General Knowledge Of The Angular Mill In The Power Tools Company

In the process of entertaining customers with the sellers of Electric East and West Company, it is found that the methods of replacement and disassembly of the parts of the angular mill are not yet clear to the distributors. Next, I will tell you how to do it.


(1) First, the grinding wheel cover equipment:

Install the guard on the front cover and tighten the screw. The shield is finished. According to the operating requirements, the protector can be programmed in any direction: loosen the fixing screw, turn the protector in the desired direction and then tighten the screw.


(2) Equipment, wheel disassembly

Remember: before disassembling the equipment and the grinding wheel, the plug must be removed from the power supply. The safe linear speed of the wheel is 80 m / s.

Grinding equipment: the lower pressure plate, the wheel, and the upper-pressure plate are arranged on the output shaft, the self-locking button is pressed and the upper-pressure plate is pressed with a wrench.

Note: When grinding the equipment, the groove of the lower pressure plate must be directed towards the flat side of the output shaft and the wheel must be secured.

Remove the grinding wheel: press the self-locking button and loosen the upper-pressure plate with a wrench to remove the grinding wheel.


(3) Opening and closing of switches.

Note: Before inserting the plug into the power supply, it is necessary to verify that the self-locking button is in the pop-up state and that the switch lever is active and in the “0” direction. Set the switch lever to “I” and work continuously. Set the switch lever to “0” and gradually turn it off.


(4) Replacement of carbon brushes.

Carbon brushes should be replaced when sparks are large or intermittent. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the carbon brush cover, remove the spent carbon brush and install the new carbon brush, and confess that the carbon brush slides freely into the hole, then tighten the carbon brush cover. It is necessary to replace the two carbon brushes together and use the original carbon brushes.

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