The Circular Saw: Features And Applications

The Circular Saw Features And Applications

Let’s take a close look at one of the most versatile types of saw, from large specimens in the industrial sector to micro ones intended for precision work.

The circular saw is defined in this way precisely because it uses disk-shaped blades, the diameter of which can vary according to the standard possessed by the model and its dimensions; the first copy of circular saw was invented in 1775, by the English carpenter and engineer Walter Taylor.

How To Keep A Circular Saw In The Best Conditions?

How To Keep A Circular Saw In The Best Conditions

To ensure a long life of any tool it is important to be attentive to its cleaning, spare parts and adjustments, especially if it is a circular saw since it is a precision machine that requires being in the best conditions to provide quality finishes. However, we must know how to perform proper maintenance, especially … Read more

Build Your Own Table To Place The Circular Saw

A table for the circular saw is an indispensable element in the workshop of every good carpenter and construction professional. This is because the table acts as a support for the wood and the different materials to be cut provides stability and allows both hands to be used for greater safety. Therefore, this allows for more ambitious … Read more

[2020 Reviews] 6 Best Miter Saws

miter saw

To work in construction or remodeling it is necessary to have a miter that allows precision cuts, so it is important to take into account its power, types of cuts, accessories, among other features. The market offers a wide variety of best miter saws models; however, here we will talk about the most prominent. Among the most popular is the