PW-Saw, The New Saw With Weight Control Of Makita

Band saws are a very useful tool in the food sector since it allows you to automate cuts of meat, for example, allowing you to create a production line. PW-Saw is a saw with weight control launched by Makita in 2020 and here you can know all the details about it.


Makita, Japanese entrepreneurship

Makita is a company created by three young engineers: Jaume Gelada, responsible for the commercial workshop, Albert Mach, responsible for workshop and assembly and Ricard Masoliver, responsible for the company’s technical office. It was inaugurated in 2012 with the purpose of creating adaptations and manufacturing custom parts orders for various cutting tools, but in recent years the company has begun to develop its own prototypes in sawing machinery, mainly for use in the food market

Its latest launch has been the PW-Saw model, a high-capacity cutting saw and innovative technology for the selection of specific parts, which would facilitate and streamline the meat production line.


PW-Saw: everything you need to know

PW-Saw is the name that receives the new product from the Makita catalog and is a band saw cutter with weight control trained with a series of technologies and measurement sensors that will help you get more out of the raw material.

The machine has an industrial design, presenting dimensions of 4.20 x 1.3 x 2 meters, so you must have enough space to be able to locate it comfortably and allow the passage of the automated production line. In addition to this, it has a control screen with touch sensors, so you can change the cutting parameters of the saw.

The saw with which the Makita cutter works have a blade design and have measures of 268 centimeters in diameter with a thickness of 1.6 millimeters and, working with a power of 4.0 W is able to cut fresh, frozen meats or with bones, thus allowing its use regardless of the state of the product.

As for the structural design, this saw has disposal areas for handling the raw material, as well as the waste that will be obtained from the cutting of the pieces. The mentioned areas are composed of an entrance belt that can be integrated into an automated line followed by a section of meat gripping, to perform the scanning procedure and then pass the piece to the cutting area. Finally, the sawdust outlet is located that can be separated from the cutting process separated from an inclined tray for the output of the product already processed by the machine.

The entire design of the machine has been designed to speed up the manufacturing process of meat and fish, as well as facilitate the selection of parts of the particular animal to cut without having to depend on human intervention, helping the entire line Cutting work automatically to save time and effort.

Regarding the maintenance of the equipment, you should know that it is a detail that the Makita team has not overlooked since they have composed the entire structure of the ironing machine, a material that can be cleaned with water and detergent to eliminate waste and Avoid the presence of bad smells. 

It will also not present oxidation, you can keep it easily sterilized for food handling and it is attractive to the eye, thanks to its good manufacturing finishes that give it a robust, reliable and durable look so you can get the most out of your investment.

In addition to this, it is also striking that the structural design of the Makita cutter does not present recesses or corners of difficult access where sawdust or residue from the cuts can accumulate, a detail that will facilitate the internal cleaning of the machine. On the other hand, the absence of hoses is also an advantage, because you will not have to worry about the accumulation of dirt in the joints or replace worn-out units by the continuous use of the equipment.

Finally, it is considered an advantage that you can observe the whole process of selection and cutting of the meat through a pair of large windows located on one of its sides, which will make it easier for you to keep track of quality, as well as making sure that the machine works properly or if it needs the replacement of some essential part for its performance.


Cutting selection technology

In addition to all the advantages offered by the design of this saw cutter for meat and fish, it should be noted that some consider it as possibly one of the best band saws of 2020, thanks to the technology incorporated in the system of the equipment, through which certain basic functions of this type of machinery can be automated.

The technology in question was developed by the same Makita company and makes use of scanning and weighing sensors that are responsible for determining the dimensions and weight of the piece to be cut in order to adjust the position of the saw according to the appropriate height and displacement.

The system will also allow butchers to decide what type of cut they want for beef, to mention one of the most popular raw materials, which will save them a lot of time and get clean cuts ready to pack and ship for sale.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the performance of the analytical system of the sensors, together with the location system of the piece will increase productivity, as well as the material obtained from the animal, since you can select cuts of specific thickness and weight, facilitating tasks such as getting the ribs of a beef, filleting a fish or separating the parts of a pig without wasting meat.

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