Hitachi G13SR4(H6) 125mm Angle Grinder Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about the Hitachi G13SR4(H6) 125mm Angle Grinder Reviews.

If you are looking for angle grinders to do jobs that require great power, the 1000 watts of power that this model offers will not be easily found on any other equipment. So if you are looking for power this is a good option to consider.

Main Advantage:

Its power of 1000 W makes it a powerful angle grinder, so it is ideal for strong work such as polishing and metal cutting.

Main Disadvantage:

One of the failures that users have reviewed on several occasions is related to the connections that are inside the device since it has small cables that tend to braid and in some cases break.

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Main Features Explained

Power and portability

Angle grinders require great power to perform all polishing or cutting activities. This model has a maximum power of 1000W, this being a high power among the models offered in the market.

This makes it an excellent option for use on different surfaces, as it will not stick, and can also work on different materials, without forcing the motor of the device. In the same way, this equipment has dimensions of 26 x 7.5 x 10 cm that make it a very comfortable device to use and carry.

Apart from this, the weight of the equipment is one of the lightest in the market of angle grinders, since it only weighs 1.4 kg, which facilitates its transfer even more and allows it to be easily portable.


Angular grinders, despite being small and easy-to-use equipment, tend to tire the user very quickly. In addition, it is not easy to use them in certain positions since the grip is sometimes complicated. However, this model was designed with standards that make it pleasant equipment.

Its handle is ergonomically made, which allows the user to use the equipment for a long time, without tiring their hands and arms. This grinder has a side handle that helps facilitate its handling, adapting to any position. The equipment comes with a special wrench to be able to adjust it when necessary or when a change of parts is required.

Design and guarantee

This equipment has a state-of-the-art design that serves to adapt to any surface, as well as any space. The design of this equipment mainly has a flat design head. This design helps to facilitate all kinds of jobs, mainly those jobs in complicated places, such as corners and narrow spaces, without the need to attach any accessories to do so.

In addition, the brand that manufactures this equipment has been determined to offer the best quality of service to its customers. A clear demonstration of this is the three-year warranty that the equipment offers. To enjoy this benefit you only need to register the product on your website after you have purchased it.

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