Maintenance Of The Gasoline Chain Saw

  1. When the saw chain is adjusting, loosen the guide plate, and tighten the nut. Use a screwdriver to screw the adjusting screw of the guide plate. Pressing to the right can cause the guide plate to extend and stretch the saw chain. Instead, the guide plate retracts, the string of the saw is loosened, and the chain of the saw is loosened. Grade, use your hand to gently lift the saw chain in the center of the guide so that the space between the lower end of the central guide tooth and the guide plate is approximately 1 mm. After adjusting, hold the guide nut and press the nut.
  2. When renewing the saw chain, the throttle should be added slightly after adjustment to drive the saw chain and run from slow to fast. During the rolling process, the lubricant must be pumped continuously. After filming, tension adjustment must be carried out. If you find that the saw chain is loose, you must adjust it in time.
  3. The repair of the saw chain teeth must be carried out following the original saw chain.

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