How Much A Good Chop Saw Should Cost

As everywhere and in all areas of life, the price is not everything. If you only look at the price, you always risk a bad purchase. Conversely, cheap does not mean that the product is bad. The following article gets to the bottom of the question ‘What a good chop saw should cost’.


What does a good chop saw cost?

To answer the question as far as possible, we look at it from 3 different perspectives: 1. The occasional user, 2. The ambitious handyman and 3. The fully professional. After all, the price of a chop saw also depends on this, since it is then equipped with different functions. The performance, workmanship, service life, cut quality and much more. depend on it.

The occasional user

By occasional user I mean a hobby handyman who really only uses his chop saw very rarely: He has just laid laminate in his study and now wants to attach the skirting boards. For this he buys a cheap chop saw for, for example, 100 euros (or even less). After he has set his baseboards, the chop saw goes back to the workshop, where it waits for its next use.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to spend a few hundred euros and invest in a professional device. An entry-level model is sufficient for cutting a few skirting boards.

The casual user, who will really only use his chop saw very rarely, is usually best served with an entry-level model. He should plan around 100 euros (or less) for the purchase of his chop saw.

The ambitious handyman

The ambitious handyman usually does all the work on the house, yard and garden himself. No matter whether for interior work, in the garden, when building a terrace or when realizing small wood projects – he does everything himself and also relatively often / constantly: – ).

I would recommend him to invest a few euros more in his chop saw. He should pay more attention to quality and workmanship, as well as the features and functions with which the crosscut saw is equipped. It makes sense to use a pull cross-cut saw rather than a “classic” cross-cut saw without a pull function, because it is simply more flexible. Of course, this always depends on your own needs and plans. He should plan around 200 – 300 euros for the purchase of his chop saw.

The ambitious handyman should plan between 200 and 300 euros for the purchase of his chop saw and, to be on the safe side, invest in one with a pull function.

The full professional

The professional, who relies on the function of his tools every day and with whom he ultimately earns his money, should therefore also opt for a high-quality miter saw with many functions and “a good reputation”. This is the only way it can meet the high demands of professional users and survive the tough everyday life. After all, nothing is worse than standing on the construction site or in the workshop and being unable to continue…

The professional usually has high demands on his tools and machines. They have to be precise, always work and, if possible, be flexible. The price here should take a back seat. Rather, one should pay attention to quality, workmanship, functionality and practicality. Professional cross-cut saws range in price from around 500 to 1,000 dollars or more.



As almost everywhere, there are huge price differences for cross-cut saws. The range is actually around 100 to 1,000 euros or more. Cheap cross-cut saws tend to be aimed at beginners and hobbyists, while the high-priced devices are intended and suitable for professional use. The choice of the cross-cut saw should always be based on your own needs, plans and requirements.


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