day.

TOP 8 Best Rated Wire Welders (2021 Reviews )

Best Rated Wire Welders

Welding technologies are making rapid and remarkable progress, and consequently also the equipment for their processing are subject to improvements and changes; in our guide you will find more information about it and the review of eight best rated wire welders, which are among the most requested on the market.