How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Effectively?

Is your chainsaw no longer as sharp as immediately after purchase? Is that why cutting wood is not so fast and effective? We’ll suggest how to deal with its sharpening.

When the gardening season begins, your hands are full of work. The saw is an integral part of many gardening works; without it, work will be carried out much longer and less efficiently. Meanwhile, the saw is very dull, how to sharpen it?


What does sharpening using hand files look like?

A file is used to sharpen the saw. Before applying it to the chain, be sure to mark – preferably with a felt-tip pen – the tooth from which we will start sawing. We start sharpening at the same time, remember to check the collection after a few strokes. Only an even collection will ensure that the abrasive has been correctly selected for the chainsaw. The file itself can also be guided by us too high or too deep, and we will find out just after the collection.

What is worth remembering:

– we do not sharpen the saw, and if we are not sure that it is wholly blunted, a slight blunting is enough to pull the file several times before the work itself,

– during sharpening we make the same number of strokes on each tooth, only then all saw teeth will be the same length,

– it is not necessary to remove the chain from the saw for file sharpening,

– sharpening starts from the most blunt teeth, first grind the right, then the left teeth,

– the file should be moved from one another.

Manual sharpening or using an electric sharpener?

Manual sharpening is done with a file equipped with a guide. We can use round data with a small diameter and small diameter – to sharpen teeth and flat files – to shorten them.

Electric sharpening is done using a sharpener with grinding discs. During electric sharpening, care is needed not to overheat the chain. Then we will receive the opposite effect to the intended one.

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