9 Safety Rules For The Operation Of The Wood Splitter

When working with a device that goes through thick wooden logs, without any hesitation, it is essential to know how to protect yourself, to avoid accidents. From the right equipment and clothing to the way you handle the logs, the safety rules cover every step you take in the correct operation of a wood splitter.


Wood splitters can apply a force of up to 40 tons, pass easily through large wooden logs and are supported by powerful motors. Here are just a few reasons why it is essential to know very well what safety measures you should take when you are going to use such a device, at home or at work.


Go through the technical manual

The first and most important safety measure you can take is to know your equipment very well. Carefully read the technical manual and identify all the functional elements of the device and especially those designed to protect you during operation. Then make sure they are where they need to be and that they are activated in optimal conditions.

Familiarize yourself with all the steps of using the appliance and the details of use before starting it, including the steps of maintenance, checking, powering and cleaning.


Do not use the appliance tired or dizzy

Because even the slightest moment of inattention can mean, in this case, a few fingers or a severed hand, avoid using the splitter when you are tired or have problems concentrating, no matter how many times you have used it before and how many to get acquainted with him. Do not split wood if you have consumed alcohol. Although you don’t realize it, your reaction time is significantly shorter than normal.

Attention and concentration can also be affected if you have a cold, have not slept well overnight, have had a stressful day at work and are agitated, children are sick and your mind is only with them or you have taken medications that affect your perception and cognitive functions. .

You also have to stay away from the device if your back hurts or your hands numb or tremble. Because it is a process that can make you tired, even if you do not split the wood manually, it is good to take a break when you feel that your concentration is weakening.


The wood splitter is operated by one person

For safety reasons, this type of device does not work in a team. The person who loads the log on the sectioning platform is also the one who activates the hydraulic system for pushing the cutting blade. If used by two different people, desynchronizations can occur, with serious consequences. 

It is also important to operate the blade drive system only with your hands and never with your elbow, knee or any other means that may mean that your hands may still be within range of the blade.


Place the device only on solid and secure surfaces

Many of the splitter models are equipped with wheels that allow moving quite easily from one place to another. It is important that when working you make sure that the wheels are locked and that the appliance cannot move during use.

Place the splitter only directly on the ground or a solid floor (not on boxes, wooden supports that can yield under weight, etc.), straight, flat, clean and non-slip. Avoid installing the device in the garden when the ground is muddy and you can slip while working. 

The ground around the appliance must be free of wood, stones, cables or any other objects that could cause you to slip or trip. Never park the device on a sloping ground to use it, even if you are sure that you have locked the wheels very well.


Use the splitter only outdoors

The best wood splitter is definitely one that is powerful enough to cut logs large enough. But it is good to know that such a device means a powerful engine, which runs on gasoline, emitting toxic gases while using it.

So never start it in an enclosed space, where the accumulated gases can become very dangerous and avoid staying near the flue area.


Do not smoke near the machine

You will think that being outdoors is not a problem. Wrong. First of all, you work with a machine powered by gasoline and any leak has flammable potential. So do not place it in a space where there is a risk of sparks or work with an open flame and do not light a cigarette while working, even if it means several hours in a row. If you feel the need to smoke, stop the engine and go to another area of the garden.


Turn off the power and repair device

If you suspect the fuel is running low, stop the engine completely before checking and refueling. A running engine can generate sparks which, in turn, can ignite the fuel. Any irregularity you notice while operating a splitter should only be resolved after the engine has been stopped. Remember that the area near the engine will be hot immediately after stopping, so avoid touching it until it cools down.

Seek a specialist for repairs, use original parts as much as possible and do not start work again until you make sure that everything works properly, especially the safety systems.


Handle the logs carefully

The logs are always held with the hands by the sides, a position that removes them from the range of the blade, and never by the ends. Try to position your palms towards the middle of the log, so as to reduce the risk of dropping it and hitting your feet.


Wear protective equipment

Do not start working before wearing protective equipment. Wear earphones, goggles, gloves and boots with a reinforced toe and avoid loose clothing or accessories that can be caught in the machine. Always keep the jacket closed.


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