Security For Band Saw

If you plan to acquire a bandsaw or already work with one, but you want to have a clearer idea about how to handle it safely while respecting all regulations, in this space, you will be able to know which are the ones dictated by experts to be able to use the tool minimizing the accident risk


Band saw

Before you can use a bandsaw correctly, you must first know what it is and what its most important parts are, so that you can handle it without inconvenience avoiding touching dangerous areas.

A bandsaw is a tool used in construction, since, depending on its capacity, it may be able to cut wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Its usefulness is quite wide thanks to the possibility of modifying large pieces to adopt particular shapes and even curving corners and rounding structures.

This machine makes use of a metal band with teeth similar to those of a handsaw, but it is thin in comparison and much longer. One of its most notable qualities is that this metal band is capable of turning very quickly because it is integrated into a mechanism of two parallel wheels powered by a motor.

On the other hand, band saws also need fasteners to keep the piece firm at the time of cutting. In this case, you will find presses and guides that will help you make a precise cut so that everything fits into place when assembling.

In addition, there are large-capacity models that, due to the type of materials with which it works, can have hydraulic pumps to add liquid lubrication during the cutting process, which can also act as a refrigerant to prevent overheating of the belt and the piece.


Bandsaw Risks

You should know that, when using an existing bandsaw, latent risks to your integrity. One of them is the possible breakage of the cutting band due to excessive tension, overheating, wear or poor quality in welding.

Care must also be taken with the electrical connections of the equipment. Make sure it is not overcharging due to engine power, as well as respect the installation of the ground wire to avoid electric shock.

In addition to this, another common risk when using a bandsaw is particles that can be fired from the piece you are cutting. This is dangerous because they can reach your eyes and cause damage to the cornea, either by presenting edges or the same speed. For this reason, it is best to use the appropriate equipment to protect the eyes on every occasion of use.


Safe use of the bandsaw

When going to use the best bandsaw to cut pieces of any type, follow several safety regulations to avoid injury or cause an accident due to the ability of some models, especially if you need to work with small parts or charge of details. If you are interested in knowing the basic regulations to safely use a bandsaw, we invite you to read the following list:

  1. Band saw protection

One of the first aspects to take care of in a bandsaw is to keep the cutting band covered and only expose the area to be used in order to minimize the risk of accidental cuts. Also, when the equipment is not in use, it is advisable to install a band cover.

Another recommendation regarding the saw itself is to have a good lighting system available in case the integrated system is not enough. This will help you have better control of your movements and those of the piece.

  1. Equipment needed for protection

Because a bandsaw is usually used manually, some safety add-ons must be available to protect user integrity.

A pair of mechanical protection gloves will be enough to keep your hands safe from an accidental touch with the band moving. You will also need safety glasses that are transparent so as not to block your vision while using the saw.

On the other hand, it is advisable to wear safety shoes to keep your feet safe from any piece of material that may fall, as well as earplugs due to the sound produced by the engine that is considerably loud.

And if you are going to cut pieces that give off particles, you can use a mask with a filtration system that will be responsible for blocking the passage of these towards your body.

  1. Safe use regulations

To prepare the bandsaw correctly, you must first check the tension of the cutting band and turn on the equipment to verify that it is moving in the proper direction. Then it is advised to verify that the cutting part does not exceed the recommended size nor is it made of a material that is not compatible with the machine.

When you are sure of these parameters, turn off the saw to accommodate the part between the clamping presses respecting the guides and fasteners. Some users advise never to manipulate the piece with their hands, however small.

  1. Regular maintenance

Finally, in order to have a bandsaw safe to use, you must perform regular maintenance sessions to ensure performance without problems or problems.

In case you use the saw daily, it is advisable to vacuum and brush all the chips and debris that may have been left after using the equipment, including corners and small recesses to avoid accumulation. The same applies to the work area surrounding the machine.

In addition to this, it is recommended to check the level of wear of the cutting band in case it needs to be replaced, as well as checking the amount of coolant or lubricant that has been used in case you need to refill the band saw the tank.

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