Top 9 Power Tools To Have At Home

Any personal project that considers changing the appearance or utility of the home will require the use of various tools, and to make your work easier, you will choose, of course, the electric ones, much faster and more powerful than manual variants, in most cases . In order to manage without problems regardless of the work, here are some examples of devices that can help you. 

When you want to assemble a painting or to assemble a piece of furniture, some aids will be useful to make your work easier, especially when you have just moved and you want to transform the house in such a way that it molds more. much on your personality. With the right power tools, you can get very good results in a short time, and you can even do a better job than a craftsman, in many cases, without having to pay for labor. It is enough to invest a few pennies in the right devices, among which are the following: 



It is useful in any home, successfully replacing screwdriver kits, especially in the case of larger projects, where you have to screw or unscrew many elements. By using a classic, manual tool, your hand will get tired faster or you may run into a stubborn piece that does not want to go out or enter. But, with the help of the electric screwdriver, things become much simpler, achieving this by simply pressing a button. 

With the help of such a device, which is, most of the time, with batteries, so without a wire to confuse you, you can assemble pieces of furniture, disassemble appliances or cabinets, repair worn or built parts. 

For beginners, the models are as light as possible and not very large, enough for use in case of need, which can be used without difficulty. In the case of a business where you know you need a durable tool, you will invest in a more robust car. 


Soldering gun

For small DIY projects, a pencil model is enough, while, if you are a professional electrician or have a passion for repairs and creation, a classic model with a station may be more useful. 

Soldering guns are useful for creative activities, when using adhesive sticks, or in electronics, if the soldering is done with fluoride. Depending on your needs or how you think you will need the device, you will choose the most useful one for you. Fortunately, there are models on the market with batteries, and wired, and hobby, and professional use, so that any need can be met. 


Electric stapler

It is used for fixing one type of material to another, being useful for household projects or for various hobbies. It can be used for fixing wood and panels, for upholstery fabric and other decorations or for reconditioning furniture. The ergonomic shape encourages use, and safety systems are implemented to stop accidental use. 


Angle grinder

It is also known as flex, being especially helpful in the garage. You will use it to cut different types of materials, to sand, polish or finish surfaces and metals, being careful when handling, because it is one of the most powerful tools that pass through human hands. For safety, the necessary instructions and measures to be taken before plugging in will be read. 

It is, however, also a multifunctional device whose use is changed by means of the discs used, from the diamond ones, for cutting, the abrasive discs useful for cleaning metals and to the grinding discs, for finishing materials or those with wire, meant to clean rust and stains. 


Drilling machine

Popularly known as a drill, it is not absent from Romanian households, producing real “wars” between neighbors, through the loud noises it produces when used. It is ideal for drilling works, implementing screws in the wall or on other surfaces. It is easy to use, with a little attention and skill. 

For ordinary works it is not necessary to invest in a professional model, being sufficient some drills from Bosch , for example. It is more important that the device is able to drill a certain material. There are models for wood and metal or stronger variants for concrete. You can find this information, usually on the packaging or in the description of the product concerned. In addition, you should take care of what drills are available or invest in a kit of different sizes, to have at hand the necessities for any operation. 


Electric planer

It will be useful for those who often consider carpentry work, as it processes wood surfaces. It will help to smooth and correct the edges of the side, to finish or make it easier to build accessories, such as shelves or shelves. Unlike the manual version, it is easier to use and faster. 


Electric saw

For a carpentry enthusiast, such an object can be useful, which will facilitate the straight and uneven cutting or chipping of MDF or chipboard or boards, in order to more easily create shelves or bookcases, for example. When you want to change the table top, or the door of a closet, or you want to add shelves in a closet or in the bathroom, such a product can be useful. 


Hot air blower

It is useful in multiple circumstances that may occur in the household. It is characterized by the release of a flow of hot air from high temperatures that contributes to the bending of PVC pipes, to the thawing of some pipes or to the rapid drying of paints or varnishes immediately after application. At the same time, it shows its usefulness in unscrewing the elements blocked by rust or to remove peeling and old paints. At the same time, there is the option to change the appearance or functionality of objects that have a low melting point. 


Painting systems

For a lover of frequent changes or for a personal project that involves painting large surfaces, you can invest in a paint spray system so that you no longer need brushes or rollers. With the help of such an appliance you finish painting the walls or the wood faster, producing a major change in the household. 

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