8 Safety Instructions For Using The Pendulum Saw

Proper protective equipment, a clean job, proper maintenance of the device – are just some of the rules that protect your body integrity when working with an electric saw. Find out what the rest are and remember the most important ones .


The pendular or vertical saw is the tool you need, if you want to be able to make precision cuts, even on more difficult and winding routes, in materials of medium hardness, such as chipboard, MDF, PVC or Plexiglas . It is a device suitable both for handicraft workshops and for own household projects, easy to use and handle. In order to always work safely, it is important to keep in mind some important rules of use.


Technical manual

To use the saw, both in terms of safety and high efficiency, it is recommended to first read the contents of the technical manual and get acquainted with the elements of the device, the limitations you must take into account and everything related to the operation of this device.

Check if all the components provided in the technical diagram are included in the delivery package and install, according to those indications, accessories that are not already fixed on the body of the electric saw.


Protective equipment

We know that many of the saw models of this type seem safe and modern enough to not require any kind of protective equipment. But you definitely need special glasses to prevent the penetration of plastic, wood or metal particles cut by the blade. Do not replace them with a version of eyeglasses, because they will not help you at all.

Equally important is the protective mask, which we recommend you buy from the tool department, although you can also use a medical option, if you know how to place it correctly on your face, to give you the level optimal tightness. The reason for using the mask is the presence of fine particles of sawdust in the air, which can enter the lungs causing serious damage over time.

If the model you have generates over 80dB, it is also necessary to use a pair of headphones while working to protect your hearing, especially if you know that you will spend a few hours sectioning wood or metal.

Contrary to expectations, gloves are not necessary, and in fact can even confuse when working with a saw because they can be caught by mistake by the blade.


Check and change the canvas periodically

These saw models are especially recommended for wood and chipboard and less for metal, which is harder, blades fabric faster and where the cut can often be made with notches.

Regardless of the material you work with, it is important to periodically check the degree of blunting of the blade and to change it when necessary. The use of a used blade can cause the creation of recoil movements when advancing the saw, these being one of the main causes of accidents that occur during the use of this type of device.


A well-maintained saw is a safe saw

It is important to periodically lubricate both the fabric and the elements in its vicinity so that the cutting movements can be done easily, without blockages or tears. Do not try to force the saw through hard materials or denser areas of wood. If he doesn’t want to go ahead, change the canvas and try again, patiently.

Because we are talking about a power supply device, it goes without saying that it should be used only in clean and dry environments, without a high level of humidity, which increases the risk of electric shock. Never work with this device with wet hands.

Be careful which extension cord you use so that you can use it away from the socket and always connect it, as far as possible, to a grounded socket.


Working position

Make sure you always have a good position in front of the workbench. Stay upright and stable and if you rest your hand on the table or material, make sure it is out of the direction of the blade. Do not lie on the bench so that you are in a precarious balance and do not work from awkward positions.


Cleaning at work

It is very important that there are no elements on the floor that could cause slipping. We are talking about spilled liquids, cables, scrap materials, sawdust, screwdrivers, nails, etc. The floor must be completely clean around the surface you are cutting.

It is equally important that the workbench is clean, free of waste from previously cut boards. We recommend that you purchase a blower or a sawdust vacuum cleaner to help you quickly remove residues, even while working, so that you can easily observe the route you need to cut. Especially when it comes to sections with difficult formats, it is important to be able to clearly see, at any time, the direction in which you should go to the next step.


Check the material carefully

Before starting work, carefully check the pieces of wood, chipboard or MDF, looking for any knots present in the structure or nails left stuck from a previous use. Passing a pendulum saw over these areas can cause ricochet, causing cutting errors and damage to the material or even injury.


Your health

Avoid using such an electric cutting device if you have consumed alcohol, feel dizzy or weak, or have serious concentration problems. Fatigue is another reason to postpone projects like this.

It is just as dangerous to try to cut something if you hit your arm and you can’t control it perfectly or if you have problems with your joints or nerves, and your hands are shaking.

When you start working with tools of this type, it is recommended to pay full attention to the task, which means that friends who keep you company with a beer and talk to you may cause you to lose concentration.

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