Safety Miter Saw

Miter made easy

As a rule, a miter saw is needed to baseboards, picture frames and other pieces of wood to be cut miter . Usually, only an angle of 45 ° is cut and the strips are fitted together to match.

But easier said than done, many find it difficult to get clean cuts with a dung saw so that the angles are correct and the pieces then also fit together. Cutting the miters for the profile strips can be a real test of patience if you use a manual miter saw that is operated by hand.

If there is no way to properly clamp the workpiece in the device, it will slip again and again. In addition, every angle deviates by a few 0.1 °, since different movements occur when the hand is inaccurate. So an angle is not a problem, but especially with picture frames and skirting boards you always need an exactly matching counterpart. The angles then often fall apart and the profile does not fit at all.

Miter with a chop saw

A crosscut and miter saw is therefore best suited for processing many precise profiles and cutting miters . This is quickly adjusted to the desired angle and workpieces are always sawed the same and at the exact angle, since they are clamped. In addition, this makes working with the electric drive considerably easier. This means that large numbers of precisely fitting lasts can also be produced quickly.

The devices often have an integrated laser and can be continuously adjusted exactly according to the desired angle. This is of course a clear advantage, but on average these devices cost a little more than conventional hand saws. Good cross-cut and best wood miter saw are available from € 100.

5 tips for the perfect miter

✔ Miters that belong together should always come from the same ledge. Different lasts also have different profiles, which makes work very difficult.

✔To protect the paintwork, clamp some fabric between the saw and the bar

✔ Fix the workpiece vertically with a screw clamp.

✔The hand saw tilt as little as possible when sawing.

✔ Regrind a bar forever until the angle does not fit, if it does not fit then it does not fit.

Cutting mitres – conclusion

With a hand saw, with a little practice and the tricks mentioned, it is possible to make precise miters. However, good miter saws are almost as expensive as inexpensive miter saws. You should consider whether the physical exercise and effort is worth it or the few euros do not hurt and you prefer to use the more expensive miter saw. Our final opinion on the topic of miter cutting is that this work is most easily accomplished with electric miter saws. A chop saw can also be used for many other jobs in your own home or at work and you never know what’s going to happen.

With electric miter saws, the high speeds in combination with a sharp saw blade are particularly dangerous. Therefore, under no circumstances should the protective cap or other safety precautions be remounted or even removed completely. Many accidents are due to carelessness and circumvention of the safety devices. Frantic movements should also be avoided and one should not be alarmed when switching on a miter saw. Many devices do not have a starting current, which means they start up abruptly and you could flinch. If you observe the above points, you are always on the safe side when working with an electric miter saw.

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