Discover The New MB Hydraulic Milling Machines

The Italian company MB has presented its new precision hydraulic milling machines suitable for large-scale works in highly populated areas, which allow for the development, demolition, and excavation work. These tools have revolutionized the world of construction equipment, thanks to their patented technologies that give them unique characteristics.


The problems faced by construction companies when using milling machines

When it comes to a precision hydraulic milling machine, it is necessary to think of an underlying problem; This is a potent tool, which, however, must respect the laws of cities in terms of vibration, noise, dust, and space. In this sense, if we take as an example the restoration of an old museum in the historic center of a highly populated center, we can have a clearer idea of the difficulties that construction companies face.

Another fundamental challenge is to reduce the production of waste generated as a result of this type of work in cities. This has to do with the experience of the machinery operator but mainly depends on the functions offered by the device, since an imprecise cut produces excess waste, as well as an unnecessary waste of time and resources.


The technologies of the new MB hydraulic milling machines

The MB company has developed and patented several techniques that are included in these new hydraulic milling machines. One of the most significant achievements is the Direct Drive Twin Motor System, a system with double motor and direct transmission, which distributes the force of the two drums independently, to automatically manage the power according to the resistance offered by the material, This means that the machine cuts intelligently, so as not to apply more force than necessary, while saving energy. It is also possible to choose different drum and tooth kits, specially designed to work with certain materials, which allows for greater efficiency.

Among the most critical technologies that include these milling machines, is the integrated Power Boost system, which offers an increase in power in the milling head that needs it, allowing to perform the work in the shortest time possible. For its part, the No Torsion System aims to reduce the transverse load on the arm of the machine, favoring precision and significantly increasing durability because there is less wear.

In this same sense, the MB brand has introduced to the market some kits that complement the operation of the new milling machines. An example of this is the kit that allows the rotation of the body of the device so that the technical operator of the machine can rotate it from the cabin without stopping the work, which means a lower cost of time.

The milling depth adjustment kit is another advantage of these MB milling machines since it offers a more precise cut. Therefore, the device generates less waste, and the costs in this regard are lower. In addition, there is a kit available for reducing high temperatures, which keeps the machine’s oil at a low temperature, increasing efficiency, and durability. Likewise, a nebulizer kit and another one for drum coating are available, handy for carrying out works in urban centers and closed buildings, since they reduce dust. 

For greater efficiency in the work against the clock, these milling machines offer a fast maintenance system, since they allow changing the milling heads in less than an hour, without having to move the machine anywhere, this means that it is possible to resume the work almost immediately. As if that were not enough, these machines have been manufactured with Hardox wear plate, so that they have bodies resistant to the most challenging environments.


Differences between the mechanical milling machine and the hydraulic milling machine

A milling machine is basically a tool for cutting various materials. The best known are those that are used in industrial mechanics workshops, to produce parts that will later serve in the construction of more sophisticated devices. However, there are currently many designs of different milling machines that work in various industrial sectors so that we can find them of different sizes and with unique functions.

In the case of the hydraulic milling machine, the main difference is the dimensions since it is heavy machinery, although it has the same function, that is, making cuts in different materials. Instead of making parts, this great tool is used in the field of construction to prepare the land, dig, and demolish. It is also useful in the agricultural sector, as it allows irrigation channels, river diversion, among other works.


MB’s leadership in the recycling, demolition and crushing sectors

The MB company was founded in 2001 in the Italian municipality Fara Vicentino, where it continues its headquarters; however, it currently has seven subsidiaries, authorized service centers, and an extensive network of distributors, so its presence has been extended worldwide. In more than 15 years, he has managed to position himself as one of the leaders, especially in the crushing sector, but also with a significant presence in the demolition and recycling markets.

This company is dedicated to the design, production, and marketing of crusher spoons with jaw movement, as well as unique accessories in the world, which are the product of constant technological research aimed at improving processes to reduce production costs. 

One of the great achievements of this company is the transformation of the traditional excavator into an integral tool, so you only have to change the accessory, simplifying the work on the site, and lowering the costs of the final product. Thus, the brand intends to solve problems that users of the sector did not know they had.

Currently, it offers a variety of models of cheap milling machines to adapt them to different needs, depending on the project, facilitating cuts in rocks, concrete walls, and activities related to the agricultural sector.

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