Keys To Get The Most Out Of The Milling Machine

A milling machine is a machine that helps you mold, cut and polish different materials, such as wood, iron, steel, among others. This is possible through the use of strawberries of different types and edges, which when placed in the machine perform rotary movements capable of making the cut, so it is important to know their uses and functions.

The use of milling machines depends on the strawberries you use, these are interchangeable pieces that embed in the base of the machine and turn at high speed to offer you some type of cut. Also, you should take into account that they are usually made of fast steel or hard metal, while those of professional quality are made of construction steel, however, all types of strawberries have steel teeth or blades, which are used to obtain different results. 

Usually, a milling machine brings a generic strawberry kit or some of the most basic ones, so it may be necessary to purchase a set of 12 pieces or more for greater versatility, in addition, this gives you more functionality in case you should Carry out various carpentry work. If you plan to buy a milling machine or already have one, it is worth reviewing some of the main jobs that are possible with it.



You can make moldings with a strawberry for this task, which has a spin-type design with curved sides to mold the piece, it is also known as a dancer and allows you to move perpendicularly or parallel to the surface.

Therefore, the more curved the design of this type of milling cutter, the greater the degree of inclination the edge of the molding will have. This also depends on the depth to which you adjust the mill before operating it, so it can work for more marked finishes or perforations.

It is important to adjust the speed of the milling machine according to the type of wood or material that we are working since this has a lot to do with the work efficiency and resistance of the machine. Once lit, the movement must be done in the opposite direction to the rotation produced by the milling cutter. On the other hand, you may get more professional finishes if you use several types of strawberries to mold on the same piece, as this will have different levels and more details.


For this work, it is advisable to use a lateral guide, which is usually included as an accessory in the milling machine and you place it parallel to it, so you can make a more straight and precise groove. The design of these strawberries incorporates a type of disc that rotates to produce more or less superficial perforations in the material. When performing this work, it is important to slide the mill slowly and firmly to obtain a cleaner line.

If you want to make a deeper grooving, then the most appropriate thing is that you pass the milling machine twice, since this way you avoid accidentally cutting the surface, burning it or having the machine work forced, in addition, so you don’t have to make a great physical effort. In the same way, it is appropriate that you clean the groove and the workspace before passing it again, in this way you can be sure that you are getting an accurate job.

Grooves for grooves are not limited only to make straight movements, since they also allow lines to be made in other ways, through the use of dovetail strawberries, T-shaped, among others. Also, the mills indicated for grooves usually incorporate three cutting edges, composed of a front and two sides, to provide greater versatility.


In addition to making grooves, some strawberries allow you to cut the material, according to the depth it has. As in the previous case, it is appropriate that you use the lateral guide for a more precise and clean job.

Strawberries to cut normally have a cylindrical design, thin and simple, easy to identify and with varied edges to make different cuts in a straight line. In this sense, you can find them with very fine or thick teeth according to your needs.

On the other hand, to make a circular cut you need a metal pivot, which you must insert into the guide. Its diameter depends on the size of the hole. Also, this type of cut can be produced by combining the rotation of the work surface and the milling machine, so it is very similar to the method used to draw with a compass. In this sense, if you move the milling machine up or down, you can get an eccentric geometric cut, just as a crankshaft would.



A copier is a very practical accessory that you place in the bottom center of the milling machine and allows you to cut and engrave different designs on the surface you are working on. In this sense, you can find all kinds of templates in carpentry stores, you can even make some with the use of wood sheets to make various drawings and shapes.

In addition, it is important to take into account that this type of cut is the most used to make toys and wooden objects with great detail and quality finishes. You can easily identify a copier by its round design and metal fabrication.


Recommendations for the proper use of the milling machine

Some of the best milling machines of 2020 are very versatile machines, which are usually indispensable in any workshop or home, whether you are a professional in the area or a fan of carpentry and metallurgy. In addition, they usually have an affordable price for most users. However, it is also one of the most dangerous tools, so it is important to take into account the advice of experts in the field.

Before starting to use a milling machine, it is advisable to think about some safety measures, such as glasses to protect you from the debris you can shoot, ear protectors, in case you have a model that produces a lot of noise, as well as a pair of gloves since if you use it continuously it could cause discomfort in the hands. These implements are key to avoid accidents, but at the same time, they allow better performance in the projects you carry out.

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