6 Situations In Which You Need A Hot Air Blower

Bending the pipes, drying the paint, softening the adhesive – these are just some of the situations in which a hot air blower can be very helpful. Read in this article in what ways such a device can help you once you have included it in the set of tools and tools in the household. 


Part of the standard equipment of car workshops and engineering laboratories, hot air blowers have much wider applications than you might think at first glance. Avoided by some people, less familiar with devices of this type, can be very helpful in the household, especially if you are passionate about DIY projects, regardless of size, and quite safe, despite the high temperature they work with, if they are used correctly. 

Here are some of the most popular situations in which you can use such a device.


Simple method of removing the adhesive

The most pleasant vases and ornamental objects can often be made of bottles of wine or beer with a pleasant appearance, or just a more special color. But what do you do with the stubborn adhesive, very difficult to remove, which is left behind when you try to get rid of labels? It’s a problem you face whenever you want to reuse a package. 

Equally annoying is the adhesive left behind by pictures, posters, calendars, etc. glued to the walls where you couldn’t afford to nail the paintings.


Well, the hot air blower can help you get rid of this amazing problem easily. However, it is important to make sure that the temperature level is set to a minimum, because otherwise you risk damaging the surface on which the adhesive remained, especially if we are talking, for example, about a plastic object. And with glass it is good to be careful and use a protective accessory specially designed for this type of surface.


Defrosting frozen pipes

Anyone who lives at home knows how big and confusing the problem can be, freezing the water pipes or, worse, those that ensure the elimination of waste, on days with extremely low temperatures. From the impossibility of using the boiler to heat yourself to the absence of running water, such a moment is undesirable and requires a quick solution.

If you have a blower that releases hot air in the house, you can say that you have at hand the most suitable tool. And in this case it is essential to be careful what temperature you use, so as not to affect the structure of the pipes. You can use this method on both the copper and the PVC installation, effectively melting the ice stopper that does not allow normal circulation and returning in a short time to the usual operating conditions.


Faster paint drying

Have you painted the window frame and need to dry faster to be able to close it? Have you just painted your bike to cover some wear and tear and don’t want to wait too long before going out with it again? Regardless of why you needed to work with the paint, if the natural drying time is an inconvenience for you, you can use hot air to speed up the process.

But do not use the blower at too high a temperature, even if you are in a hurry, because you risk the paint starting to peel. It is important to be patient and work at a lower level, so as not to affect the quality of the end result.


Bonus, you can also use the blower to easily remove old paint from walls, furniture, doors, etc. This time, you need a higher temperature to stimulate light peeling.


Wet wood drying

Also in the “drying” chapter, we suggest you to use the hot air blower when you need to dry pieces of wood faster. It may be the case of some boards you want to work with and you need them to be completely dry to be able to measure correctly and finally the dimensions, or even the pieces of wood you want to use to start the fire in the fireplace, enough to it could then dry on the rest near it.

Use a low temperature so as not to burn the wood, especially if we are talking about a material that you will use later. It can happen, for example, that you pour a glass of water on the table, and you don’t notice it fast enough, or that the water drains from a pot that is too wet. You do not want to burn the wood, but only to bring it to its current appearance and prevent swelling.

If you want to dry a glass frame made of wood, insufficiently treated and soaked in rainwater, we recommend you look for one of the accessories specially designed to protect the glass, because the warm air will surely reach over this element.


Bending the pipes

It could be one of the most interesting uses you can give to a hot air blower. If you have decided to install the underfloor heating system yourself, you will definitely have many segments of the bending pipe, and the blower can help you achieve this efficiently and correctly. For the same purpose you can also use it if you like to create decorative objects from various wastes around the house, or change the design of the bathroom and you have to intervene in the structure of the installation.


Gluing plastic objects

Regardless of whether you are thinking of “crimping” a cracked or perforated plastic object or joining two separate elements made of this material, the hot air blower can solve the problem. But you need special soldering rods and a nozzle designed for this function, which directs more precisely the hot air. Use heat-resistant protective gloves, because you can accidentally touch hot areas and wake up with burnt skin.


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