Saws For Gardening – Which To Choose

Saws, commonly known as Saws, are garden machines that will work in any garden, orchard, or on the plot. Which model will be best for us will depend on what works we use it for. Which chainsaws do we have to choose?


The use of chainsaws

Saws belong to cutting equipment – with their use, we will cope with the care of the home area, undercutting trees and shrubs, chopping wood, and hobby works. In addition to devices that will prove themselves in amateur use, there are also saws for individual tasks on the market – they are used, e.g., in agriculture and forestry. They are characterized by much higher parameters than devices for home use. They also have several amenities and protections useful when performing substantial fieldwork. Usually, we will not need such tools on the backyard property. What to look for when choosing a specific model?

Different types of chain saw drives

First of all, we should answer the question, what kind of saw do we need – we can choose from models with the electric chain saw (including battery) and combustion engines. What are they characterized by? Electric chainsaws work much quieter than combustion ones, do not cause strong vibrations, and do not emit exhaust gases. The applicability, however, is limited by the length of the power cord and access to the power source, as well as the power that makes these devices work almost exclusively in amateur use. These flaws do not have combustion models, which we can use anywhere and which are perfect for bulky, demanding massive equipment works. Let’s not forget about cordless chainsaws – just like chainsaws; they are mobile; however, due to the sometimes heavyweight of the batteries, they are also less comfortable to use than electric saws. The battery also needs charging, which can effectively delay the planned work.

Important parameters

In addition to feeding our chain saw, let’s pay attention to several important parameters.

Power – this is the primary parameter of chainsaws. The larger it is, the easier it will cope with more difficult work. The low-power model reaching the value of 1200-1500 W works well at home. Slightly more efficient devices of this type reach a power of 2000 W. Saws for particular tasks are characterized by even several times higher power.

Weight – the weight of our device will affect our comfort during work. Light electric models will not be complicated for us to maintain, while larger-size petrol saws may be uncomfortable to drive.

The length of the working part, i.e., the guide bar – for housework, a saw with a guide bar length of approx. 35 cm is sufficient. It will be suitable for pruning fruit tree branches or shrubs. People looking for equipment for more demanding tasks should pay attention to chainsaws with longer guides.

Engine capacity – is a parameter only for petrol chainsaws. The larger it is, the larger, heavier, and more powerful the device, and thus its fuel demand. For housework, it is best to choose a model with a capacity of 30-50 cm³.


Other parameters and functions

Some of the chainsaws also have various tasks that increase the comfort and safety of use. Knobs facilitating chain tensioning, individual damping systems reducing vibrations, covers, and locks ensure higher satisfaction of operating the device while protecting against the effects of unforeseen situations. In the case of battery models, it is also worth paying attention to the type of battery used. On the other hand, combustion devices may have unique solutions aimed at reducing the number of pollutants emitted to the atmosphere. When it comes to electrical equipment, e.g., automatic chain lubrication will be a useful function. Before we make the final decision to buy the selected device, it is worth comparing them with other models, which will allow us to choose equipment ideally suited to our needs.

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