Greenworks Chainsaw Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about the GREENWORKS chainsaw reviews of 2020.

It is one of the most efficient chainsaws, thanks to its 50.8 cm pointed pinion sword, suitable for those who require a robust tool.


Main Advantage:

Its 2-stroke petrol engine has a power of 4.0 AH and a displacement of 62 cc, which together with its electronic ignition CDI allows making all types of cuts efficiently in the shortest possible time.

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In the opinion of some users, the chain of this chainsaw is loosened with constant use, which could cause inconvenience when performing different tasks.

Main Features Explained


It is a felling chainsaw that has a 2-stroke gasoline engine. It has a power of 3.8 hp and a displacement of 62 cc, which allows it to stand out among the different models for maintaining a constant level of force during the period of time you use it, so it guarantees the performance of fast work and efficient. It also has a CDI electronic ignition system, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, which acts through an electric current discharge to speed up the process.

Also, it has a centrifugal clutch without ferdos and the E-start easy start system, which allows the engine to start up with a minimum of effort, because it reduces the traction power needed by the starter rope, thus avoiding pulling strong that can negatively affect arms and hands. In addition, it prevents the dangerous rebound effect, which has been the cause of many accidents in the forestry sector.

It has a centrifugal air injection system, responsible for removing impurities from the engine to keep it totally clean. Its oil pump is automatic and adjustable, allowing constant lubrication of the chain and the bar to ensure its proper functioning. In the same way, it incorporates a magnetic flywheel with fins, which guarantees the cooling of the engine and the entry of air into the filter, because it directs it inwards, acting like a fan.

On the other hand, it has a 50.8 cm long sword and is of the pointed pinion type, which provides greater resistance and makes it easier to maneuver, especially in the work of felling trees or branches of large diameters. Likewise, it has a chain pitch of 8.25 mm and has TRU-SHARP technology, which provides a more secure grip on the surface to be cut, avoiding jams even on the hardest woods.


The primary purpose of this chainsaw is to serve as support to those people who require an effective and powerful tool, whether you want to prune and maintain your own garden in good condition, even in the most professional works, based on cutting and molding of woods of any type and dimensions. However, some of its complementary functions must be taken into account, since these make work even easier.

In this sense, it incorporates the revolutionary anti-vibration system through Silent Blocks, in charge of reducing and absorbing the vibrations produced by the engine when it is on, working so that they are not transmitted to the person who uses it. Also, the components of this system are made of elastic rubber materials, capable of reducing noise and shock with different surfaces.

Another function of great relevance and that has to do with the safety of the user and its environment, is the chain brake, which stops the movement of the sword immediately upon detecting recoil, which can be caused by a crash with another object solid or when the user’s hand hits the protection guard. For this reason, it is the best chainsaw in terms of security, according to the opinions of some users.

In the same way, it incorporates a side tensioned for the chain, which facilitates the adjustment of it quickly and effectively, without the need for tools or having to disassemble it completely, so it allows you to continue with the work and save weather. On the other hand, it facilitates access to the spark plugs, air filter, and carburetor, making its maintenance quick and effective in order to extend its useful life.


This could be one of the chainsaws with more additional parts, which allow you to take full advantage of all its functions and advantages, but for a reasonable price. In this sense, in addition to the chainsaw with sword and chain, it also includes some parts for the user’s physical safety. For example, a sword guard which protects the blade and its teeth, to avoid injuries when transporting it.

It also has an ergonomically designed handlebar, which provides greater comfort to hold it for a long time without causing discomfort and in turn includes an accelerator trigger with safety lock. It also offers glasses, a pair of gloves and hearing protection, which protect eyes, hands, and ears, since they are the most vulnerable to injuries. In addition, it has a stop claw that facilitates a precise cut and avoids pilling.

On the other hand, it has a tool kit for the maintenance and assembly of some of its main parts, such as Allen wrench, spark plug wrench, carburetor screwdriver, grease pump gear, claw, and file screws. It also includes the user manual, so it will not be necessary to go to a specialist technician to solve the basic problems that may occur.

As regards oil and gasoline, this chainsaw has a large capacity tank with 550 ml, which guarantees sufficient working time without the need to be recharged. In addition, it incorporates the anti-drip closure system, to avoid the loss of fuel that could cause accidents, as well as a mixing canister to achieve the appropriate amounts and promote the proper functioning of the tool. 

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