5 Gift Ideas For DIY Enthusiasts

Do you want to give a DIY fanatic a welcome gift but don’t know what to buy? Here are some useful tips to be safe.


The most versatile of power tools: the micromotor

One of the most popular tools for DIY enthusiasts is certainly the micromotor, or an extremely compact electric tool, driven by a motor that generates very high speeds, up to 20,000 rpm, and on which different types of tips.

The micromotor, also known as a multifunction tool, is, in fact, capable of cutting, roughing, grinding, polishing, drilling, shaping, and modeling a wide range of materials: wood, plastic, stone, rubber, cork, metal and more. It is a tool used both on a professional and hobby level and is specially designed for precision work.

With regard to hobby applications, in particular, the micromotor is of great help in the construction of models, for example, to carve or engrave stone and crystal or in the creation of small artisan objects.

One of the best micromotors, among all those currently on the market, is the Micromot 50 / E produced by the German company Proxxon, but there are also cheaper ones provided by other companies.


The electric tunnel: ideal for wood enthusiasts

If the recipient of your gift is a hobbyist who has a passion for woodwork, then you will make a real impression by giving him a great electric tunnel.

Thanks to this small stationary bench machine, in fact, it is possible to cut solid, multilayer or MDF wood panels, to create a wide range of objects, from artistic ornaments to frames, lampshades and lanterns, models, vintage ships and galleons, reproductions of famous historic buildings, dollhouses, related small furnishings and so on.

An electric tunnel is also a powerful tool with high versatility of use, and in fact, it is used both for hobbies and for professional applications. Furthermore, since the best specimens are able to cut not only wood but also plastic, metals, and other materials, the openings are also suitable for small home maintenance jobs, for carpentry and for the renovation of furniture. ‘era.

On the market you can find various models, with prices ranging from 60-80 up to about 450 euros, depending on the type and the manufacturer. The most reliable and requested brand, even in this case, is Proxxon; the latter produces three different tunnels: the DS 230 / E is the cheapest and is intended mainly for hobbyists, the intermediate model is the DSH instead, while the one designed for professional use is the DS 430.

The most economical tunnel is the one produced by Einhell, but there are also others made by different companies, such as the Dremel MS20 and the Scheppach Deco-Flex, to mention the best known.


The sander: for car lovers and not only

Another product to be taken seriously as a gift for a DIY enthusiast is the sander. This particular power tool is mainly used for the grinding and polishing of surfaces of different materials, and therefore in the hobby field, it has various applications.

In fact, it is especially suitable for those who work with wood, who use it to refurbish old furniture, for example, or for finishing work on metal, ceramic and other materials.

Depending on the type of sander, however, the range of applications can be further increased; Random orbital sanders, for example, are particularly appreciated by lovers of automotive DIY, who use them to remove scratches, apply wax on the bodywork and polish it, so as always to keep it in good condition.

As for the different models on the market, from manual to electric, you are spoiled for choice: Proxxon, Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Stanley, Einhell, these that we have linked are just some of the numerous models produced by the companies notoriously more reliable and quality, but there are many others to choose from, especially in the low-cost range.


The screwdriver drill: the power tool for domestic needs

Small home maintenance jobs are the favorite field for most DIY enthusiasts, and in this case, one of the most welcome gifts you can receive is undoubtedly an excellent screwdriver drill, especially if complete with case and set of tips. Interchangeable.

The screwdriver drill has only two essential functions, drilling and screwing/unscrewing, and represents one of the most functional tools for domestic use. Whenever you need to hang a picture, tighten screws, dismantle the doors, mount a shelf on the wall, assemble a new piece of furniture, and more, the use of a screwdriver drill is essential.

Also, in this case, the market offers many of those models that create a severe choice problem for those less accustomed to the world of power tools. The most popular models, however, remain the Makita screwdriver drills, especially the battery ones, which are compact, practical to use, and offer a higher level of precision than that of the models produced by competing companies. One of the most requested on the market is the Makita HP457DWE10, a percussion screwdriver drill complete with a case containing two batteries, the charger, and 74 interchangeable tips.


The toolset in a case: a must for any DIY lover

And here is a gift idea that will allow you to be on the safe side, regardless of the tastes and preferences of the recipient: the universal toolsets in boxes, or briefcases, depending on the type of product.

The universal sets are designed especially for general use, unlike the specific ones, for example, made for mechanics, for carpenters, and so on. A comprehensive set of tools usually contains at least one hammer, several pliers, screwdrivers, phase finders, hex keys, Allen keys, wrenches, ratchets, and other more or less general-purpose tools.

There are also sets of tools for precision work; these, however, are recommended mainly for those who have a hobby of electronics, repairing old watches and modeling in general. The prices, for a generic toolset, can vary from around 20 euros for precision sets, such as the Deyard, for example, up to 500 euros and more for sets intended for professional use. In the intermediate range, however, from about 50 to 300 euros, you can find excellent domestic sets such as Tacklife, Stanley, and Proxxon.

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