How To Use A Chain Saw

A chainsaw is a dangerous tool and you must follow the safety rules when working. Here are five “yes and no” rules that should be followed when using a chain saw. They are large, loud but often they are also the best tool for fast and accurate work. However, they belong to the most dangerous devices if we do not know how to use them properly. Every year, it causes thousands of more or less serious injuries. So what should you do to make your chain saw work smoothly?


YES: Take care of safety every time you use the saw

Regardless of whether you started the saw hundreds of times or if you have it for the first time in your hands, you always have to remember about the right clothing. A helmet, safety goggles, and earplugs are essential. Many of the injuries that arise when working with the saw involve your hands and arms, so make sure you wear the right gloves. Also, give up loose clothing that could get into the mechanism of the device. Do not forget about protective trousers, which should be made of suitable and durable material to ensure optimal protection against cuts.

NO: … forget to evaluate the work environment

Take a minute or two to check the area where you intend to work. Clear all impurities such as branches, stones or rubbish – after all, you do not want, for example, paper to fly in the air during cutting. Make sure there are no holes or other distortions around the area to be able to take a firm position before switching on the saw. Make sure there are no power lines, buildings or people nearby who could be hit by a falling tree. It may sound funny, but also provide yourself with an “emergency exit”, which you can safely move away in case something unexpected happens.


YES: Take extra precautions if you are using petrol or electric saw

Chainsaws powered by fuel or electricity generate additional problems to keep in mind.

Do you work with petrol chainsaw? Make sure the fuel is at least 3 meters from where you are going to cut. This will reduce the risk of any leaks or vapors accidentally igniting. If your device running out of gasoline during operation, take a break to let it cool before refilling the tank.

If you are using an electric chainsaw, check that there is no water nearby and remember to keep the cable in order not to get tangled in it or cut it.

NO: … press too hard on the guide bar or cut with the tip

When you learn to use a chainsaw for the first time, remember that you don’t need to use too much force when cutting. As long as you drive the tool with both hands and have a firm grip, you can safely let the machine do its work.

Avoid cutting with the tip of the guide bar. If anything comes into contact with this part, the chain saw may be knocked out towards you and you will lose control over it. Make sure that you use a tool equipped with a reflection shield and chain brake that reduce the likelihood of such an event.

YES: keep the chainsaw below your shoulders

You see the last branch, which is slightly higher than the others, and you have not suffered any injury so far, so you think you can cut it down, right? Unfortunately not.

If you need to stretch or raise the saw significantly above your shoulder line, you can easily lose your balance. The same goes for using a ladder or stool to work with it – don’t do it! In addition to the risk of cutting, there is also the risk of being burned by a chain or engine, which can heat up quickly even after a short work.

These are just the basic rules that you should remember to be able to use your chainsaw safely. To minimize the risk of accidents, we also encourage you to read the operating instructions for the purchased tool before starting work.


Which device will be best for me?

According to Greenworks: We compared the G-MAX 40V DigiPro brushless chainsaw with a traditional petrol chainsaw. The test showed that the exhaust gas heats up more than twice as much as ours. You can see the full results of the experiment in the video below:

What’s more, the Greenworks chain saw is equipped with a battery – it means no worries about the cable tangling around. This battery allows you to make over 150 cuts on a single battery charge, so you don’t have to worry about recharging just after starting work.

For even better performance, a model with an 80-volt power supply was created, which guarantees even greater performance. Greenworks chainsaw 80V provides as much power as a petrol version with an engine capacity of 42 cm 3.

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