Goplus Corded Electric Chainsaw [ 2021 Edition ]

This Goplus Corded Electric Chainsaw is one of the safest of its kind, as it has a soft start, recoil protection, and metal claw to protect the user from possible accidents.

Main Advantage:

It has an electric motor of 2200 W of power, capable of reaching up to 7800 rpm; that way, it allows us to perform different activities such as sawing firewood, pruning branches and cutting down small trees with a minimum of effort.

Main Disadvantage:

In the opinion of some users, the power cable could be shorter than expected, so it would be necessary to use an extension to work more comfortably.

Main Features Explained


This model allows you to take care of and keep all parts of the equipment in good condition to ensure a longer life, allowing periodic inspections to be carried out efficiently. In this sense, it is essential to pay attention to the behaviour of the chain, so it has a rotation lever that allows tightening gradually, so you can achieve the appropriate adjustment without the use of any type of tool.

This procedure prevents and reduces wear, so it is advisable to do it before starting work. However, if you must adjust the chain shortly after use, the manufacturer recommends waiting for the chain to cool to avoid accidents. It is also essential to clean the same at the end of each job, and before storing it, in this way, you avoid suffering corrosion damage.

Also, it is necessary to pay attention to the edge of your teeth since they need to remain active, so in some cases, they may have to be sharp. For this task, you can use a file or an electric sharpener. The chainsaw must be disconnected entirely and immobilized to facilitate this process, making several passes in each slot for greater effectiveness.

This chainsaw is designed to support a chain and sword specific to its dimensions and power, so it is not recommended to make changes since it could impair its performance and effectiveness. On the contrary, a long sword could make this chainsaw lose speed; likewise, a smaller sword would decrease its cutting power.

Also, it is essential to check the oil level of the chain lubrication system, since if you do not have the right amount during each use, it could cause friction and, consequently, a malfunction of the equipment.


It is one of the most influential and versatile electric chainsaws of this type since it has a 2200 W power electronic chain motor that generates 7800 rpm, using 240 V alternating current, so it offers greater strength and strength for carrying out the different works related to gardening and tree care, such as cutting wood for decoration or cutting down small and medium-sized trees that have a soft wooden body.

It has a reversible sword Double Guard 91 of 406 mm, which offers a cutting length of 37.5 cm, at a speed of 15 m / s. It has a light and thin symmetrical shape with a small radius tip, which significantly reduces recoil energies, facilitating its use and providing higher speed and accuracy in each cut. Likewise, both the chain and the sword are manufactured with the renowned Oregon technology, which offers optimum cutting power, preventing jams in the cutting area.

On the other hand, it incorporates a 150 ml oil tank in the chain area, which, through an automatic and permanent lubrication system, guarantees the proper functioning of the equipment, since it has a large opening to facilitate filling and make the process more comfortable. Besides, it incorporates a transmission system made of high-strength metal, which prevents wear and tear of its parts, extends its useful life, and guarantees the optimal transmission of forces to promote excellent performance, no matter how intense the assigned task is.

Its weight and dimensions are other factors to take into account since they can influence the use and control of the chainsaw. In this case, it has dimensions of 53 cm x 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm and weighs 5.6 kg, which makes it an easy to use and maneuver tool.


Another benefit of this chainsaw, in addition to its moderate price, is the security it provides to users. In this way, when the opinions on the internet are consulted, we find that it is considered by many to be the best chainsaw when it comes to accident prevention during use.

In this sense, this chainsaw incorporates the backlash protection system and the safety brake, necessary in this type of tools, since they act together to stop the movement of the chain immediately, in case you hit an object sharply or solid surface, causing the bar to leave parting towards the operator. Besides, its link system prevents the chain from disarming when detached from the sword.

This chainsaw is also characterized by having the soft start safety function, which allows it to increase its power and acceleration gradually, to reduce the risks of occupational accidents caused by kickback, the rebound effect, and the possible lack of control and fall due to a violent ignition. As an additional measure, it incorporates a clamp stop made of metal of high strength and resistance, which allows working safely during cutting, because it works as a rotation point, facilitating its use.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that when making contact with the wood to be cut, abrupt movements are generally produced, which require maintaining an adequate position and an amount of force necessary to support them. In this sense, it has an ergonomic handlebar, which can be adjusted to the shape of the hand, to offer more excellent safety when holding the machine. This translates as less physical effort and a better posture to contain the power of the chainsaw.

This Goplus Corded Electric Chainsaw is one of the safest of its kind, as it has a soft start, recoil protection, and metal claw to protect the user from possible accidents.

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