The 7 Most Popular Ways to Use Your Home Air Compressor

From the ordinary inflating of balloons for parties to more complex uses, such as painting furniture or sanding wood, the air compressor is an extremely useful device in any household. Find out in this article what you can use it for and how you can take advantage of all the advantages that such a device offers you.

Are you going to buy an air compressor or do you already have one and are you curious about what other activities you can use it for, if you still invested money in it? We give you some useful and easy to put into practice ideas in this article, along with a series of tips for efficient use of such a device.


What is an air compressor and how does it work

The air compressor is a device that uses a motor (electric or thermal) to accumulate, in a tank, compressed air, which it brings to a predetermined level of maximum pressure, to be used later for various applications. There are industrial models, large and strong, professional, for workshops, and household, mobile and easy to use.

You can choose between tank-free versions, with lower performance, but easier to transport and use, and tank models, of which the most suitable for home use are those that can generate a pressure of 8 atm. In terms of tank capacity, specialists generally recommend variants of 25 to 50 liters, although you can also opt for models smaller than 6 or 10 liters, or larger, up to 100 liters, if you plan to use powerful pneumatic tools for which you need ongoing support.


Inflatable balloons and mattresses

We start the list of potential uses, very varied by the way, with the simplest. You can use a compressor to quickly and effortlessly inflate the balloons you need to prepare your home or other space for a birthday party. If you have ever been in the situation of doing this manually, you will greatly appreciate the help offered by this type of device. It is also useful to inflate an inflatable mattress, when you have guests and need extra space for sleeping, or for models used at the beach or when you go camping.


Bicycle and car wheels

If you like to ride a bike, it is good to have a compressor in the house to be able to bring to the optimal level, whenever you need, the air pressure inside the tire. This device is also used, perhaps even more frequently, to ensure the correct pressure inside the car tires, especially when you can’t get to the vulcanization for this procedure.


Compressed air cleaning

Pressurized air is one of the most effective solutions you have at your disposal to efficiently and quickly clean spaces narrow enough to prevent other variants, as well as complex tools or dirt particles that require force to be released. You can also use compressed air to remove dust from and inside the laptop keyboard or to clean the phone’s speaker.

You can also use the compressor to remove the sawdust as well as possible, after processing the wooden elements to be varnished, and to clean the holes created with the drill, in the wall or wood.


Quick and easy painting

If you want to repaint the fence, the garage door or other surfaces that need a more uniform and correct application, an easy and easy to put into practice option is to use a spray gun. But for this you need an air compressor to ensure the necessary pressure to spray the lake.

The high precision of applying the paint layer makes this tool easy to use for restoring furniture in the house or for renewing the paint layer on the shelves in the garage or workshop.


Upholstery of furniture

If you have ever tried to give your sofas and armchairs the shine another time by changing the upholstery, you already know how much a pneumatic staple gun would help you. With the help of an air compressor you can turn this need into reality, avoiding the use of specialized services for this stage and the additional costs that accompany such an option.



Both for finishing furniture surfaces and for correcting uneven paint deposits, a pneumatic sander is an extremely useful tool. You can use it for interior design projects, starting with the simplest repairs that mean chips, pieces of wood left outside and other types of irregularities, as well as if you are passionate about making garden furniture.


Pneumatic tools

Because they are lighter than the alternatives with thermal or electric motor included in the design, but also due to better resistance to environmental factors, such as moisture, dust, or the presence of flammable substances, pneumatic tools are often preferred to other variants.

However, you cannot use them if you do not have a compressor that can supply the grinder, the drill, the hammer, the paint gun, the cutting device and other types of such useful tools for the household. The best air compressor for you is one that can support the type of pneumatic tools you want to use, taking into account the delivered air flow, working pressure, but also the volume of the tank.

So carefully analyze, before purchase, the operating parameters of the pneumatic devices in the equipment and take into account any models you want to buy later. In general, you should take as a benchmark the tool that will consume the most and relate the characteristics of the compressor to its requirements.

As a guide, we can tell you that a low power compressor is considered a model that offers a maximum pressure of 6bar and an air volume of up to 150 liters per minute, and medium power an alternative that exceeds these parameters but is below 12bar and 300 liters per minute.

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