Laser Level: 9 Aspects Of The User Manual

Did you buy a laser level because it is much easier to use than a classic one? To benefit from its full potential, for projects of various degrees of complexity, it is good to know how to maintain it and use it correctly. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.


Did you think that you should take advantage of the latest inventions in the field of tools for craftsmen and builders and buy a laser level? Because it doesn’t look much like the classic version and is used a little differently, there are some aspects of the user manual that are important to know, regardless of the chosen model.


How it works

Unlike the classic level models, the laser ones use a horizontal light beam to indicate the correct balance and level at which you can cut, mount, paint, etc. When the level is not straight, the laser beam flashes, warning of the incorrect position. In addition to the air bubble options, in this category there are rotary laser models whose radius can be extended over distances large enough to help you draw a line at the same level with one already defined on another wall in the same the room.




These devices are battery powered and their size is small enough to be easy to transport and use. Many of the models also include “lead wire”, which means a second laser beam, vertical this time, which helps you draw perfectly perpendicular lines on the horizontal level.

Some are equipped with a tripod, for a simpler positioning at different heights, others do not have this accessory and it is necessary to improvise a support to ensure their placement on a straight surface.


The laser beam can blind

The medical devices used to test the pupil’s response to a ray of light use a special type of laser. If you expose anyone to the laser beam of a level (class 2 beam), you can cause blindness, so always avoid directing light to areas where other people are.

There are laser goggles on the market. It is important to know that these products are not designed to protect your eyes from laser rays, but to help you see them better, so you will be even more affected if you look straight into the light when you wear them. If you received the level together with a pair of glasses, it is good to know that it is not advisable to use them as sunglasses. They will reduce your visual acuity, without protecting you against ultraviolet radiation, which means an increased risk of an accident if you are in traffic.


Repairs and changes of parts

Removing the appliance by an unauthorized person usually voids the warranty, so if you have problems with the level, which you can not solve just by following the instructions in the manual and changing the settings, go with it to an authorized service.

It is equally important to make sure that defective parts are replaced with the original equivalents, so that you can enjoy the same level of performance guaranteed by the manufacturer.


High risk of fire

Laser beams can cause instant ignition in environments where flammable gases or powders or liquids with this property are present. So be very careful in what conditions you use the device. Carefully check the stove and close all the meshes, if you need to install furniture in the kitchen and you need the level to determine the exact position.


Away from children’s access

It is equally important to store this tool, easily confused with a toy with lights, away from the access of the little ones. Even if you tell them that they are not allowed to use it and that the beam can affect vision, the risk of them pointing it at another person’s eyes, without realizing it, is high enough to require special protective measures.


Battery management

Most laser level models work with disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. It is good to use only the models indicated in the technical manual and to remove the power supply from the device, when you know that you will not use it for a longer period of time. Both batteries and accumulators can corrode and damage the entire device or damage the power supply area.


Usage conditions

Like any electrical appliance, the level must not be exposed to moisture, direct sunlight for a long time and too high or too low temperatures. In general, you will find in the guide exactly the thermal interval in which it is good to maintain it.

If there is a large temperature difference between the environment in which it was stored or transported and the one in which it will be used, regardless of whether you bring it from hot to cold or vice versa, let the level adapt to the conditions in the space of use. Otherwise you may experience measurement errors.

Obviously, it is important to avoid mechanical shocks, the most common being caused by the device escaping from height. Because the blows can affect the operation of the device and the measurement accuracy, it is recommended that after such an event to compare the laser beams with a horizontal and a vertical line, respectively, known, checking the calibration.


Transport conditions

It is not recommended to move the laser level too much when it is turned on because it can affect the accuracy of the pendulum. Before transporting it, make sure that you have locked the pendulum or turned off the whole device.

Store and transport the level only in the protective bag, with which it is usually delivered, and take care to keep it always clean, wiping it with a soft cloth before storage, when working in dusty environments. Avoid using detergents or other cleaning substances and do not expose the device to too much water. Special attention should be paid especially to the areas near the hole through which the laser beam comes out and the lint that can collect there.


Measurement quality

Because the width of the emitted laser beam changes depending on the distance from the center point, it is recommended to use each time as a reference point, its center, which is the narrowest and offers greater accuracy. 

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