How To Correctly Use And Maintain The Utility Electric Utility Impact Drill

An impulse hand drill is a type of power tool that mainly depends on rotary cutting and produces the force of impact by operator thrust. It is suitable for drilling bricks, aggregates, and other materials. The correct use and maintenance of the impact drill should always pay attention to the following problems.


operation and use

(1) Before the process, it is necessary to check if the power supply is following the voltage of 220V in the power tools, so as not to be depleted to a conventional 380V power supply.

(2) Before using the impact drill, please check the insulation protection of the body, auxiliary handle, and adjustment of the depth ruler carefully, if the machine has screw loosened or not.

(3) The electric percussion drill should be loaded with bits of steel alloy percussion drill or universal drill bits in the allowed range of 6-25MM according to the material requirements. Strictly prohibited to use drill bits beyond the scope.

(4) Impulse electric drill drivers must be well protected. It is strictly forbidden to drag cables in clutter to prevent swaying and cutting and do not drag cables in oil and water to prevent oil and corrosive water from the wires.

(5) The impact drill plug must be equipped with an output switch device and check if the power cord is damaged. When the leak, abnormal vibrations, high temperature, or unusual sound of the impact drill are in use, the work must be suspended immediately, and the electrician must check and repair it in time.

(6) When the percussion drill replaces the drill, the particular gasket hand and the training must be used to lock the key, and the unique tool should not be avoided to hit the hammer drill.

(7) When using electric drill percussion, make sure not to exert too much force or defer the operation, install the appropriate drill bit in advance and adjust the electrical percussion depth rule to drill well, exert force slowly and evenly in the vertical and balanced operation and not Use Super big drill by force.

(8) Master and operate the steering and steering control mechanism, flexible screw, and tapping drilling.


2. maintenance

(1) Replace the brush with impact brush and check the pressure of the professional electrician spring.

(2) to ensure the integrity of the entire body of the electrical effects drilling of drilling wells, cleaning, and removal of dirt and to ensure the smooth operation of the electric impact, drilling rig.

(3) Professionals Check regularly whether the parts of the electric hand drill are damaged or not, and timely replacement should be done if the damage is severe and cannot be reused.

(4) Appropriate increase the screw fasteners missing in the fuselage during operation.

(5) Check regularly if the bearings, gears, and vanes of the transmission part are flexible and intact and add lubricant to the rotating element in time to prolong the life of the electric hand drill.

(6) At the end of the use, the flashlight drill returns to the factory of the tool in good time. End overnight storage in a personal cabinet tool.

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