7 Information About Tools From The Yato Brand

Have you seen the Yato brand tools in stores and wondered if they are high quality or if this name is important on the profile market? If you are wondering if you will find a certain tool, specific to your projects, find out more about what this manufacturer offers you in the following lines. 


On the profile market there are countless brands at good prices and balanced quality, specific to each category of users, so it is difficult to find the clear information you are looking for or to simply find out more about the brand you are happy with. In stores you can’t find information about its history or portfolio and you may not have time to look for more data at the moment. 

In the following lines, we bring you a few things about the Yato brand and the product categories it produces and sells. 


What is the history of the brand?

You may have heard of Yato in the past, because this brand dates back to 1990, but then it exists in another form, namely Toya SA It is considered one of the largest and most diversified manufacturers of hand tools and power on European and international market, continuously working on the development of high-performance and economical technologies for home and professional users. 

Yato is the Chinese branch of the parent company Toya, based in Poland, being, perhaps, the best European brand in terms of price-performance ratio. Its products are representative of the desired quality of the masses and the needs of professional customers, and not only, the market strategy involving continuous development and gaining new segments by introducing innovative elements, step by step. 

Toya is also one of the most competitive names in the tools and hardware segment that increases its turnover and the way it relates and gains customers by opening new branches and representatives in countries in Asia and Europe. It was born in 1990 in Poland, in 2003 being organized the Romanian wing located in Bucharest. In the same year, the brand diversified through the branching of the Toya group’s portfolio with logistics centers in Shanghai, Warsaw and Wrocław. 


Where the Yato tools are sent from

Although it is the Chinese branch of the parent group, Yato is registered as a Polish company, being, therefore, a European brand. However, its warehouses are located in Shanghai, in a hall of 4000 square meters. There are stocks of car repair tools, for construction, general use or measuring, among others, the models being for ordinary users or professional customers. 

There is no lack of the safety standard necessary for industrial use, so any device will be safe for use and by less skilled hands, following the instructions, of course. 


Where are the brand representatives

In order to meet international demands and facilitate the development process, the manufacturer has built agencies and branched out into more than 50 countries, including Australia, Algeria, Brazil, Malaysia, Pakistan, Israel, Chile, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. 


What kind of tools does Yato produce?

The European brand designs, builds and sells quality hand and power tools, focusing on developing and launching new products to gain new audiences every time. In addition, there are aerodynamic, torsion or protection options, ready to help in factories, on construction sites, in companies or at home. 

In general, they are Yato hand tools for professional users, so they know the basic rules regarding how to use them and the safety rules. The design of the utensils and kits is modern and pleasant. The offers focus mainly on use in the car repair industry, in construction or gardening. 


What are the partner brands

You may have heard of PowerUp, with tools for personal projects (soldering guns, rotary hammers, water pumps, etc.) or Sthor, which sells tools of common use, of medium quality, such as circular saw, drill or grinder. The Vorel brand, from the same group, focuses on ergonomic devices at economical prices, focusing on car accessories, measuring instruments, power and electrical. 

The botanical sphere is handled by Flo’s offers, which gather everything needed for garden care (scissors, pliers, axes, saws, etc.) and Fala considers tools and appliances specific to the bathroom, such as faucets, shower heads, scales. 


Specific design

Yato products are recognized by the slightly fluid and modern shape of its articles, the chosen chromatic being contrasting, red and black, which stands out very well, allowing you to quickly find the desired instrument in a box. And for professional users there are even complete kits or even small cabinets full of small components that can’t wait to be discovered. 


Using tools

On the local market, and not only, there are tools divided into different categories, the simplest being to choose the right tool for a certain activity. But don’t forget the complete kits, for family use, which contain most of the elements necessary for repairs around the house or personal home improvement projects. 

Popular are tools for electrical work, including tension pencils, crimping pliers, multimeters, cable pliers or hammers. 

In case of works on the sanitary installation, the keys for pipes or basin, the hexagonal ones, the dies for pipes, the sets destined for the sleeve of the pipe or the special cutters for hard materials will be necessary. At the same time, larger mobile and fixed key kits, for example, will be useful for a professional plumber. 

In terms of diversity regarding garden items, here we have models of scissors (for hedges, branches, vines, shrubs), shovels, spades, rakes and hose adapters. For small, hobby-type gardens with flowers and vegetables, mini-gardening tools can be used. 

When it comes to car repairs, the Yato arsenal does not lack jacks (hydraulic, crocodile), batteries, tools for braking and suspension systems (lever, tools for shock absorbers, for brake cylinders or mounting the brake spring, etc.), as well as and those related to car engine repair (for spark plugs, alternator, timing, injectors, segments, valves, pliers, test kits). 

Every worker on the site, and not only, needs certain elements of protection when working with electrical or manual devices. That’s why Yato also sells face masks, knee pads, gloves, goggles and padded shoes, as well as equipment (vest, helmet, pants, earplugs, etc.). 


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