How To Properly Cut Tall Trees?

Sometimes, for a better look at the garden or just for the safety of people passing by nearby, we have to make this radical decision and remove the tree. This is a reasonably important task, and it is worth preparing yourself for it, so that the whole process runs without surprises and that nothing happens to anyone. Where do we start?

If pruning branches or reducing the shape of the crown of the tree did nothing, and the tree is sloping and threatens humans and animals, we can do nothing but remove it. However, we should remember to act following the law. Felling of trees on their property, apart from fruit trees and shrubs, requires an appropriate application by the owner of a given plot and the consent of the proper authority.

After deciding to cut trees, we must prepare ourselves for this. First of all, let’s take care of our safety. We’ll get protective clothing, high hard shoes, and put on thick gloves. Special trousers are available in stores to protect us if the saw jumps back towards the legs: individual material fibers then screw into the chain and stop the cutting system. It is also worth investing in head protection, e.g., with a helmet with a face shield. We also need the right equipment. We can use a hand saw, but it generates a lot of work. In garden stores, you will find many types of chainsaws. The choice is wide, but a specialist in the store will help us decide on the right device.

We also take care of the safety of third parties or animals. They should be far enough away from the clipping site. It is useful when the distance is about 10 m, but it depends mainly on the height of the tree.

Then we proceed to prepare the tree for felling. In the beginning, to create good access to the trunk, we remove branches near it, to facilitate later work. However, we do not saw above our heads so that during cutting, nothing unexpectedly falls on us.


Tree felling

After preparing ourselves, third parties, and the tree for the entire felling process, we proceed to the necessary work. We start by designating where the tree is to fall. If it is sloping in one direction, it will probably fall in that direction. Similarly, if one of the sides has many more branches, which will likely pull the tree behind them. When the trunk is straight, it is worth trying a rope to it so that it is easier to direct the path of its fall.

Then we cut the trunk on the side where the tree is to fall. We saw diagonally and perpendicularly to the depth of ¼ or 1/3 of the trunk diameter so that both cuts form an angle of 45 °. On the other side of the trunk, approx. 2-3 cm higher than the previous incision, we make another one with a wedge so that the tree does not tilt in the wrong direction. Between the cuts, we leave the so-called joint. The wedge-formed earlier will facilitate pushing the tree in the right direction. After using force, we will probably hear a characteristic sound, a typical crackling noise. We must then, as a precaution, quickly move away from the tree, even when it seems to us where it will fall. You can never be too careful.

After cutting and making sure everything is as planned, we cut the branches and cut the trunk into parts. In the case of a thick trunk, we cut it first on one side, then on the other, so that the cuts meet each other – this will facilitate the work. The next pieces can be cut with a saw or an ax. However, beware of possible bouncing passages. It’s good when we do it on a flat surface away from third parties.

We can use cut wood in the garden as decorations, for various garden constructions, or simply burn them on the fire. Large amounts of other branches should be thrown into a shredder, which will cut them into small cuttings. These we will later use, e.g., to supplement the bedding at a discount. This will increase the aesthetic value and improve the soil conditions of our plants.

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