How To Use The Saw Safely

The more advanced work we carry out, the better our saw should be equipped with complex functions. While the use of light chainsaws, designed for the easy task, is not a big problem, in those more advanced requires self-discipline and knowledge of equipment. Proper use of this device requires some time and compliance with safety rules. The longer we work with the saw, the more practice we will gain, and working with it will become a real pleasure.

The instructions must be read.

Let’s not start working with a sharp tool until we are familiar with it. The instruction manual will always be attached to the device that we buy, so there should be no significant problem finding it.

The correct use of the saw requires basic knowledge and familiarity with the operation of each element of the device. Not only the manual but also the instructional video, as well as experience resulting from the frequent use of the saw, will help us in this.


Correct clothing – full body protection

To start working safely with your chainsaw, it’s a good idea to wear a protective suit. First of all, pants with cut protection, a helmet, earmuffs, boots, and gloves are essential. To make the work more convenient, it is also worth equipping yourself with a tool belt, to which we attach all the necessary work accessories.

Let’s check before switching the saw on

  1. clean the device, in particular its cylinder, air filter,  and the inner side of the clutch cover. Let’s take a look at whether all of the components have broken and have no apparent signs of wear. Some of such damage can cause a small fragment to fall off and cut our body.
  2. Also, check the ignition switch and the quality of the chain holder attachment.
  3. If you use electric chainsaws, remember not to turn them on in the rain and in places with very high humidity.
  4. A working chain saw should have a well-prepared chain. If it is well sharpened, working with the saw is more efficient. It also does not require much effort, as in the case of an inadequately tensioned chain.

Saw oil – which should you choose?

The best fuel will be one with an octane number> 90, mixed with two-stroke oil in a ratio of approx. 50: 1. Fuel preparation should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations on the packaging.

It is also worth making sure that the fuel tanks are tight, and the covers are definitely closing. We should also avoid situations where dirt could get inside the container. Car chains and those dedicated to other vehicles are not suitable for chainsaws.


How should the workplace be prepared?

It is okay if the saw is in a place where it will not be necessary to move from its feed side. It can be placed in front of a secure fence to protect against impact after rejection. The machine must not nod or move.

There should not be any unnecessary materials in the place of work. We limit them to the necessary minimum. However, the power cable itself is best to suspend or shield, which will prevent you from tripping over it.


How to start a chainsaw


We grab the equipment with our left hand by the front handle, pressing the cover to the ground with our left foot. The guide bar should not come into contact with the ground or other objects. Pull the starter handle with your right hand.

When the saw is working, always hold it with both hands above shoulder height. We do not go on scaffolding or a tree with a saw that is turned on. If we do any adjustment or maintenance work, immediately turn off the saw, similarly when the cable is broken.

When we use a chainsaw, always try to do it in the company of someone who, in the event of an accident, could give us first aid.

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