The Cutting Of The Wood

The Cutting Of The Wood

Wood has always been one of the key resources for the development of human civilization, as well as one of the first to be used as raw material for a wide range of applications. Its use as fuel is still practiced today for example, throughout history, however, wood has been and is still widely used as a construction material for buildings and houses, and a basic component in the creation of utensils, dishes, furnishings, furniture and a myriad of other everyday objects.

Top 8 Best Band Saws For Resawing [ 2021 Edition ]

Best Band Saws For Resawing

If you are looking for a band saw, whether for professional or simply hobby use, in our buying guide you will find everything you need to know so as not to risk finding yourself with a tool that is inappropriate for your needs.

You will also find the review of the best band saws for resawing most requested by consumers, starting with the NEBES TM195 Inverter , appreciated above all by professionals thanks to its excellent value for money, and the Fervi 350 0717 , a model for hobbyists far cheaper.

10 Best Jigsaw For Cutting Metal [ 2021 Edition ]

Best Jigsaw For Cutting Metal

If you don’t have much time available, take a look only at the first two models of the best jigsaw for cutting metal in our ranking: in the first place is the Bosch PST 900 PEL Compact Expert hacksaw that allows you to cut even very thick pieces of wood and metal. It is powerful and easy to use. Bosch Professional GST 90 E is aimed at particularly demanding professionals or hobbyists and therefore stands out for its effectiveness, power, speed and ease of use.

The Circular Saw: Features And Applications

The Circular Saw Features And Applications

Let’s take a close look at one of the most versatile types of saw, from large specimens in the industrial sector to micro ones intended for precision work.

The circular saw is defined in this way precisely because it uses disk-shaped blades, the diameter of which can vary according to the standard possessed by the model and its dimensions; the first copy of circular saw was invented in 1775, by the English carpenter and engineer Walter Taylor.

(Reviews 2021) TOP 7 Best Scroll Saw Under $ 200

Best Scroll Saw Under 200

Before embarking on the purchase of a new scroll saw, regardless of the type, we suggest you consult our purchasing guide, in which you will find further information and insights on this particular tool. Before the guide, however, you will find a review of the most popular models of the best scroll saw under 200currently on the market.